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Don't fail your New Year's resolution
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Win The Resolutionary War: How To Achieve Your New Year's Resolution!

Sixty-six percent of Americans make fitness resolutions, but a devastating 73 percent give up before achieving their goals. Don't become a statistic! Use these articles to succeed.

It's easy hit cruise control in December, eat with abandon through the holiday season, and wait for the Resolutionary War to start living fit on New Year's Day. This is a common strategy, but war has claimed many ill-prepared resolutionaries. In fact, a 2012 online survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of found that, out of the 66 percent of Americans who make fitness resolutions, 73 percent of them fail!

We don't want you to become a statistic. We don't want you to fail. Nearly half of the people in the group mentioned above abandoned their goals in six weeks or less. On average, these people have given up on past fitness resolutions four times. Forty-two percent say that it's too difficult to follow a workout or nutrition plan. Thirty-eight percent say it's too hard to get back on track. Thirty-six percent say it's too hard to find time.

We say, "Failure is not an option." We say, "Success is imperative." It's time to start preparing. We've got an arsenal of content to help you wage war and achieve any fitness resolution. Look below for motivation, tips, techniques, a complete seven-day plan, and more. It's time to win the Resolutionary War. This is your year.

Motivation and Goal-Setting

9 Beginner Motivation Tips

Before you make a fitness resolution, you need to make changes in your head and heart. Don't become a failure statistic. Use these nine tips to crush your New Year's resolution!

4 Steps To Mental Strength!

Big changes can be difficult. If you've made the commitment to health, and are feeling alone in your decision, here's some help. Here are four ways to keep negativity from winning!

4 Types Of Goals And How To Achieve Them

In a world of fit physiques, it's easy to get number-obsessed and lose track of your true goals. Restructure your game plan and come out stronger than ever.

Plan On It: 4 Goals You Should Have

In a world of fit physiques, it's easy to get number-obsessed and lose track of your true goals. Restructure your game plan and come out stronger than ever.

Chady Dunmore's Top 3 Motivation Tips

Struggling to motivate yourself for those early morning or after work workouts? Bikini pro and fitness model Chady Dunmore shares three motivation tips that will get you back on schedule!


A Strategic Approach To Holiday Eating

If you think your only choices this holiday season are extreme self-denial and ending up looking like a stuffed stocking, it's time to lighten up.

10 Rules Of Clean Eating

Looking for a more principled way to eat? Here's your road map to better health and improved fitness.

The 10 Commandments Of Getting Lean

Want to lose weight and gain muscle? Eat clean and lift. Want to do that and walk through life feeling stronger and more confident than ever before? Follow these 10 rules-no exceptions!

4 Steps To Better Nutrition

You've seen plenty of articles saying what your macronutrients mean. But what's involved in turning a plate of food into a usable set of data? The 'Skinny Guy Savior' Vince Del Monte breaks it down.

Visual Inspiration

Fitstagram Vol. 3: #Gymrat

Instagram is an incredible forum for athletes of every level to show off their strength, physiques, and special skills. Here are 15 of their motivating posts!

We 'Mirin Vol. 44: 18 Superior Selfies

Mirrors have a way of attracting great physiques. We're very glad they do! Here are 18 mirrors that are proud of the incredible people they reflect.

15 Posts To Inspire Your Workout

Break personal records, enjoy your best workout ever, and fuel your training fire with this collection of 15 motivational FitBoard posts!

Full Get-Started Guide!

7-Day Beginner Trainer

It doesn't matter if you're trying to shed fat, pack on slabs of muscle, or trying diet and exercise for the first time. This starter kit is designed for you.

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