Lindsay Mulinazzi Interview

In today's confusion between women's bodybuilding and fitness, one beauty has found her niche after a long battle with judges, and life's unexpected roadblocks. Some of you know her as the Fitness Inferno girl, others, like myself just know Lindsay...

As it is in bodybuilding, once you step on stage in a fitness contest the judges begin scrutinizing your physique so balancing your proportions makes for a winning look. And in today's confusion between women's bodybuilding and fitness, one beauty has found her niche after a long battle with judges, and life's unexpected roadblocks. Some of you know her as the Fitness Inferno girl, others, like myself just know Lindsay Mulinazzi through her name. What is your full name?

Tina Lindsay Mulinazzi - I've gone by Lindsay since I was an infant. The "Tina" is more of an Italian thing, but my mom liked Lindsay and started calling me by that name. My last name is Italian, of course. Are you of Italian decent?

I was adopted at birth, supposedly my birth parents are from Louisiana, so I am probably a bit Cajun. I am Irish and Scandinavian. My adopted family is Italian, from Naples, Italy. What color are your eyes & hair?

I have natural red hair and blue eyes. Your height and weight (Normal / Contest).

Off-season - 136 lbs, Pre-contest - 127 lbs When and where were you born?

I was born in Kentucky and my birth date is March 10th! Where do you live?

I now live in Atlanta, but previously I lived in Maryland where I went to college. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters that live all over the U.S. What do your parent's do?

My dad is a civil engineer and my mother is a professor of English and a writer. How was your childhood? Where did you grow up?

I grew up just outside of Washington D.C. living with my mother and my older brother. I was a very rambunctious kid who always had to be doing something. I always got good grades in school and participated in basketball, track, golf, and softball. I have always been highly competitive. I graduated in the top tenth percentile of my high school. I won the Presidential Fitness Test in sixth grade, receiving the best score in the school. I was rewarded with a savings bond - which was very cool. When I was in elementary school, I would compete with my older brother and his friends around the neighborhood. We would race each other, throw darts, play basketball, tennis, throw up tackle, and football about 5 days a week. We were constantly outside playing some type of sport. I could throw a football with ease in 4th grade and I loved playing the game with our neighborhood friends. I was always the only girl playing, but the guys just treated me like any other guy, because I was better than a lot of them. I also always had bigger biceps than all the boys, and they would always ask me to make a muscle. I was fortunate to grow up right near my school, where we had access to football fields, basketball courts, etc. My mother was really cool about letting me go out and play for hours without her nagging me - she was probably happy to get us out of the house. I was always good about coming home in time to finish homework and get to bed at a descent hour. Did you do any sports when you were growing up?

I started lifting weights when I was in sixth grade. My mother bought me a weight bench and free weights for Christmas after I begged her for three months. I played softball, ran track (200m and 400m) and broke a record in my school in ninth grade for the fastest 220 yard dash. I ran it in 26 seconds. I knew I broke some record the day I did that - I felt like my feet never touched the ground. It was an awesome feeling. I also played basketball and was the only girl on my high school golf team. I had to play against the guys (off the men's tees). It was quite a challenge and when you are 16 or 17 years old. Patience is a bitch. Golf is a sport that takes a lot pf patience and maturity at that age. It was tough but looking back, I am really glad I did it. Wow! Sixth grade you started pumpin'. That's cool, most parents would have said you're too young. My Mom did, and I played football. Go figure!? What did you do after high school?

I went to college, graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelors degree in kinesiology. I started out in community college majoring in fashion design and business, and later changed majors when I got accepted into Maryland. While going to the University of MD, I continued my associates degree and graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising and business. What started you in bodybuilding?

While I was getting my degree in kinesiology, I got more involved in weight training and everyone told me I should compete. I finally did the Maryland fitness competition and placed third and two weeks later placed first at the Maryland Body Rock bodybuilding competition. It has been all up hill from there dealing with politics and "fitting into the category of bodybuilding or fitness." When did you actually get serious in bodybuilding?

I got serious about bodybuilding after my first year of competing, because I realized that this was a sport that I could do well in and that I really enjoyed. Why did you switch to fitness and now back to bodybuilding?

As I trained more seriously and cut back on doing cardio, I was able to build muscle quickly. I was being told to stop training with weights if I want to get my pro card in fitness. I loved training at that point, and decided that I would not stop training just to please the judges. So I trained hard the past 6 months, after recovering from my car accident (which I have some permanent injuries and pain from in my neck, back and jaw). I was able to put on muscle and bring my body fat down at the same time. I won the overall at the Georgia Coastal in August 2002. (See photo). What is next on the plate for you?

I am shooting for the Team Universe in August of 2000. I want to enter as a middle weight bodybuilder to obtain pro status. I really want to compete in the figure division at the pro level. I want to stay natural as far as bodybuilding is concerned, because I get a lot of compliments on my physique the way it is now and I do not want to deviate from that. I would not be able to compete in the pros as a bodybuilder - that is obvious, but I know I could do very well in the figure division at the pro level. I cannot get my pro card as a figure or fitness competitor now because the NPC is trying to make it more main stream and pushing many of the more muscled girls into bodybuilding at that level. I love competing in bodybuilding shows, because I like the routine rounds. That is what I am really good at. I have helped several bodybuilders with choreography and they have all gotten the best poser awards or extra points in that round. My wife and I just hate that word they use in bodybuilding terminology, "Mainstream." They use it for all there faults and reasons for an answer they cannot come-up with. It sucks! What is your best experience in bodybuilding?

The last show I did - the Georgia Coastal; I felt great about my routine and I threw the house down! The crowd was cheering so loud that I could not hear my music. My routine was awesome - it ROCKED! When I got off the stage everyone, even the athletes looked mesmerized. They didn't know I had it in me. I knew I was going to shock everyone that night and couldn't wait to get on stage. What is your worst experience in bodybuilding?

My worst experience was in 1999 at the USA's - I came into the Fitness competition in great shape and my routine was explosive and full of the best strength and flexibility moves. I was placed eleventh because the head judge said I was "too conditioned." How is that possible - to come into a show where you are judged on your physique and then be told you are too conditioned? (You mean - I did not kiss the right people's asses enough.) I had so many people come up to me before and after prejudging to tell me they thought I was in the top two and then I did not even place in the top ten because I was "too conditioned" - whatever!!! How many weeks out from a contest do you start to diet?

I diet starting 12-16 weeks out. It all depends on how active I have been and how high my body fat is. Any training secrets? You can find all my training and nutrition secrets on my website at under "Training and Nutrition". What supplements do you use?

I use a variety of supplements like glutamine and Amino fuel, but I feel the most progress from Gaspari's fat burner called, Lipodex, and Gaspari's One-T and Clomex for building muscle. I love Gaspari's line because they really work on me. I use his products year round and I also sell them on my Website. What things need to be changed in the sport of female bodybuilding?

The judges need to stick to what they say they want in judging a show. What do you do when you're not bodybuilding or working out?

I love to play basketball, watch movies, travel, and I want to start taking martial arts again if I could ever find the time. That is what I really want to get into next. What would you have to say to other girls who may want to start bodybuilding?

Do it for the love of it and to stay motivated, not to become a so-called sex symbol or star! Tell me something our readers do not know about you?

I am very easy going and have a big heart! I try to take other people's feelings into consideration - sometimes a bit more than my own. Hey Lindsay what is Fitness Inferno? Is it you or a group?

Fitness Inferno is my business - my company. I have a personal training and nutrition business based out of Atlanta. It is also the name of my Website ( That is where my fans and potential clients can learn more about my personal and business sides. They can purchase supplements, videos, photos, online training and nutrition programs, and soon have access to my members gallery which will be featuring over 1000 photos of me as well as video clips. Thanks for lighting our inferno's Lindsay. Good luck on the bodybuilding circuit, you belong there.

MESSAGE FROM LINDSAY: Hi there, Hello to all of you. Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know I am still alive and all my efforts were going to my bodybuilding competition which was August 17th, 2002. I won the overall in the Georgia Coastal. I caught the Flu four weeks out from the competition and was sick until a week before the show. I didn't think I was going to be ready due to the lack of training and dieting during that three-week period, but I did well in spite of it all. I was relieved about that. I had to requalify for the National level. I was not able to compete for some time after my car accident, therefore, my qualification expired. I plan on competing at the Team Universe in August of 2003. Hopefully this will really get me some traffic to my website. I also inserted some photos from the bodybuilding contest in which I won the overall this past August - the Georgia Coastal.

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Photo's done by Brian Moss. The other photos were taken by John Nafpliotis (blue baithing suit) and Paco Gutierrez (black and whites).