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"It feels like my body is finally starting to respond, and it feels like I could grow," Kris Gethin says during his third week of training for an Iron Man triathlon. Adding muscle during triathlon prep—straight crazy, right? But if there's one person whose intuition we should trust when it comes to muscle, it's the master of pain. 

At times during this week, Kris feels stronger than ever. At others, he's having to "wind himself up" before every set, or bristling at having to wait for a swimming lane. He's ready to take the bull by the horns, he says, but the world isn't always willing to cooperate. 

As always, the full breakdown of Kris' workouts is available as a download if you want to follow along, or you can just watch to follow the adventure.

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 3:

  • Weather is just water. There's nothing saying you can't run in the rain or bike against a headwind. On the contrary, it can be an inspiring experience that opens you to a new type of training intensity. 
  • There may be a best type of physique to win a race, but not to finish it. No matter your size or experience level, your work ethic is your secret weapon. 
  • Bodybuilders tend to reward themselves with epic "cheat meals," but there are other types of rewards. Kris' rest day protocol: a well-earned movie by himself. 
  • Hurting like crazy? Two bags of ice in a bathtub will do wonders, but it'll be a shock to the system. 
  • Resist the urge to chase volume for volume's sake. Remember, Kris' unique approach is to dial back volume and replace it with intensity. Will it work? Time will tell. 
  • Respect the plan! Go easy when it's supposed to be easy, hard when it's supposed to be hard, and eat right no matter what workout is ahead of you.

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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