Personal Trainer Of The Month: Matt Mower

Congratulations Matt Mower on being our Personal Trainer Of The Month! Matt was awarded the Personal Trainer of the Month for his commitment to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals!

Personal Trainer of the Month: Matt Mower

Matt Mower Name: Matt Mower
Age: 33
Education/Certification: NASM - CPT, pre-natal, senior, youth, cardio-respiratory, neuromuscular stretching.
Location: Corona, CA
Phone: (951) 963-4299
Number Of Clients: 15
Rates: $23-$28 per session

Could you tell us a little about your background - personally and professionally?

Will power, tenacity and determination have been said to be my most dominant characteristics. I grew up overweight and struggled with that all my life, it drove me to start working out at a young age, learning as much as I could from those around me. My passion for fitness has only been matched by my passion for music.

By my late twenties I had accepted defeat in ever getting that sculpted ab and defined ripped body I'd always wanted until I came across the proper combination of diet and workout that finally showed me it is possible even for me. Since then I decided to get into physique competitions, get certified and show others how as well.

I did that and learned even more about manipulating diet and exercise to get even better results, got a job at LA Fitness and quickly proved to my clients that I knew what I was talking about. I quickly outgrew the public/corporate gym scene and opened a private facility of my own where another fantastic trainer and I take each of our clients' goals very personal and run our sessions the same way.

With the proper combination of diet and workout Matt learned that anyone can achieve a ripped physique.
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With his own proper combination of diet and workout
Matt learned that anyone can achieve a ripped physique.

When and why did you become a trainer?

Certified in 2008 to show people how to do what changes so many lives.

What is your training style? What methods do you use?

The typical client wants pretty much the same thing, toned muscles, lower body fat and overall weight-loss to my training style has adapted to achieve those results. My style and methods can be described simply as intense. As one client loves to put it- "Just as you think you're body has gotten as far as it can, Matt throws something else at you to challenge you even more."

Do you have examples of success stories from clients using your methods?

My very first client that signed up when I opened my new facility lost weight consistently for 8 months! She lost over 60 pounds, became nearly un-recognizable to many co-workers and associates and found a confidence she hadn't had in years.

Who are some of your most notable clients?

The previously mentioned lady is probably the most notable. My most consistent clients see the best results, obviously.

Consistency is the best way to see results.
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Consistency is the best way to see results.

Can you please you give me an example diet and training program you put together for your clients?

That would be for my paying clients, now wouldn't it? I'm a big fan of oatmeal, egg whites, brown rice and chicken breast for anyone's diet. Pro5 and Muscle Milk are my preferred protein supplements.

What are the most common mistakes a client makes?

Poor form, poor diet.

What are the most common mistakes you believe a trainer makes?

Failure to keep clients moving and changing via routine and avoiding plateaus.

Do you set your clients up with a full diet and training plan for them to follow by themselves?


How do you keep your clients motivated?

Mostly just by staying positive and reminding them of progress they've made.

A positive attitude can be the deciding factor between success and failure.
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A positive attitude can be the deciding
factor between success and failure.

Do you train a male client differently to a female?

It depends on the goals, but typically yes because men generally want more muscle mass and women want less.

How have your changed your approach to clients over the years of experience?

Somewhat, but I had spent years experimenting with different workout approaches and had such a great trainer as I was studying that I was off on the right foot to begin with. Thank you, Rene Chavez.

How do you start a client on a new program? Do you do some kind of assessment?

There are some postural/strength assessments as well as cardio assessments plus some subjective information we always collect at the start of a new program, but typically I start new clients out light and progress them through a periodized program which typically lasts 4 weeks per phase, by the end of 12 weeks an otherwise healthy adult can handle any intensity I throw at them.

Do you prefer to train male or female clients and why?

I have no preference, though I find bulking routines for men require less creativity, although women are more receptive to guidance.

Matt has no preference for male or female clients, but knows the upsides of each.
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Matt has no preference for male or female
clients, but knows the upsides of each.
Do you feel just as much like a psychologist as you do a personal trainer?

I wouldn't go that far, but there is definitely a certain amount of venting that clients like to do and I figure whatever they need to do to relieve stress and get healthier I can listen while they workout.

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