Magnesium Boosts The Effects Of Creatine: Get Big Faster!

A new random, blind study has shown that combining Magnesium with Creatine significantly boosts strength after two weeks of supplementation.


    A new random, blind study has shown that combining Magnesium with Creatine significantly boosts strength after two weeks of supplementation. Creatine Advantage combines Creatine Monohydrate with other synergistic ingredients (including Magnesium) to maximize your training results.

The Western Washington University study examined various measures of body water, torque, work and power before and after 2 weeks of creatine supplementation in 35 subjects.

They were divided into three groups:

  1. Maltodextran (Placebo)
  2. Mg oxide plus Cre (MgO-Cre)
  3. Mg-creatine chelate (MgC-Cre) at 800 mg Mg and 5 g Cre per day.

Although both treatment had significant weight-gain and an increase in power over the 2 week period, only the third (Magnesium) group had significant increases in intra and extra cellular water and in peak torque.

The authors conclude that the increase in torque in the magnesium group is linked to the increase in intra-cellular water in those test subjects. This inferred more muscular creatine due to its osmotic effect, and with increased cellular hydration, increased protein synthesis.

Creatine Advantage provides a number of synergistic ingredients, including Magnesium, to boost the effect of Creatine Monohydrate. It has a low carbohydrate based insulin boosting system (glutamine in the form of glutamine peptides—more stable in liquid form and more effective than free glutamine) and compounds to increase insulin sensitivity (chromium, taurine—which also has significant antioxidant and protective effects, stimulates growth hormone secretion and increases cell volume, and alpha lipoic acid—which is also an excellent antioxidant) and thus make the insulin more effective.

It also contains all the necessary products for the synthesis of both high energy phosphate compounds creatine phosphate and ATP, and for the efficient salvage of ATP after it's been metabolically degraded, including:

  • The inorganic phosphorus and phosphates*
  • Creatine
  • Inosine
  • Ribose

* Also important for normalizing and regulating thyroid hormone.

The Benefits Of Creatine Advantage

1. Glutamine peptides have physiological effects

Glutamine peptides, which have anabolic (increases protein synthesis and muscle mass) and anticatabolic (decrease muscle breakdown) effects, above those normally associated with glutamine, as the peptides themselves have some physiological effects. Also the peptide form is better absorbed than free glutamine that is not peptide bonded.

As well, the glutamine in the glutamine peptides:

  • Regulates protein synthesis.
  • Increases both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.
  • Has beneficial effects on the immune system.

2. Nutrients to facilitate the glycolytic and TCA cycle energy processes

  • Biotin: a cofactor in many energy reactions involving glycogenolytic, glycolytic, TCA and anapleurotic enzymes.
  • Magnesium: which has also been shown to increase energy systems, insulin sensitivity, protein synthesis and serum testosterone, GH and IGF-I levels.
  • Calcium: which has been shown to facilitate muscle contraction and decreasing fatigue).
  • Potassium: the transport that is linked to aerobic glycolysis.

3. An advanced cell volumizing (resulting in increases in protein synthesis and an anabolic effect) formula containing


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