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Posing Like A Pro Video 2: How To Do The Quarter Turn

Lee Labrada shows you how to stand "relaxed" on the stage, as well as the fundamentals of the general-assessment round.

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In the first round of a contest, the general assessment or symmetry round, competitors stand "relaxed" next to other competitors and take quarter turns to showcase their physique from all angles. Labrada demonstrates how to stand relaxed from all sides, and why you should be mindful of how you look the second you walk onstage.

When standing relaxed, place your feet a few inches apart, with one foot at the 12 o'clock position and the other facing 2. Bend your knees slightly to tense your quads. Tense your midsection, keeping your belly sucked in, and flare your lats while keeping your chest expanded, maintaining tense arm muscles. Be conditioned to hold this position for at least a minute.

All quarter turns, Labrada says, start from the ground up; place your feet first, and work your way up your torso.

Isometrically tensing all your muscles for repetitive bouts of a minute can be tiring, so you'll need to work on bringing up your endurance.

Practice in front of a mirror and use videotape for visual feedback, which will help you improve over time, Labrada says.

Posing Like a Pro - With Lee Labrada Episode 2 The Quarter Turn
Watch the video - 8:33

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