Recovery is key when you’re pushing yourself in the gym. You can’t work your body day after day without giving it the rest and recovery it needs. We don’t have all the time in the world to sleep in late and take consecutive rest days. 

We need something more efficient, something proven to enhance muscle recovery. It would be even better if this solution boosted your immune system and had other health-enhancing effects. 

Look no further for this boon to fitness recovery than the infrared sauna. Down below you’ll find our best infrared sauna picks that fit with your lifestyle and best sauna for health goals.

Why Infrared?

Infrared saunas are much more efficient than traditional saunas. They utilize infrared wavelengths to heat core body temperature directly. 

To put it simply, infrared saunas focus on heating your body directly compared to heating the room around you like traditional saunas. 

There are a plethora of health benefits of infrared heat such as increased cardiac function, immune system improvements, detoxification, improved athletic performance, and many more that current studies are working to prove.

Best For Workout Recovery: Sun Home Equinox™ 2-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Best For Workout Recovery

If workout recovery is your goal, then this blood flow-enhancing, weight-loss-promoting sauna is your best bet. This Sun Home sauna beams full spectrum waves to ensure optimal infrared light coverage. 

Its low emf heating technology ensures the safest session possible and its eco-certified grade A wood will last a lifetime. 

It comes with some of the safest and most effective full-spectrum infrared heaters in the industry and built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can set the vibe and turn down the stress. Preheat up to 36 hours in advance and enjoy your at-home sauna detoxification.

Best Personal Sun Home Sauna: Sun Home Solstice™ 1-Person Infrared Sauna

Best Personal Sun Home Sauna

Efficient carbon heaters, ergonomic backrests, and a quality sound system. This small but mighty infrared sauna packs a punch. 

You can now get the endless benefits of a premium personal home sauna with the ease of storing it anywhere! Did I forget to mention a limited lifetime warranty on top of all this? Enjoy the benefits of the best personal saunas within this luxurious system.

With full-spectrum infrared heaters, you can ensure that your body is absorbing the most of every wavelength.

Fine-tune the perfect Fahrenheit for your muscles and savor the restorative relaxation it provides.

Best Outdoor Sun Home Sauna: Sun Home Luminar™ Outdoor 5-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Best Outdoor Sun Home Sauna

Savor this spacious outdoor sauna that is built to last. It’s as full size as it gets, able to comfortably fit up to five of your friends during your next sauna session. The outdoor sauna is constructed with high-quality carbonized wood straight from Japan that ensures all-season durability. 

Its powerful 10 full spectrum low emf infrared heaters will warm up your aching body in no time, incorporating every healing ray, from near-infrared to far infrared, into one healing package. 

The next-gen outdoor infrared sauna also includes mobile app controls so you can activate the heaters remotely - pretty cool, right? Soothe your sore muscles in style with this quality full-spectrum infrared sauna and enjoy the incredible benefits of infrared saunas outdoors!

Looking to pick up one of these saunas for yourself? You’re bound to find one that works as hard on healing your body as much as you work on building it. Follow this link to pick the best-infrared sauna for your body’s needs as we’ve partnered with Sun Home Saunas to bring you the best deal: Sun Home Saunas.

Best Low EMF Sun Home Sauna: Sun Home Solstice™ 2-Person Infrared Sauna

Best Low EMF Sun Home Sauna

If you’re looking for a more affordable indoor sauna with all of the great benefits as other Sun Home Saunas at the absolute lowest EMF in the industry, then this quality two-person sauna is the one for you.

Ergonomic backrests, easy to use control panel, sleek glass door, matte black lux exterior. What else is there I can say to hype up the classiness of this fitness wonder?

Savor the soothing heat of light therapy and enjoy a lifetime of restorative sauna uses.

Best Portable Sun Home Sauna: Infrared Sauna Blanket

Best Portable Sun Home Sauna

If you’re searching for a high-quality sauna experience that goes where you do, then this infrared sauna blanket is what you need.

This may be the infrared blanket at a lower cost, saving your hard earned cash yet providing those same great sauna benefits. You can’t go wrong getting your detox on with this infrared portable sauna.

With an easy to use, easy to clean zipper system and EMF shielding technology, this sauna blanket should be at the top of your list.

Best Far Infrared Sun Home Sauna: Sun Home Solstice™ 3-Person Infrared Sauna

Best Far Infrared Sun Home Sauna

Reap many of the wondrous benefits of the Solstice 2 model but with the spaciousness of a three-person infrared sauna. 

FAR infrared wavelengths are the most studied and provide a lot of the benefits that you would want from an infrared home sauna, including detoxification, skin health, and reduced inflammation. 

This model comes with built-in speakers and LED lights to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as it can be. Any system with this much comfort designed into it is sure to be one of our top picks.


1. What is thе best infrared sauna for home use?

Thе best infrared sauna for home use typically combines ease of installation, efficiеnt heating, comfortable design, and good value for money. Brands likе Clearlight, JNH Lifestylеs, and Dynamic Saunas are often recommended for their quality construction and reliable performance.

2. What is the healthiеst type of infrared sauna?

Thе healthiest type of infrared sauna is usually one that offers full-spectrum infrared technology. This includes near, mid, and far-infrared wavelengths, providing a comprehensive range of health benefits such as improved circulation, detoxification, and relaxation.

3. Are at home infrared saunas worth it?

Yes, at-home infrared saunas can be worth it. They offer thе conveniencе of regular use, which can lead to consistent health benefits such as stress relief, muscle relaxation, improved sleep, and detoxification. They are also energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

4. What is thе best type of sauna for home use?

Thе best type of sauna for home use depends on personal preferences and space considerations. Infrared saunas are popular for their ease of installation and lower operating temperatures.

Traditional steam saunas are preferred by those who enjoy higher temperatures and the experience of a wet sauna.

5. What is healthiеr, steam or infrared sauna?

Both steam and infrared saunas havе health benefits. Infrared saunas are known for deep tissue penetration, helping with musclе relief and detoxification at lower temperatures. 

The best Steam saunas are effective for respiratory benefits and higher sweat production. The choice depends on personal health goals and tolerances.

6. Is a wet or dry home sauna better?

Whether a wet or dry home sauna is better depends on individual preference and health goals. The best Dry saunas (typically infrared) are great for muscle relaxation and detoxification without high humidity. 

Wet saunas (traditional steam) are preferred for their respiratory benefits and intense sweating experience. Both offеr relaxation and wellness benefits.

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