Kirk Miller Fitness 360: Nutrition

This nutrition plan is as straightforward as it gets. Eat protein, fats, and carbs in proper portions; cheat to save your mind; and earn everything in the gym.

Kirk Miller eats like an old-school bodybuilder. His diet is built on clean foods, frequent feedings, and a lot of protein. He prefers six meals per day, and he likes to vary his protein, carbohydrates, and fat sources. As long as the foods are whole, Miller likes variety.

"I like to vary the protein sources I take," Miller says. "They all have different amino acid properties and difference rates of digestion. A broad variety makes it easier to eat clean, too, rather than eating the same stuff."

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"Because I work at different hours with my job as a personal trainer, I'm not stupidly anal about my diet, where I have to eat at this time, this time, and this time," Miller says. "As a rule of thumb, I like to eat every 2-3 hours just to keep my metabolism firing."

Even the most ardent nutrition planners relieve the pressure of macronutrient perfection. Kirk eats clean 80-90 percent of the week. The other 10-20 percent of the time, he relaxes and eats what he wants, like fast food, cake, and chocolates.

"Whatever my vice might be, I'll earn it," Miller says.

Miller's Macro Sources


Brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, vegetables, and simple sugars. For post-workout, Kirk prefers fast carbs like dextrose or Vitargo.


Quality omega-3 supplements, almond butter, whole eggs, nuts, and red meat.


Chicken, turkey, egg whites, whey protein, steak, and fish.

Kirk's Nutritional Regimen

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