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5 Simple Ways To Progress Your Push-up

If you're crushing push-ups by the dozen, it may be time to give yourself a new challenge. Finding the next progression is as simple as moving your hands or feet!
Last Updated: 2017-03-24 11:32:30.0

Taurine: The Real Deal Or Just A Bunch Of Bull?

Taurine may be the most highlighted ingredient in energy drinks, but what does it actually do? Can this amino-acid supplement boost your performance, or is it all hype?
Last Updated: 2017-03-23 15:03:53.0

This "Superman of Fitness" Battles For His Life

Anthony Catanzaro was a well-known fitness star. Then a chunk of kryptonite called Parkinson's disease crossed his path. Now, with a combination of exercise, nutrition, and a positive attitude, this "Superman of Fitness" is fighting back.
Last Updated: 2017-03-23 15:11:06.0

Flex Comics Volume 1

Fitness is no laughing matter—or is it? Flex Comics take the "serious" out of "serious gainz." Be warned: You just might recognize yourself in one of these funnies!
Last Updated: 2017-03-21 15:51:37.0

4 New Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Spotter

If your lifter is just standing there watching you during every set, you're wasting a valuable opportunity. Put them to good work with these brutal intensity-boosting techniques!
Last Updated: 2017-03-21 15:36:15.0

Try Scott Mathison's 40-Rep Bar Challenge!

In this nasty workout, I'll keep you up on the bar as you go through four different exercises. Don't be surprised if your entire upper body and core are screaming for mercy by the time you're finished.
Last Updated: 2017-03-21 16:02:11.0

Team Athlete Profile: Katrina Freds

Katrina Freds went from small-town janitor to big-time inspiration.
Last Updated: 2017-03-20 15:00:31.0

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your BCAA Supplement?

Are those amino acids you're sipping really doing anything for you? It depends on your goals. Here's the science, so you can decide for yourself!
Last Updated: 2017-03-22 09:47:42.0

Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things For April 2017

Tasty snack foods, a good read, a good roll, and a way to check a bunch of your body's physical traits. We've got some great new ideas for every fitness fan.
Last Updated: 2017-03-20 15:00:52.0

Updated Nutrition Labels Help Consumers Make Better Choices

Several months ago, the FDA nutrition label required on every packaged food product got its first makeover in 20-plus years. Check out its bigger, bolder, and smarter physique!
Last Updated: 2017-03-20 15:00:14.0

15 Punk Songs To Power You Through Your Workout

Sometimes, only the screaming angst of an underproduced punk-rock anthem can keep you on your feet or under the iron. Let Laura Jane Grace, Joey Ramone, and Billy Joe Armstrong power you through the very last mile or final rep!
Last Updated: 2017-03-20 09:48:53.0

Kris Gethin's 3 Best Insider Tips For Bigger Biceps

How you grab a weight, and how you lift it, are both keys to achieving greater biceps growth.
Last Updated: 2017-03-17 14:56:16.0

The Top 4 Leg-Day Machine Exercises

Free-weight exercises are important. But you can get more out of your leg session by adding machine exercises that will help you meet your physique goals.
Last Updated: 2017-03-17 14:57:39.0

10 Physiques Forged Through Blood, Sweat, And Tears

You don't get bodies like these just by working out. You sweat. You starve. You ache. Then you walk down the street just smiling at your reflection in the windows.
Last Updated: 2017-03-17 14:59:38.0

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Multivitamin

Active people ask more from their bodies. You can get most of the nutrition you need through a smart diet. But for the rest, a multivitamin can be one of the most important supplements in your stack.
Last Updated: 2017-03-17 14:58:25.0

The 10 Do's And Don'ts Of Mobility

This isn't another "one stretch that will change your life today" article. These rules are the foundation of a mobility practice that will keep paying off for years to come!
Last Updated: 2017-03-17 14:58:03.0

Remembering Curtis Bartlett

The fitness community was saddened to learn that our friend and fellow fitness advocate Curtis Bartlett was killed in the line of duty while serving as a deputy sheriff in Carroll County, Virginia. Join us as we remember him.
Last Updated: 2017-03-20 09:03:31.0

Stop Letting Your "Genetic Ceiling" Sabotage Your Goals

If you think the key to Arnold Schwarzenegger's success in bodybuilding was genetics, you're wrong. Very wrong. Stop worrying about your genes and focus on maximizing your potential!
Last Updated: 2017-03-17 15:00:01.0

The 6 Grittiest Biceps Exercises You're Not Doing

Whether you use barbells, dumbbells, cables, or machines, your next biceps workout is right here!
Last Updated: 2017-03-16 13:03:53.0

7 Surprising Ways To Steal New Muscle Growth

Try physique athlete Tom Graff's 7 variations of tried-and-true movements that will help you grow more muscle.
Last Updated: 2017-03-16 13:04:30.0

Sculpt Sexy, Shapely Arms For Spring!

Sun's out, guns out, ladies! Tame that arm jiggle with the 8 exercises in this triceps-focused workout.
Last Updated: 2017-03-16 13:06:18.0

Stop Going Heavy on These 3 Exercises

If you've been chasing 1RM strength in these movements, you're barking up the wrong tree. Stay pain-free and get better results by switching to these three exercises!
Last Updated: 2017-03-15 14:04:05.0

Athlete Profile: Lee Constantinou Hits His Stride

As a kid growing up in North London, Lee Constantinou's idea of exercise was reaching for the bag of chips beside his video game player. This athlete and fitness coach has come a long way since then.
Last Updated: 2017-03-15 14:04:51.0

4 Late-Night Protein Treats To Pair With Milk

Late-night cravings threatening to ruin your otherwise clean day? Next time the munchies hit, reach for one of these protein-rich desserts.
Last Updated: 2017-03-16 05:38:27.0

Raise The Bar On Triceps' Long-Head Growth

For complete triceps development you'll want to re-position your arms for greater long-head stimulation.
Last Updated: 2017-03-21 10:56:40.0

Ask the Super Strong Guy: "I'm Stuck! How Can I Get My Bench To More than 305 Pounds?"

Gains in bench-press strength come in fits and starts. Learn how to overcome your next training plateau.
Last Updated: 2017-03-14 15:43:40.0

How Useful Is The Glycemic Index As A Diet Guide?

Which helps you lose weight faster: Lucky Charms or Shredded Wheat? The glycemic index should tell you—but does it? Learn to look past "fast" versus "slow" carbohydrates when choosing foods for your diet.
Last Updated: 2017-03-14 08:34:47.0

A Brutal Accident Forced Austin To Reclaim His Fitness

Austin went from being a motocross star-in-the-making to breaking both feet in one fatal accident. An unflattering photo and inner resolve helped fuel his way back to fit.
Last Updated: 2017-03-13 15:56:33.0

The 7 Biggest Lateral-Raise Mistakes

What can go wrong doing lateral raises for your middle delts? Plenty. Here are the top 7 blunders.
Last Updated: 2017-03-13 15:57:22.0

Is Your Gut-Brain Axis Working Against You In the Gym?

Don't underestimate the importance of a healthy digestive system to a good workout. Treat your gut well with the right food, lots of sleep, reduced stress, and supplements when needed.
Last Updated: 2017-03-10 15:30:14.0

5 Ways To Make Your Planks Harder And More Effective!

Planks are more than just a static hold. Learn different variations on this core-burning exercise to challenge your entire body.
Last Updated: 2017-03-24 13:37:03.0

Melissa Lost 50 Pounds With The LiveFit Program

An unflattering comment and clothing that no longer fit were Melissa's wake-up calls. Dropping 10 pounds by cutting out pizza and fries were the first steps to adopting her new, healthy lifestyle.
Last Updated: 2017-03-23 13:08:31.0

Garret Started Training with A Purpose and Got Huge!

Training "just because" and being unable to train for 3 months don't usually lead to monster size. But this combination fueled Garrett's desire to get big. And he did.
Last Updated: 2017-03-16 13:06:43.0

First, Joey Got Skinny. Then He Got Fit.

Joey had already lost a lot of weight when a breakup made him re-evaluate his goals. That's when he decided to get fit instead of just thin.
Last Updated: 2017-03-15 14:05:45.0

Podcast Episode 12: Craig Capurso - The Abdominal Snowman!

Fitness model and IFBB Men's Physique Pro Craig Capurso braves the elements to talk with Nick and Krissy about his new passion for performance-focused training, his breaking point with physique competition, and why he sometimes feels like "the fitness dad."
Last Updated: 2017-03-13 10:00:38.0

Get Maximum Results From Minimal Equipment

Whether you're looking to stack your home gym or just make the most of the equipment at your gym, here's how to get the most out of the least—and the plan to make it happen!
Last Updated: 2017-03-14 09:37:40.0

Defy Gravity With This Explosive Full-Body Routine

Performix athlete Ryan Klarenbach leaves the earth behind when he trains. All you need to do the same is your body, a bench, a bar, a medicine ball, and the bravery to learn!
Last Updated: 2017-03-10 11:51:32.0

Get A Training Edge With Casein

Is casein part of your nutrition plan? If you're interested in outstanding fat loss and strength gain, it should be. This traditional bodybuilding nightcap outperforms better-known proteins on some key body-function measurements.
Last Updated: 2017-03-09 16:18:39.0

4 Supersets To Supercharge Your Arm Growth

Pair your biceps and triceps exercises to generate more force and more muscle growth on arm day. These four supersets will give you a new benchmark for how intense a pump can be!
Last Updated: 2017-03-08 14:41:49.0

Shaun Stafford's Wave-Load Back Workout

Wake up your lats with a strength-building stimulus before flooding them with volume. You'll be drowning in pain, but you'll also see some major muscle gain!
Last Updated: 2017-03-08 14:52:01.0

Use Inefficiency To Burn More Calories!

Nope, that's not a typo. When it comes to burning calories, inefficiency can sometimes be your best friend.
Last Updated: 2017-03-08 16:02:15.0

The Chest Workout Even The Pros Fear

It won't be easy, but it will be effective. From rest-pause 16s to the Juarez Valley Method, this workout is going to burn. But it's going to make your chest grow big.
Last Updated: 2017-03-08 15:44:38.0

Want A Big Chest Day? You Gotta Warm Up First!

The lines for bench space can be long on Mondays. Instead of standing around griping, use that time to do warm-ups that'll improve your performance, help you avoid injuries, and chill you out until a bench opens up.
Last Updated: 2017-03-03 15:30:22.0

How to Make Your Online Training Business Explode!

If you're training clients in person but not online, you're missing out! Who knows how many people are out there, waiting for you. Here's where to start, and why.
Last Updated: 2017-03-02 08:50:00.0

Imogen Parfitt's Backside-Blasting Workout

Craving summer sun? It's never too early to get warm-weather ready. Learn how to sculpt your hamstrings and grow your booty with this bikini-pro-approved workout by one of our very own athletes.
Last Updated: 2017-02-28 16:05:54.0

Start Now To Get Shredded For Summer's newest spokesmodel, Nick Cheadle, gives you the fat-loss program and ground rules to get you on track for that sweet, shredded summer look.
Last Updated: 2017-02-27 15:44:25.0

Podcast Episode 11: Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan - What Women Really Need To Know About Body Fat & Fitness

Special guest Abbie Smith-Ryan, Ph.D., expert in women's fitness and body fat measurements, answers our wide-ranging questions about training, cellulite, and health for women. Wondering how accurate that number on the calipers is? How low you should strive to go? Whether you should do cardio fasted? Listen up before you cut down!
Last Updated: 2017-03-07 12:52:29.0

Scott Mathison's Full-Body Superset Workout

Crunched for time? Performix athlete Scott Mathison shows how to hit every major muscle group in this stepped-up, full-body workout.
Last Updated: 2017-03-08 16:54:25.0

Fitness Freaks: Know Thy Protein!

Not all protein is created equal. Learn how to sort the lean from the lardy!
Last Updated: 2017-02-21 16:58:14.0

Back to Basics: Mike Hildebrandt's Pull-Day Challenge

Dymatize athlete Mike Hildebrandt adds some new positions and rep ranges with this spiked back workout for added strength gains.
Last Updated: 2017-02-21 10:16:36.0

How To Effortlessly Cut Calories

Not quite ready for a full-blown diet, but want to make progress where you can? Try these simple substitutions to lose weight one calorie at a time.
Last Updated: 2017-02-20 16:30:18.0

Podcast Episode 10: Out of Surgery and Onto the Stage with Shaun Stafford

Two-time WBFF world champion Shaun Stafford stops by to talk about buffets, injuries, and coming back from the shoulder cyst he thought at first was just gains.
Last Updated: 2017-03-06 10:15:28.0

The Plateau-Proof Chest-Building Plan

We challenged a buff exercise scientist to construct a chest routine based on the latest research. Here's the unique workout he gave us.
Last Updated: 2017-02-16 09:47:23.0

This MMA Workout Is The Cure For Cardio!

Tossing dummies and beating a heavy bag to build explosive power and endurance is the ultimate HIIT. If you're a fighter, or just want to train like one, let Sage Northcutt be your guide!
Last Updated: 2017-02-15 12:46:30.0

Stop Fussing Over That Darn Scale!

Don't let a clunky piece of metal misguide your dieting efforts and steer you down a path of unnecessary stress!
Last Updated: 2017-02-07 16:30:39.0

How To Build Muscle By Eating Insect Protein

Caterpillars, crickets, and ants; oh my! These little protein- and nutrient-packed morsels can help you build muscle, recover from workouts, and burn fat. So, what are you waiting for?
Last Updated: 2017-02-20 13:49:25.0

Add 2 Inches To Your Guns By Spring Break

Turn your peashooters into WMDs with this quadruple-barreled arm routine!
Last Updated: 2017-02-09 00:44:30.0

Podcast Episode 9: Mark Bell & Silent Mike on The Way of the Powerlifter

The world's strongest coach, Mark Bell, discusses powerlifting, CrossFit, and his vague recollections of his first meet. If you know these guys from their YouTube channel or podcast, Mark Bell's PowerCast, you know that nothing is off limits!
Last Updated: 2017-03-06 10:17:29.0

Craig Capurso's Ultimate Shoulders Workout

Hang cleans, epic eccentrics, and Tabata-style reps make Craig Capurso's shoulder blast one you won't forget. Strap in, and prepare for a hard hour!
Last Updated: 2017-01-27 16:34:17.0

Build Better Abs Faster With These 5 Super-Efficient Routines

Combine the best ab exercises in ways that allow you to get a lot more work done in a lot less time!
Last Updated: 2017-01-20 19:37:44.0