Posing Like A Pro Video 6: Freestyle Posing

Lee Labrada shows you the basics of freestyle posing, including pose selection and transitioning from one pose to another.

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During freestyle posing, you can show the judges the poses that best highlight your physique. You'll select your 10 best poses and put them together in a routine that lasts 60 seconds, which is performed without music.

The posing routine consists of both static and dynamic poses. Static ones are the traditional mandatory poses, as well as favorite poses and variations of poses you have created yourself. Dynamic poses are the transitions between static poses, moving gracefully from one to another, which can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your routine.

Spend as much time on the dynamic transitions as on the static poses that make up your routine. A good rule of thumb is three seconds for each pose and three seconds for each transition. That's 10 poses in 60 seconds.

How do you select the right poses for your physique? Labrada recommends flipping through muscle magazines or watching YouTube videos for ideas on what inspires you and what might look good on your physique. Then try them out in a mirror. Don't get discouraged; many of the guys you're watching are professionals, and your body is a work in progress.

Have a friend photograph you completing your poses, then evaluate them, looking for areas to fine tune.

Posing Like a Pro - With Lee Labrada Episode 6 - Freestyle Posing
Watch the video - 6:23

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