Workout Music Vol. 6: Fred ''Biggie'' Smalls' Training Tunes

Fred Smalls lifts heavy weight, but that doesn't stop him from listening to some dance-friendly music. Download his playlist and get your lift and your groove on!

Fred "Biggie" Smalls takes his own nickname from one Christopher Wallace, so he seemed like the perfect guy to rock his own new edition of "Workout Music." Of course, this "Biggie" has big muscles, whereas the late rapper was just plain ... big ... Big Poppa.

Along with being a Mr. Olympia-caliber pro bodybuilder and contributor to, Fred is a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, contest-prep coach, and choreographer. Not only that, he has a family of four children to raise! He might be a busy guy, but he always makes time for dancing, laughing, and playing with his kids.

Fred has already taught you how to big a bigger, thicker chest and more powerful legs, but why stop there? Do a "Biggie" workout with "Biggie" workout music! If his playlist doesn't have you dancing between sets, you're doing it wrong!

How does music influence your workouts? Can you work out in silence?

Music makes me feel smooth and sexy while I'm training. LOL—just kidding. Seriously though, music allows me to zone-in on my workout and block out all other distractions. It also helps me to push through my pain barrier and stay intense throughout the workout. Sure, I can train hard without music, but I prefer training with it.

Is rap your favorite genre to
train to? Why?

I listen to everything from Buckcherry to T.I. to Jay-Z to Ke$ha. Really, I just like anything I would also be able to dance to.

Who's your biggest bodybuilding influence and why?

George Farah. He's changed my approach to nutrition and shared his wisdom to help me become a champion in this sport. He has a wealth of knowledge and is like a brother to me.

What would you tell a bodybuilding competitor who has yet to place?

If it's not working, change it. Make sure you have a mentor and coach who has proven success in this sport. Don't fall into the mistake of just following the routines of the pros. Most likely the program they're on right now wasn't what built their foundation.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

I wish I knew that I didn't have to eat pureed baby food sweet potatoes! I also wish I knew that I don't have to gain so much weight in the offseason to put on quality muscle.

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