Workout Music Vol. 5: Noah Siegel's Hard Rock Playlist

It's hard to hit a deadlift PR if you have EDM blaring in your headphones. Log into Spotify and download Noah Siegel's hard rock workout music. Play it loud!

Noah "The Siege" Siegel knows what he's doing. Not only does he deliver excellent fitness advice, his body is one of the best examples of function and aesthetics. Want to learn how to get big, strong, and ripped? The Siege will show you the way.

You can read and try some of Noah's workouts, apply his guidance, and even argue fitness philosophy in the comments of his articles. Now, with the help of Spotify, you can also download Noah's workout music!

This intense, metal-heavy playlist is just what you need to put up some heavy weight. The iron is waiting. Pop in your headphones and get to work!

How does music affect your workouts?

Music drives me emotionally. Sometimes, I need a nice little kick in the ass to get going. I have consistently listened to hard rock since I was a teenager, and that's all I listen to in the gym. I like to listen to dark, heavy, even anger-driven music and lose myself in the feelings. There are times when I just don't want to do the heavy weight or I'm distracted by some problem in life. That's when I plug in the headphones and turn them up extra loud—I just tune out the world.

What's the most frequent request you get from your clients?

It's always the same thing—everybody wants to tone up! I don't even know what that means. Every girl is afraid to lift weights because she thinks she'll get too big and every guy thinks he can just half-ass his workouts and still get ripped and huge.

Who's your favorite fitness personality?

My favorite personality is the Rock. Yes, I do look a bit like him, so maybe that's why I like him.

What's your top tip for keeping size while cutting?

I'd say carb cycling and a fat reload. I like to keep my carbs down really, really low—under 100 grams—and once per week take them up to about 300 grams. I also like to add a fat reload during my final prep. I eat a pound of 80/20 chuck and as much bacon as possible about a week out from peaking.

It's your last meal on earth. What do you eat?

Buffalo chicken pizza until my mouth is so hot I couldn't possibly take another bite. Workout Music On Spotify

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