Teen Transformation Of The Week - Aziz Sergeyevich!

During high school, Aziz was always considered the skinny, weak kid. So he vowed that after he graduated, he would get serious and put on some serious mass. Read on to learn how he packed on 50 pounds of solid muscle!

Before Before:
145 lbs
After After:
195 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Aziz Sergeyevich
Email: azizstrife7777@gmail.com
BodySpace: zyzz
Age: 19

Weight: 145 lbs
Body Fat: 13%
Arms: 12"

Weight: 195 lbs
Body Fat: 11%
Arms: 16"

Why I Got Started

I had just completed my final year of high school, and all throughout high school I was the skinny weakling. I vowed to myself that after 2006 ends, my new year's resolution was to train and finally put on some size. My brother was training on and off and took me to the gym my first time, it was another world.

I remember in the early days having trouble benching the bar on its own, I was that weak. But as time progressed, my strength and size just exploded, all thanks to a strict program and a lot of eating!

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Aziz Sergeyevich's Progress.

I always thought when I was in school it was impossible to gain weight and I could eat anything I wanted and not put on a pound. But once I actually developed a program and forced myself to eat, the scales were increasing every week, and that only motivated me to train harder and eat more!

How I Did It

Comsistency! I haven't missed a workout in over a year. I turned my original motivation into an ongoing habit. It's been said time and time again, but I really have to stress the importance, as I believe if I wasn't consistent with my diet and training the past one and a half years, my results wouldn't nearly be the same as what they are. Make sure you squat and deadlift, I believe they contributed to most of the gains I have made, easily.

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I Haven't Missed A
Workout In Over A Year.

Suggestions For Others

For all the ectos out there, remember to train heavy and hard! Compounds all the way! Make bench, squats, deadlifts, clean and press, etc integral to your routine, and coupled with a solid diet I will guarantee you will make great gains.