12 Weeks To Your Future Physique: Introduction - (Part 1)

To get through this challenge you have to be positive, but realistic to be a winner - in all aspects. As you read each line, really listen to yourself respond and analyze honestly.

12 Weeks To Your Future Physique

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At the age of fifteen, I knew everything. At the age of twenty, I thought I knew everything. At the age of twenty-five I realized I knew nothing and only experiments that I had applied to clients started to make dramatic changes I didn't think possible. For instance: theoretically adding certain fats to meals will dramatically slow down the absorption of calories to the blood stream thus preventing the storage of body fat, but who would of thought that this actually works when put into practice. After all, haven't we always been told by so called gurus and media that "we" should stay away from the evil and silent killer "fat".

Confused? Well don't be. Just like the pages you are reading, you are going to get it in black and white - simple. This isn't just another fad diet that's trying to differentiate itself from everything else as a marketing ploy. Competitive bodybuilders have followed similar nutrition paths to success when losing body fat for their contests. The high protein diet made famous by Jennifer Aniston was a similar program Arnold Schwarzenegger was following before little Jenny was even born. The truth is, main stream and media usually follow years behind what professional athletes practice when it comes to new nutritional findings.

Through exercise strategies and nutrition most competitive bodybuilders have taken themselves to freakish proportions but at the end of the day they have to walk onstage with as little amount of body fat as possible. Yes, it's true the drug taking athlete will have advantage as when the contest diet begins. But what a lot of people do not know is that there is such a thing as all natural drug free bodybuilders who can lose just as much body fat as the "enhanced" person. These individuals will normally take their time on the diet, taking around 12-20 weeks to reduce their body fat to extreme low levels thus hoping to show as much muscle separation and detail as possible. Its look that most individuals probably wouldn't want to strive for, however, we can certainly learn from these people.

Most of us would like to burn some fat, tone up, look a lot healthier, have more energy and generally live a better life. That is exactly what you are going to get in 12 short weeks if you follow the advice in this book I have written. Take my word for it and others who live by these practices. Over the first couple of pages are some pictures of some of my clients who followed the exact same path as you are about to take.

People whom I have trained range from truck and taxi drivers, sales reps, shop owners/managers, actors, secretaries, mums and even personal trainers. They come from all walks of life but nearly all of them had something in common (in the beginning), they didn't have enough time to exercise. You have to make time, and before you jump ahead and scream "it's easier said than done" or "it's easier for you", just by saying those words you are already setting yourself up to lose the battle. To get through this challenge you have to be positive, but realistic to be a winner - in all aspects.

Most of my clients were negative or "losers" prior to their challenge experience. I know "losers" is a very harsh statement but to better understand my interpretation, see the table below and try to find which side most reflects you and your thoughts (not what side you'd prefer to be). As you read each line, really listen to yourself respond and analyze honestly what column that comment is now coming from. This is not to put you down, but to get a response and to convince you to make the change in your life for a positive out look.