Posing Like A Pro Video 7: Creating Your Own 60-Second Routine

Lee Labrada shows you how to find the poses that work best for you, put together a routine, and evaluate your progress.

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In his seventh video in the Posing Like A Pro series, Lee Labrada explains how to create your own 60-second routine, which is not done to music. You'll learn how to link poses and transitions to create your own personalized routine.

From the front-racing "relaxed" position, Labrada prefers to work in a counter-clockwise circle, following the 3/3 rule of thumb: three seconds for each pose, and another three seconds to transition into the next one. Start with poses facing the front and slowly turn in a counter-clockwise direction, so you start and end your routine facing the audience.

It's common to finish with your most-muscular pose to show off full-body muscularity, but it's not a rule.

Follow the sample routine demonstrated by bodybuilder Ryan Workman that you can repeat until you have it down. You can also watch pro shows or even YouTube, identifying what you like and dislike, to personalize your own routine.

Pay particular attention to keeping the transitions between poses fluid, so you look coordinated and graceful. Be conscious of what each part of your body is doing, including hand positions and facial expression.

Getting photos taken of your back shots is especially important, so you can know what the audience and judges are seeing. Videotaping your entire routine to evaluate your overall presentation can also be helpful.

Spend 20-30 minutes practicing these after your workout; practice makes perfect!

Posing Like a Pro - With Lee Labrada Episode 7 - Creating Your Own Routine
Watch the video - 8:16

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