Male Transformation Of The Week - Alberto Nunez.

Alberto took up cross country running, lost a lot muscle, and was not happy. From this time he has been on a roller coaster ride of weight changes. A bulking cycle is where the story starts. Learn how he went from 250 pounds to 198 healthy pounds.

Before Before:
251 lbs
After After:
198 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Alberto Nunez

Weight Before: 251 lbs.
Waist Before: 41"
Body Fat Before: 23%

Weight After: 198 lbs.
Waist After: 30"
Body Fat After: 10%

Why You Got Started?

At 16 years of age I started to mess around with weights. All through middle school and high school I felt as if I was going to some sort of fashion show. The income in my household was somewhat limited, so I decided that if I was not able to buy clothes as nice as the rest of the kids, I am going to try to look better than them regardless.

So I started to really get into it and in a few months I was a changed man. By senior year I was 170 pounds and 10 percent body fat. I didn't need a 200-dollar outfit - in my mind I looked and felt just as good as everyone else. My self-esteem was through the roof for once in my life. This is where I fell in love with bodybuilding.

Then oddest of decisions was made right after high school and I took up cross country running, and while it got me in great cardiovascular shape, it withered me down to 139 pounds. I enjoyed running as it was like meditation for me, but I missed my body.

In a desperate attempt to grow overnight I started numerous cycles of excessive bulking. At 19 I was 139 pounds and by the time I was 22 I was 250 pounds. While gaining the weight was hard and a respectable achievement in its own right, I just didn't feel very good about my body anymore. It was time to change!

Alberto Alberto
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It Was Time To Change.

I constructed a 30-week plan in order to put some pressure on myself. I tend to do better under deadlines and pressure. A sense of urgency was placed on my shoulders and I took it from there. I was motivated to feel good about myself again, and failure was not an option.

How You Did It?

No gimmicks, no fad diets, no shortcuts. Basically everything hardly nobody wants to do, which explains why most people never achieve the results they want. I made sacrifices, I made it a priority, I worked my @ss off. Hard work is always rewarded, so I made sure to work as hard as I possibly could.

Alberto Alberto
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Alberto Nunez.

As far as nutrition - timing is everything. A caloric deficit will allow you to loose weight, but macronutrient timing will decide what it is you will loose, as far as fat, muscle and even water. I wanted to loose fat and keep my as much muscle as possible. Five small meals consisting of clean carbs, good fats, lean sources of protein, in fluctuating amounts depending on the task at hand was what best worked for me.

Alberto Alberto
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Alberto Nunez.

As far as my training, I did my best to go as heavy as possible in order to give my body a reason to keep muscle. So training was just as intense as ever, cardio in the mornings and after workouts. I played basketball, and ran sprints because playing hamster in treadmills is just not for me. Even some hiking once per week or so.

Alberto Alberto Alberto
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I Go As Heavy As Possible.

Suggestions For Others

Never give up, you got to be stubborn. Surround yourself with positive thinking people, ignore pessimist. We all go through times of frustration, but it's how you get out of those holes that is going to decide to far you go with something like this. Be patient, but workout as if you could make changes in one day.

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Never Give Up.

Enjoy it all because the journey itself is pretty damn fun.