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  • Alex Yolo

    Tired of drinking the same boring, bland tasting proteins shakes? Try these superb shakes and mix things up with fresh ingredients and a variety of supplements.

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  • Transcending Notions Of Fear; Positive Presumption Is Here!

    Think about the future—your future. And allow yourself to notice all that comes up into your mind. Changing the subconscious. Make your life a little less negative for now and into the future with these great tips!

  • Should Bodybuilding Be An Olympic Sport?

    Should bodybuilding be an Olympic sport? Our forum members share their thoughts on whether or not bodybuilding should be added. Learn the pros and cons of this sub culture sport being in the Olympics and see if you agree.

  • My Philosophy: What It Takes To Be A Great Teacher!

    Being a teacher myself I know how intoxicating it can be to be in front of a room of students. While some enjoy having the power of that attention a great teacher learns to teach critical thinking, be humble, honest and more. Read on ...

  • How Can One Achieve Bodybuilding Success?

    Our forum members give comprehensive details on what they believe will make for great bodybuilding success. Information includes philosophies for a better foundation, detailed training routines, nutrition and supplement tips.

  • Acquiring Wealth Through Fitness.

    It is not how much you have that adds value to your life, but how well you live which adds value to living. Prior to an aesthetically fit body one's mind must be aesthetically fit. See if you agree.

  • An Inspiration To Exercise!

    I would like to share some stories that have inspired me to continue training, even after all of these years. I think you will feel that inspiration if you decide to read through this. Enjoy.

  • Reaching The Top Of The Mountain And Staying There.

    Is the philosophy of 'more is better' true? I am going to share a little about Vince Gironda's philosophy and my training for maintenance to stay on top and avoid overtraining. Read on for more ...

  • A Master Swordsman's Advice For Productive Strength Training!

    In this article, I am going to quote some of Musashi's word's of wisdom and demonstrate clearly how they can be applied to enhancing your workouts and training goals. Read on for more ...

  • The Race To Swift: Do You Have The Right Ancestry.

    How much do genes effect your sporting ability? Studies presented here will give a glimpse of why some groups may perform better at a specific sport than others. Read on ...

  • 'Tarrying With The Negative': The Logic And Nature Of Bodybuilding For Fitness.

    I propose to render a different way of thinking about doing bodybuilding fitness. Tarrying with the negative of natural gravity and one's own body weight is positive in bodybuilding for fitness. Get the logic of it right here.

  • Rebuild The Temple - Biblical Principles On Why We Should Take Care Of Our Bodies!

    The question is why you don't mind taking care of something such as a $300,000 car but choose to ignore your body which is priceless? If this sounds a bit strange then read on to get the whole story.

  • Survival Of The Fittest!

    Fitness enthusiasts such as myself and others are the future of the world. Our way of thinking is creating heroes and survivors for tomorrow's world battles, successes and defeats. Read on to get pshyched-up for the future of healthier bodies!

  • The Key To Weight Loss Is… Knowledge!

    The key to weight loss isn't in the latest diet craze, it can't be found in a bottle and it is not in the form of a pill. The key to weight loss is KNOWLEDGE. Simple but true.

  • Male & Female Athletes In The Media: Are They Equally Portrayed?

    In this article I will now summarize, analyze and interpret why male and female athletes are portrayed differently ...

  • The Voters Decide 2004: A Safe Nation Or An Obese Nation.

    This article will look at the various party platforms put forward and ask if the parties recognize obesity as an election issue?

  • Stick To Compliance And The Basics!

    The first rule of health and fitness is that you must adhere to what I call a 'psyche-ology' of fitness, that is, a stimulation of your inner psyche to possess the proper attitude or frame of mind to initiate… the habit of accommodation!

  • The Philosophy Of Life... Through The Eyes Of A Bodybuilder.

    The bodybuilder has the potential of taking his Art straight to God. Every time you go to exercise, train, to push that extra, you make a deposit in your life's account ...

  • Learning To Change: A Philosophical Approach To Training!

    Think about why you train. Now think about why others train (guess). If you thought about it, then I have succeeded with this article!

  • Insights At Holbox!

    This article is more personal to me, because I believe that bodybuilding, weight training is a holistic approach to life and since we cannot separate ourselves from our environment, it is important to know outside influences that have internal responses.

  • Combat SPP: Find Your Own Path!

    What would you do, if you could go back? What would you change? What is the win/lose ethic? Learn how to use Combat SPP to your advantage!

  • Eliminate Training Frustrations Forever!

    To bodybuild successfully many things are required. Learn what they are and how you can eliminate all frustrations ...

  • The Education Of A Passionate Weightlifter!

    I'm certain that one huge factor in Arnold's success is his skill of mentally preparing for upcoming tasks and reflecting on why he does them. Learn why ...

  • Presidential Fitness Vs. Popular Fitness!

    By: Harry Hayfield: In the USA, obesity is a serious problem. Does the President's fitness level make a difference, or is it just spin? Learn the facts.

  • The British Bodybuilding Scene!

    Now without sounding too insulting, what in the hell are some of the English guys doing with IFBB pro cards? Our British guys didn't really come close to the American pros. Why is this and where are the genenetic freaks we do not know about?

  • Bodybuilders In The Middle

    Bodybuilding's got two extremes. At one end are pro bodybuilders like myself. At the other end are beginners who've just started lifting. Everyone else falls into the middle. Are you in the middle?

  • The Energy Returns!

    People filter out information which they are not prepared to see or hear. This leads me to this article with the intention to restate and reinforce the entire methodology ... and the core glossary of the method.

  • The Bodybuilding Subculture!

    Is bodybuilding its own subculture or just a sport? Are physique athletes too diverse and self-consumed to have a true collective identity? Will bodybuilding ever go mainstream or should it remain sequestered and hardcore?

  • Lifting And Spirituality!

    The one thing I might add is that I believe that how we grow when we lift, parallels how we grow spiritually. Learn why I think this and how they correlate with each other ...

  • Achieve Balance!

    Learn the signals that your body provides, such as fatigue, soreness and hunger. Build your nutrition & training around your lifestyle. Through understanding your body, you can help create balance!

  • Negative Reinforcement: Learning From Mistakes!

    Why do we learn best from making mistakes? Who knows, but let's look at some of the mistakes we often make when it comes to bulking, cutting, diet and injuries.

  • Learn How To Copy Others To Get The Best Results!

    The principle of copying other successful people in certain areas of life allowed me to take my passion of health and fitness to the masses, by transforming my personal training business into a global Internet presence.

  • Bodybuilding Answers Its Critics!

    From this publication it is clear that bodybuilding and fitness are done by millions around the world, not because of whimsical desire - but because bodybuilding and fitness are activities done as an affirmation that life is the highest value.

  • Bodybuilding's Top!

    Last year, I had the opportunity to attend one of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace seminars here in Portland, Maine. I thought about what he said and how it relates to bodybuilding. I realized that there are many 'No Matter Whats' in the bodybuilding world.

  • Where Is Real Bodybuilding Information Found These Days?

    When I first became involved in bodybuilding, I would do whatever I saw someone else doing or what the magazines said. Where is real bodybuilding knowledge? Where can I find information that will help me produce real results? Find out what I found!

  • Mastering The Flow Of Productivity!

    Controlling and mastering the concept of 'flow,' will help push you to that pinnacle of the human you can become! Learn how to reach your pinnacle here.

  • What Is Hardcore?

    Hardcore is being a Winner. A Champion. A Warrior. An Animal. Hardcore is walking around with that dark patch of dry skin on the back of your neck from resting the squat bar on your upper traps and neck area. It's a badge of honor. Are you hardcore?

  • Defeat Self-Inflicted Failure!

    The deepest pitfall for both competitive athletes and people in general is the spirit of fear. Learn about the different types of fear and effective ways to defeat your greatest fears.

  • Stay Motivated With These Inspirational Quotes!

    The following is a collection of quotations that has inspired me over the years. I am sharing these quotes with you in hopes that you will be able to identify with one or two enough to help each and everyone of you to reach out and touch your dreams.

  • Revisiting Treasures From The Past!

    I ate, slept, and lived to know more than the next guy so I could gain an advantage if the opportunity arose. I already knew I wanted to be involved in the strength and conditioning profession.

  • Do You Have A Bodybuilder's Contradictory Mindset?

    Do bodybuilders REALLY do all they can to gain muscle? Are you SURE they do? And, most importantly, are you CERTAIN that these ideas have no impact on your ability as a bodybuilder? Find out if you have a contradictory mindset.

  • Minding The Body, Mending The Mind.

    It doesn't matter what you do when you have your coach push you, it matters what you can do when you don't. Can you face the challenge when the times get tough?

  • Whatever It Takes: Andrew's Views On What Bodybuilding Is!

    There is no accident. No shortcut. No easy way out. There's only one thing you can't bottle or stick in your ass. It's a work ethic ... Bodybuilding is war. Once you start, you can't back out and say you're sorry.

  • Walking The Walk & Talking The Talk!

    This is a humorous, in-your-face look at the topic of steroids and how out of touch the medical/scientific community and general public can be in regard to the facts about steroids. The article is intended as 80% humor and 20% education about steriods.

  • Scrawny Is Hot?

    According to Time Magazine, we are supposed to be scrawny and weak, or at least not expect to gain more than a few ounces per year without resorting to drugs.

  • Is Your Training Program A Job Or Career?

    A definition of terms might help to clear the confusion. A career in the Iron Game, in the context of the Oldtimers meant, an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework.

  • The Art Of Questioning!

    Sometimes in life it becomes easy to accept things as the way they are, instead of questioning why they are the way that they are. Learn why and how these influential leaders would not stand for that.

  • Are You A Healthy Bodybuilder?

    Being a healthy bodybuilder simply means that in all areas of your life you seek to improve, and that bodybuilding is how you seek to improve your physical body and mind in order so that your mind and body can be used to love and help others.

  • The Psychology Of Bodybuilding!

    Be honest, truly honest with yourself as you read this. In doing so, the goal is to make ourselves more complete bodybuilders and perhaps more complete individuals as well.

  • Living The Bodybuilding Lifestyle!

    No matter how big or small your fitness goals are, living the bodybuilding lifestyle can help propel you toward your goals that much faster and make them a reality.

  • Bodybuilding: An Art And Science

    The human body is perhaps one of the most impressive and difficult to modify structures found in nature.

  • A Bodybuilding Revelation!

    Being part of the human culture, we all belong to various groups and organizations that reflect our personal beliefs and ideas. They give us a sense of identity and belonging.

  • Living With Perfection!

    Simply put, bodybuilding is a sub-culture. That alone makes being a bodybuilder all than much harder.

  • Rants And Raves #2!

    Here is issue No. 2 of things I like about bodybuilding and things that make me mad. Music at the gym, steroid users in natural contests, having a broken heart at the gym and more!

  • Bodybuilding Is A Science

    Many people believe that bodybuilding isn't a science. They believe it can be made simple and just going to the gym is sufficient to build the dream body.

  • Physics Of Weight Training Part Five!

    In our final installment of this series we'll look at the formula for power and how to use it to make training more productive. The formula for power is: Force X Distance -:- Time. And is measured in foot-pounds/second.

  • Mindful Athleticism!

    It wasn't until I was on vacation in Flint, Michigan with the completion of Heller's The Importance of Nietzsche and Mill's On Liberty in July 2002 that I decided an essay like this was long overdue.

  • Tunnel Vision And Myths: The Education STOPS Here!

    Certain individuals are swept away in their own tunnel vision, their own way of thinking and if anyone's ways are different or someone challenges their philosophy they attack. Read about it and learn the truth.

  • My Philosophy Of Fitness!

    I feel fitness is a passion and a confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - which is truly the best simple pleasure.

  • Bodybuilding My Way!

    Bodybuilding is simple. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the basic concept of muscle stimulation and growth. However, this doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, it is difficult. Extremely difficult.

  • Team Cobra Bodybuilding Timeline!

    As all of us heeded the call to serve our country, we sent out another call as well. This went out to those who wished to take their bodies to the next level, through improved nutrition and weightlifting.

  • Contest Is Over: What To Do Next?

    Now that my contest is over, I have to make a new plan of attack. Here are some things that all bodybuilders should think about when deciding what to do with their future. These tips will help you make never-ending gains.

  • A New Thought!

    Learn Ryan Mclane's way of thinking and how it can affect you. Laziness is what kills bodybuilding and how it hurts lots of big namers.

  • Don't Believe In Crap About Genetic Predisposition!

    Laziness is what kills bodybuilding. All I hear about is how knowledge is more important than size, and that you shouldn't always determine someone by his or her size.

  • Instinctive Training!

    A few times in each workout I'd want to do 1-or-2 sets less of something and replace them with something else, based purely on how I felt that day. I started training instinctively a few months ago, and I'm addicted.

  • Bodybuilding Definition!

    As a bodybuilder, you are constantly trying to define yourself. Continually improving on previous definitions of yourself or re-defining areas of a particular interest. Having a complete definition is our goal. We live for it. We strive to have it.

  • I.C.E. Program #20 - How Natural Are You?

    Being natural does not just translate in staying out of illegality, it means you have to apply a natural touch in nutrition, supplementation and even training. Oh, and sleep of course.

  • Bodybuilding Hypocrisy!

    I'm talking about the hypocrisy all around us and even within us. If you listen or look around, you will hear it and/or see it as clear as day!

  • Futile Minds, Feeble Bodies!

    Making the decision to avoid futility at all cost and committing to realizing your potential, will ultimately 'result' in gaining strength and removing weakness. I feel that building a better body teaches this best. What do you think?

  • Is Going To Failure Necessary?

    I have counseled the practice of going to failure as a means to ensure muscle growth stimulation. But over the years much confusion has developed regarding the use of this principle. Having a clear understanding of the failure principle will save you...

  • Three Laws Of Bodybuilding!

    Maintaining and improving your health provides energy you never thought you could have and how the three laws can affect you day to day.

  • Who Are You? What Works For You?

    The bottom line with training just like nutrition or supplements is everybody is different.

  • A New Look At Specificity!

    Can the development of (for example) strength in a particular exercise (say, the squat) lead to strength improvements in the target sport skill (say, a volleyball serve)? Does transfer even exist? Get your technical questions answered!

  • Bodybuilding Training Principles!

    My training philosophy has and will always continue to be, be prepared, train hard, be focused, be intense, be positive, learn, listen and Always Ask Questions. I constantly plan out new routines and try other routines.

  • My Philosophy Concerning Off Season Training!

    One of the key issues is to see where you are and where you are going with your goals. Then focus on the hard core, becoming the next Mr. Olympia.