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Michelle Dropped The Ice Cream Habit And Built A Fit Body!

Michelle was ready to ditch the snacking and make a big change to her routine. Check out the steps she took to lose weight and compete on stage in top form.

Vital Stats

Name: Michelle Gauthier


Bodyspace: luluGirl

Michelle Gauthier Michelle Gauthier


165 lbs
Body Fat:


112 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

As a child in school I was overweight. I hated going to school; the kids were mean to me, picking on me and bullying me because of my size. In grade 7 I decided to take matter into my own hands. As a kid, I had no idea what I was doing so I began to eat very little. My plan worked in my head.

I began to lose weight, but I became obsessed with barely eating because I was now skinny and the kids were no longer picking on me. For the first time in my life I fit in, and people liked me. At that point I was close to being anorexic. I hit high school, the gang split up, and I had a new lease on life. I could be whoever I wanted. This was my chance to become someone.

I got into sports playing hockey for the high school team and doing competitive trampoline. I stayed thin. Then I hit grade 10 and I gained weight again. At this point the scale climbed to about 150 pounds, and I'm only 5-foot-3. But again within about 3 months I was able to drop down to 130 again and I stayed there for about 4 years.

Finally after that it climbed very high, the heaviest I had ever been. At that point I never knew how much I was up to but I knew it was at least 165 pounds. I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Not liking the person I saw in the mirror, I was unmotivated. All I wanted to do is watch TV and eat junk. I was a closet ice cream eater.

It was easy for me to polish off a large container of ice cream in a day or two. The reason I began training was to feel better inside and out. The better you feel physically, the better you feel mentally when making yourself a better person and thus you're happier in general.

The better you feel physically, the better you feel mentally when making yourself a better person.

How I Did It

I decided to make a change and get myself a membership at the local gym in town. I began training slowly, lifting light weight. I already had a general knowledge of weight training so I began to use what I had, bought some books and learned from them. I gave myself a goal that every two weeks to a month I would try to increase the weight to build muscle. I also began to research on how to eat cleaner.

Once I began this, the weight started shedding off and people started to notice and that made me so motivated. As I began to see the results and my body changing the more I became motivated to train harder and now making training a part of my daily routine and passion for it.

I recently bought a few sessions with a trainer because I wanted to compete and thought I might need a few changes to my routine to bring the best package to the stage that I could provide!

It was a worthwhile expense as I perfected my form on a few things.

As I began to see the results and my body changing
the more I became motivated to train harder.


Morning, Pre Workout, & Before Bed:

Once Daily:

Post Workout:

Before Bed:


Meal 1:


Meal 2:


Meal 3: Post Workout

Meal 4:


Meal 5:


I try to have at least 2 liters of water a day if not more.


I try to do at least one session of cardio on the days that I train or at least 30 minutes on the bike or on the stair mill. I try to keep reps between 10-12 but if I increase the weight I drop the reps.

I like supersets, I try to use them for quads and hamstrings or biceps and triceps.

Day 1: Back/Abs

Day 2: Quads/Hamstrings/Core

Day 3: Arms/Abs/Calves

Day 4: Shoulders/Core

Day 5: Chest/Glutes

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest

Suggestions for Others

My suggestion is to never give up. Everything in moderation. Don't cut out the things you love. What worked for me was to make a cookie or chocolate bar last the entire day. There are no magic diets or pills.

It's about being healthy and making healthy a lifestyle. Results don't happen overnight, but if you are patient, work hard and give your all you will get there. I am proof!

Competition History:
2011 OPA Natural, Ottawa, ON, April 30th: 3rd Bikini, 3rd Figure
2011 Mississauga OPA Luchka O'Brien, Missasauga, ON, May 21st: 1st Bikini Short, 3rd Figure
2011 Universe Weekend - Fitness Universe Pageant, Miami, FL, June 17-18: 27th Bikini, 10th Figure