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  • The Poe Show - Episode #6: Safe Shoulder Training!

    By: Brandon Poe

    Learn proper form for safely training your shoulders (anterior, medial, and posterior deltoids) - without injuring your rotator cuff. Watch and learn, watch and learn...

    Date Added: Jun 13, 2008

  • What Is The Best Injury Rehabilitation Workout For A Torn Rotator Cuff?

    By: Workout Of The Week

    What is the best injury rehabilitation workout for a torn rotator cuff? A torn rotator cuff can be a common yet serious injury for athletes and proper recovery is key... Support healthy shoulders with these great workouts & tips!

    Date Added: Jun 11, 2008

  • Don't Let A Rotator Cuff Injury Stop You!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Rotator cuff injuries are probably one of the most frequent injuries experienced by athletes and non-athletes... Shoulder hurt? Don't put this off. Here are some treatment methods and exercises for a successful recovery.

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2006

  • Avoiding A Bench Press Blowout: Rotator Cuff Exercises!

    By: Critical Bench

    The vast majority of individuals measure their strength and even their manhood based on how much they can bench. Try out this great rotator cuff routine and take your bench to new personal records!

    Date Added: Nov 6, 2006

  • The Rotator Cuff - Surgery?

    By: Brian Lane

    Have you ever heard of someone having rotator cuff surgery? Maybe it was your favorite baseball pitcher, which most of them have problems with, or someone you know.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • The Rotator Cuff

    By: Dorian Kent

    This article will be a series of articles explaining the most common muscles that we often neglect. In our strive to be the biggest and best, we often fail to look at the little things that will help us get even bigger and better. This is about the rotator cuff.

    Date Added: Aug 23, 2001