2-Week Training Schedule To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle!

This is for anyone trying to lose some weight and look better! Try it out.

After my first article I received tons of email with questions about a good training schedule and questions about cardio; how and when to do it.

So I decided to make a training schedule for everyone to follow if they want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass and improve their physical appearance (who doesn't?). Follow this training schedule for 2 weeks and start seeing the positive changes in your body!

This is the new training schedule you will be following for the next 2 weeks. After that, change the muscle groups you train on certain days around a bit to keep surprising your body, making sure it doesn't get accustomed to the training schedule and avoiding plateau.

Don't worry. I didn't make this training schedule for competitive bodybuilders, so it won't be too hard on you. You only need to go to the gym 4 times a week. That's 3 days off! Remember to train heavy, with weight that will allow you to finish the amount of reps you wish to do, and that force you to do less reps in the later sets or to drop the weight in order to finish the reps you wish to do (and do more reps with the decreased weight if you can).


Choose 3 or 4 exercises that target the quads, 3 or 4 exercises for hamstrings and 1 exercise for calves.




Choose 3 or 4 exercises that target the back, and 2-3 exercises for biceps.



Choose 3 or 4 exercises that target the chest, and 2-3 exercises for triceps.




Choose 3 or 4 exercises that target the shoulders.


*For The Advanced: Feel free to mix them up in supersets, drop sets, pyramid sets, etc.

How & When To Do Cardio?

I recommend the Stairmaster for those who want to put the accent on tightening their glutes.
"I recommend the Stairmaster for those who want to put the accent on tightening their glutes."

Do your cardio sessions first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. No, I didn't say you can't have breakfast. You'll just be doing 45 minutes of cardio before eating. This is because your stomach is empty, you have been sleeping for the past 8 hours (hopefully), and your body will be in its body fat-burning zone sooner on this time.

If you have to have something, have a cup of coffee or tea. You can have your coffee with fat-free sugar-free Coffee mate and Splenda if you like. If you prefer tea, go for green tea and sweeten with Splenda if you like.

Now, when you do cardio, you can go for the elliptical machine (my favorite), the treadmill, the bike or the Stairmaster or stepper. I recommend the Stairmaster or stepper for those who want to put the accent on tightening their glutes (bottom) and hamstring and thigh area.

Always choose for 'Manual' and go with how it feels. Choose a level that is high enough for you to feel like you're having a good cardio session, but just so that you are still able to speak. We want you to stay in your fat burning zone, so don't go too fast or too high with intensity. When you have shortness of breath, you are going too fast / intense.

Accompanying the training schedule I just gave you, your cardio sessions should be on the same days in the morning if you can. If you really can't make it to do it in the morning, do it right after your workout or later in the evening if you train in the afternoon (but not on Monday or Tuesday as you'll be training legs on Monday and need your legs to rest). You can also do your cardio sessions on the days you are off (also not on Monday or Tuesday).

Here is the training schedule with your cardio sessions combined. Let the fat burning and muscle building begin!

Day Morning Afternoon/Evening
Monday Cardio Legs, calves
Tuesday Training Off
Wednesday Cardio Back and biceps, abs
Thursday Training Off
Friday Cardio Chest and triceps, abs
Saturday Cardio Shoulders, calves
Sunday Training Off

Good Luck!

I will be very looking forward to seeing the results on you from this schedule provided. Try to make pictures before you start on it and after the 2 weeks if you can!

Not to worry, after the 2 weeks are over I won't leave you hanging. I will change up this schedule for you so we can go into phase two together. I hope you finally decide to do something to improve your physical appearance and follow the schedule. Think of how sexy you will look afterwards.

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Mercedes Khani is an IFBB Figure Pro who took 2nd at the 2005 and 2006 IFBB Dutch National Championships, and 1st at the NBBF/IFBB Open Emerald Cup!

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going to try this starting sunday morning

May 15, 2013 8:35pm | report

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how many sets per exercise? 3?

May 28, 2013 10:04am | report

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i will try it from tomorrow

Apr 2, 2014 9:55am | report

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I am starting this today...will work this for the next 90 days and update my status as I go

Nov 3, 2014 11:44am | report

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What about nutrition? What should I eat? Do I stretch be for and after my workouts? I'm a total beginner here and I need advice.

Nov 15, 2014 2:32am | report

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Gonna try this out today! wish me luck

Jan 20, 2015 4:37pm | report
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