Gym Of The Month: Metroflex Gym Arlington!

Congratulations Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas! We are proud to announce a new gym of the month award where we will be awarding the best of the best! See why many pro's like Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren & more have called this gym home...

Metroflex Gym is the hardcore training ground of 100-plus champion bodybuilders, powerlifters, and martial artists. Metroflex also houses IFBB pros like Ronnie Coleman, and Branch Warren along with dozens of other top-level pro bodybuilders, powerlifters, football players, fitness athletes and UFC fighters.

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Some Of The Metroflex Gym Crew.

If you are serious about training, you owe it to yourself to try Metroflex Gym. Break from conformity, and train with your own kind. We offer free help with total contest prep, nutrition, and posing routines.

Vital Statistics

Name Of Gym: Metroflex Gym Arlington
Name Of Owner: Brian Dobson
Address: 2921 S Cooper St. #109, Arlington, Texas 76015
Number Of Members: 2-300 Depends On Season
Square Feet: 5,000
Website Address:
Hours Of Operation: 24 hrs.
Number Of Trainers On Staff: All independent contractors, 7-15 depends on season

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[ Q ] How did your gym start and why did you decide to work within the gym         business?

    [ A ] It started in 1987 because of lack of REAL gyms. That was when the corporate pussy gyms really started coming on strong wiping out nearly all of the old style hardcore gyms. Right now we are surrounded by 10 of the corporate family fitness within several miles in all directions. We are like Israel surrounded by enemies but we continue to kick ass and thrive.

[ Q ] Who are your top trainers and why are they so good?

    [ A ] My best trainer is Rendy Delacruz because he learned from me and is totally faithful and will be here at any time, any day 6am-midnight. Now that I am married out of respect to my beautiful wife Brandi I don’t train the hot figure, fitness gals anymore and Rendy has stepped up and done fabulous with many including IFBB pro Jen Cook.

    He has done well with all the hardcore guys too. Any trainer here is good because they are not only certified but they are qualified through real competition and proving they can produce results.

[ Q ] What special services do you provide?

    [ A ] The special service we provide is that we are REAL. Instead of being yelled at by management for training hard, using chalk, yelling, dropping weight and getting aggressive, you will be encouraged and rewarded for the same behavior at Metroflex. If you don’t give 100% here you won't be respected, if you do you will be rewarded.

Branch Warren, Mike Ergas & Marika Johansson
Training @ The Hardcore Metroflex Gym.

[ Q ] Who are you most notable members (current and/or past)?

    [ A ] Most notable are of course 8 time Mr.O Ronnie Coleman, Top IFBB pro Branch Warren and many up and coming NPC national level athletes, lots of soon to be famous strongmen and powerlifters. NFL players also come to train with me in the off season, along with many beautiful figure competitors. Johnnie Jackson and Quincy Taylor were two of the other notable past members.

Metroflex Gym Bodyspace Profile
Metroflex Gym.
This is the official Metroflex Gym Bodyspace. has been a great partner with Metroflex Gym, Brian Dobson, Ronnie Coleman Classic, and the Branch Warren Classic. View some pics and success stories of some of their most notable members right here!
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[ Q ] Can you provide me with a member's success story?

    [ A ] There are too many success stories to list maybe Matt can provide you with several testimonials from the site. Last year we just asked for some success stories and it was amazing how many responded to us and I was amazed, honored, flattered etc by how Metroflex has helped change so many lives in a positive way. Ronnie's success story is probably the most impressive as it has made him world famous and hopefully financially well off for life.

[ Q ] What are your future plans?

    [ A ] Future plans are to keep producing champions and franchise/license the Metroflex name and creed. Hopefully this will start growing in 2008. Also keep producing more and more NPC bb/figure shows like the Ronnie Coleman classic 4-19-08 the Branch Warren Event 07-12-08, Texas Strongman Classic 02-16-08 and more power lifting events through the MSA (Metroflex Strength Association) specializing in RAW or no gear events. The first was held on 12-07-07 with over 60 lifters, helping to raise over $1,000 for the Open-Door Ministries food bank warehouse. Contests are listed at

[ Q ] What attracts potential members to walk through your doors?

    [ A ] What attracts members is that Metroflex is real and raw. Just about as far from a corporate family fitness center as you can find with all the special performance building gear needed for building real strength.

    Texas Power bars, Dumbbell's up to 250 pounds, Hatfield squat bar, hex dl bars, logs for strongman, stones for strongman, husafell type stones, sleds to drag, yokes to walk with, farmers walk handles, lifting platforms, leg presses that will hold 2,500 pounds, Deadlift bars, and lots of hardcore machines that hold more than the standard machine, like 450 pound lat pull downs and a lot more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Watch Ronnie Coleman @ Metroflex Gym
Repping With 2,300 Pounds On The Leg Sled.

[ Q ] What makes them stay?

    [ A ] What really makes it special is the bond that is created here among all the members and champions. Where else can you get done with a grueling workout and get handed a fresh deer, wild boar or elk steak for you to cook when you get home right off my latest kill that I'm butchering in front of the gym. No wonder Branch is so big and strong.

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Brian Dobson & His Latest Kill.

Branch Warren
Branch Warren
Winner, 2007 New York Pro.

Week #61 - 5/15/2007
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[ Q ] What motivates you to run a gym?

    [ A ] God has anointed me to raise champions in many arenas. By all rights we should have been out of business years ago but by HIS grace we continue to grow. It's no accident Ronnie would give thanks to his savior Jesus Christ after the Olympia victories.

Ronnie Coleman
Ronnie Coleman
8-Time Mr. Olympia!

Week #80 - 9/25/2007
1600x1200 - 1280x1024 - 1152x864 - 1024x768 - 800x600
480x640 - 320x240 - 240x320 - 160x160 - 160x120 - 128x128

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