Boxing For Fitness.

In this article I will describe to you everything you need to know to get started boxing for fitness.


We all hate it. No one looks forward to doing cardio. I have tried a lot of different Cardio exercise and I like boxing the most. Boxing provides you with a full body workout that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and those calories burning. I suggest reading this article if you are tired of the normal type of cardio workouts such as running on the treadmill.

In this article I will describe to you every thing you need to know to get started boxing for fitness.


Before you start burning those calories there are some things you are going to need to purchase. You can order these off the Internet or go to your local sporting goods store.

Heavy bag: A bag made of canvas, vinyl or leather. They are filled with soft or hard filling.

    Note: I use a 70lb bag with heavy filling and I paid $80 for it.

Wraps: These are long cloth wraps that cover your knuckles, to prevent scrapes and bruises during heavy bag work. They also support the wrists while hitting the bag.

    Note: Get the Mexican style with the Velcro, because they are longer and are easy to take off. The price for these is between $6 and $8.

Bag Gloves: These gloves are different from the gloves you see on a boxer when they are in the ring. Bag gloves have just enough padding to protect your hands as you hit the heavy bag. They come in various weights and styles.

    Note: I wear 12-ounce leather gloves with a wide Velcro strap. I bought mine for about $75, but I have seen some for as low as $25. I purchased the most expensive gloves because they make me feel safer.

jump rope Jump Rope: Jumping rope is a good way to burn some calories. In this workout you will be using the jump rope for warming up and cooling down.

      Note: I use a 2 LB Weighted jump rope made of solid rubber with padded handles. Cotton Jump Rope



Speed Rope



Next to having the proper gear, technique is the most important thing in boxing. Whether you're boxing for sport or for fitness you should be in the proper stance and execute good punches.

    Note: These instructions are for a right-handed person. If you are left handed then just flip the directions.

Standing: Stand in front of an imaginary opponent, position yourself sideways so you present a shoulder to your target. Your leading shoulder is the opposite of your preferred hand. Lead with your left shoulder if you are right handed. Spread your feet to shoulder width apart. Now tuck your elbows in close to your sides and raise your forearms up straight. This is the way you should stand when in front of a heavy bag.

    Note: Don't stand like you have a stick up your butt. Be loose but stable. A push from any direction should not cause you to stumble.

Jab: This is your most important punch; you'll be using this more than any other. Your fist should be held in relaxed, palms in, position. The jab is thrown directly from the chin with your leading hand.

It should be thrown quickly and should make a "SNAP!" Sound when hitting the heavy bag.

S. Right: This is my favorite punch because it packs a lot of power. A twisted torso and a pivoting right foot power the straight right. You should feel your back get into this one. It should be thrown straight from the chin without a wind-up or dip of the shoulder.

Hook: This is the most difficult punch to learn. It is an inside power punch. It works better when you're close to your opponent. Start with a weight transfer to your left side. Then from the guard position the left elbow is brought up ... Parallel to the floor, so the arm forms a sort of hook. At the same time the fist should be rotated with the palm down.

Uppercut: The uppercut power is coming from your legs and torso. It is not a wind-up punch. From your guard position, dip your left shoulder so your elbow nears your hip. At the same time rotate the fist palm up. Without cocking the arm back or winding up, propel the punch with the left side of your body.


A good boxing offense includes an arsenal of punches that can be effectively thrown in combination with one another. Punches are assigned numbers in combinations.

  1. Jab
  2. Straight Right
  3. Left hook
  4. Right Hook
  5. Left Uppercut
  6. Right Uppercut

1-1 and 1-1-1: The double jab and the triple jab. These are jabs that are thrown one after the other in order to maximize power.

1-2: The jab followed by a straight right. Your goal should be to land a clean jab at your opponent's head to lift the chin so you can rock it with the hard right hand.

1-2-3: Just add the left hook to the 1-2 combo. This is a very natural flow of punches.

2-3-2: This is one of the power-punching combos. It is a straight right then a left hook followed by another straight right.

3-2-3: This is the last power combination that you will learn. A left hook followed by a straight right and finally another straight right.

    Note: remember to maintain proper form and return to your guard after every punch. As one of your punches lands, You should be weighted perfectly to throw the next one.

The Workout

OK, now that you have your gear and you know to boxing techniques, we can get to burning those calories. The workout will last about 30 minutes. 10 minutes of jump roping, 15 minutes of boxing and 5 minutes of rest

Warm up: Start with 5 minutes of jump roping.

Round 1 "3 minutes": OK, this is the first round. We're going to just get the feel of the bag. Work around the bag using the 1-1 and 1-1-1 combinations.

Rest "1 minute":

Round 2 "3 minutes": Are you tired yet? Now start using the 1-2 combo. When you hit the bag using your straight right you should here the back go WAP!

Rest 2 "1 minute":

Round 3 "3 minutes": OK, you should really be burning those calories now. You should be moving at all times. Start with the 1-2-3. The left hook maybe hard to do at first, but stick with it.

Rest 3 "1 minute": If you're not sweating and your heart beat isn't up then you're moving. Remember you should be moving when you're not punching.

Round 4 "1 minute": 2-3-2. OK start using this combination.

Rest 4 "1 minute": Anytime you are resting you should be using the time to drink some water.

Round 5 "3 Minutes": OK this is the last round. Give it your all! Use the 3-2-3 combo.

Cool down: 5 minutes of jump rope.


Well that's the end of this article. My goal was to bring knowledge to my fellow bodybuilders on an alternative for a cardiovascular workout. I hope I have reached my goal