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Posing Like A Pro Video 8: Create Your Own 90-Second Routine

Learn how to choose the best music for your 90-second freestyle routine and how to choreograph the poses.

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You're now ready to create your own 90-second freestyle routine. This video covers how to pick music and identify its peaks to link to your most dramatic poses. You'll fill out your routine from there, still working in a counter-clockwise direction.

Select 15 of your best poses, and list them under four columns on a piece of paper: front, left, back, and right poses, then note which of those are your strongest. These are your impact poses, and you're going to save these to strike at the high points of your posing music.

The music you choose should have personal meaning to you and should convey the image and emotions you want the audience to feel during your presentation. Labrada prefers music without words, which he says best fits his posing style because he doesn't want distracting lyrics. He recommends soundtracks from movies that contain the emotions and high points for dramatic, classical posing routines.

You'll sense those places in the music that are best for those impact poses, and note the time in the music you want to hit a particular pose. Organize the remaining poses, working around your impact shots, moving in the same counter-clockwise circle and allowing three seconds for each pose and three seconds for each transition. You can try out different transitions for optimal flow, grace, and power.

Some common mistakes include rushing through your routine too quickly and not spending enough time on your transitions, so refine your posing to ensure it's synchronized with your music until till you get it down. Use the video recorder on your phone for visual feedback, watching both poses and transitions.

Posing Like a Pro - With Lee Labrada Episode 8 - Creating Your Own Routine 90-Second Routine
Watch the video - 6:06

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