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Save 25% SUPERHUMAN Pre-Workout V2, 21 Servings
Alpha Lion
7.7 24 Reviews
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Max Dosed, Intense Pre-Workout Powder for Pumps, Energy & Focus*
$32.24 ($1.54 / Serving)
Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off BCAA Lean Energy, 30 Servings
9.6 590 Reviews
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BCAAs + Energy + Weight Management*
$27.99 ($0.93 / Serving)
Save 30% Signature Pre Workout, 30 Servings
Bodybuilding.com Signature
7.8 226 Reviews
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Energizes and Delays the Onset of Muscle Fatigue*
$19.59 ($0.65 / Serving)
Discount In Cart Hydra-Charge, 282 Grams
Kaged Muscle
9.7 245 Reviews
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Next Level of Hydration in Sports Nutrition
$24.99 ($0.42 / Serving)
Discount In Cart In-Kaged Intra Workout, 20 Servings
Kaged Muscle
9.6 506 Reviews
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Intra-Workout Fuel to Help Improve Endurance and Enhance Your Toughest Workouts*
$27.99 ($1.40 / Serving)
Save 20% N.O.-Xplode, 60 Servings
8 4,414 Reviews
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The Original Pre-Workout Igniter. Re-Engineered
$49.99 ($0.83 / Serving)
2 For $34.99 Amino Build Next Gen, 30 Servings
9.6 1,384 Reviews
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Clinically Dosed Performance Enhancing BCAA Formula With Betaine
$25.99 ($0.87 / Serving)
Save 25% Total War Pre Workout, 30 Servings
6.4 37 Reviews
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Extreme Energy, Unstoppable Power and Laser-Like Focus*
$29.99 ($1.00 / Serving)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free HYDRAMINO Electrolytes + Amino Acids, 60 Servings
9.7 55 Reviews
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Amino acid and electrolyte powder to promote recovery and hydration*
$29.99 ($0.50 / Serving)
Save 30% Cell Tech Hyper-Build, 30 Servings
9.7 603 Reviews
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5-in-1 Powerful Post-Workout Formula*
$26.24 ($0.87 / Serving)
2 For $34.99 MyoBuild 4x Amino-BCAA, 36 Servings
9.8 561 Reviews
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4:1:1 Bcaa Ratio
$22.99 ($0.64 / Serving)
Discount In Cart C4 Ultimate Shred, 20 Servings
9.6 5 Reviews
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Pre-Workout & Fat Burning Powder for Pumps, Energy, Focus and Fat Loss Support*
$49.99 ($2.50 / Serving)
Save 25% SuperPump MAX, 40 Servings
Gaspari Nutrition
8.1 793 Reviews
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The Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement Experience*
$29.44 ($0.74 / Serving)
Save 30% Pre-Train, 25 Servings
Muscle Beach Nutrition
8.9 35 Reviews
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Four of the most effective Pre-Training ingredients in one cutting-edge Formula
$20.99 ($0.84 / Serving)
2 For $34.99 Amino Build Next Gen, 30 Servings - Energized w/ Caffeine
9.6 1,384 Reviews
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Clinically Dosed Performance Enhancing BCAA Formula With Betaine
$25.99 ($0.87 / Serving)
Save 20% High Volume, 18 Servings
9.1 95 Reviews
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Support Pump!*
$29.59 ($1.64 / Serving)
2 For $34.99 Amino Build Next Gen Ripped, 30 Servings
9.8 435 Reviews
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With A Precise Dose Of Caffeine For An Energy Boost*
$25.99 ($0.87 / Serving)
Save 25% Gain-o-raid BCAA EAA, 42 Servings
Alpha Lion
10 1 Reviews
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Premium BCAA & EAA formula for intra-workout recovery & endurance*
$26.24 ($0.62 / Serving)
Save 20% Assault, 30 Servings
6.5 85 Reviews
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Pre-Workout Powder for Improved Workouts*
$21.59 ($0.72 / Serving)
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Perform At Your Peak*

L-Taurine is an amino acid that scientists originally discovered in ox bile, but it is actually produced in small amounts within the human body. It is commonly found in eggs, dairy products, red meat, and fish.

It has been suggested that L-Taurine may play a useful role in supporting a variety of processes, including:

  • Protein synthesis*
  • Cell hydration*
  • Metabolism*
  • Cardiac function*


Build Your Future Physique*

Because L-Taurine may be connected to cell hydration and expansion, it is incredibly useful as a training supplement.* It has also been suggested that L-Taurine and creatine work well together, allowing for optimal muscle performance during physical activity.*

It is thought that L-Taurine may also promote heart health by helping to support a healthy, steady heartbeat.*

Additionally, it has been suggested that L-Taurine can boost the synthesis of protein and amino acids, as well as supporting the metabolism of fat.*

No wonder it is found in numerous beverages today! Read on and see if L-Taurine is something you can use!

Promote Heart Health*

For those doing weight training or power lifting, protein synthesis and cell hydration are important aspects. If your body doesn't process proteins efficiently, you might miss out on results. Additionally, muscle performance during training is another key to seeing results, so cover all your bases by supplementing with L-Taurine.*

Anyone looking to support healthy heart function or boost metabolism can also use L-Taurine.*

Enhance Explosive Strength*

addition to being sold by itself, L-Taurine is often found in pre-workout or creatine products. Because of this, make sure to always follow package directions for the best and safest results. Typically, it is recommended that 500-1000mg be taken daily. Consider stacking L-Taurine with creatine, because they both can work synergistically for awesome results!*

The best time to consume L-Taurine is about 30 minutes before training as well as immediately after training. As always, consult a physician before using L-Taurine products if you have any preexisting health conditions.

Give your training a boost with L-Taurine!*