This Is Athletes Edition

Learn more about, the fitness industry, and how to stay motivated from athletes Ashley Horner, Marc Megna, and Dan Lourenco!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to see or the broader fitness industry from the inside, through the eyes of an athlete or entrepreneur? This is your chance. We recently asked a few of our athletes to tell us how they discovered and share their personal fitness experiences.

Check out the video and get motivated to build your best self!

This Is Athletes Edition
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Featured Athletes

Ashley Horner

Ashley is a figure competitor, personal trainer, and a mother of two. She works hard and has fun while she's doing it. If you need some inspiration, she's the perfect source. Try one of her intense workouts and you'll swear you've never worked harder!

Ashley Horner's Full-Body Squat Rack Workout!

When time is of the essence, all you need is a squat rack and these 8 exercises from Ashley Horner to blitz your whole body and get out of the gym in no time.

Marc Megna

Marc Megna is one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the business. He's a CSCS, personal trainer, gym owner, former NFL player, and MuscleTech athlete. Is there anything this man can't do? Start following his AMP trainer, do one of his workouts, or read one of his excellent articles today!

Dan Lourenco

Dan Lourenco has worked in the fitness industry for years, and he's participated in and advocated for fitness his entire life. He lives, sleeps, and breathes fitness! Try his great core workout for some serious six-pack-building results.

Lawrence Ballenger

Dymatize athlete Lawrence Ballenger is big, strong, and shredded to the bone. He's also a knowledgeable trainer and an incredibly kind, passionate fitness advocate. Try some of his training techniques and workouts on for size!