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in: Databases! has brought you some of the most powerful tools on the internet into one place! From learning your favorite exercise to know how many calories you are burning while gardening, learn it all here!

Check out our array of helpful databases to help get your training, nutrition, supplementation, contest prep, and more all figured out!


Workout Database

Workout Database

With so many different workout combinations, it's tough to know what workout is best for you! We've found that there are a number of workout philosophies that merit a presence here.
Exercise Database

Exercise Database

Search for exercises and learn the form with picture and video guides! Get the best results possible and stay safe while lifting. Over 900 unique exercises listed!
Kettlebell Exercise Database

Kettlebell Exercise Database

Search for exercises and learn the form with picture and video guides! Get the best results possible and stay safe while lifting. Over 45 exercises listed! Improve your strength and get as strong as a goat with kettlebells!
How Many Calories Are You Burning?

How Many Calories Are You Burning?

Find out how many calories you burned during an activity or find out how many minutes it will take to burn your desired number of calories.

Supplementation & Nutrition

Food Nutrient Database

Food Nutrient Database

Find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are in the foods you eat, along with the full vitamin and mineral profile in over 6,200 foods.
Supplement Reviews!

Supplement Reviews!

With tens of thousands of reviews on thousands of products, you are sure to easily find the right product for your bodytype and goals!
Top 50 Best-Selling Products Database

Top 50 Best-Selling Products Database

Why do we show you the top 50 products that we sell? This can help you make a smart buying decision. The most popular products are usually the ones that work the best! Of over 8,500 products, here are the top!

Articles, Contests & Other Tools

Newest Articles Database

Newest Articles Database

Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest content. Keep up with the most cutting-edge and relevant information on training, nutrition, supplementation & motivation.
Searchable Competition Database

Competition Results Database

Whether you competed in your first amateur contest, or are a seasoned professional, or just wondering which buff dude or babe won the latest competition, all the results and rankings are here!
Competition Search

Competition Search

Want to compete in an upcoming competition? Use this handy tool to find out when and where your next contest will be!
Competitor Search

Competitor Search

Search our huge database of competitor profiles for your profile, or search for others you will be competing against in an upcoming show and get an edge on the competition!
Fitness Calculators

Fitness Calculators has taken the time to make everyones life a lot easier, again. Because of all the new and updated web programs, it is making it easier for everyone to do just about anything on the internet without thinking!

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