Embarrassing Moments!

Embarrassing Moments!

These stories are hilarious but true! Life is full of things you can't control... just hope that nobody is watching when they happen!

Things like this have happened to us all. We at Bodybuilding.com are trying to make the world a better place by bringing awareness to situations like these below so they don't happen to any other unsuspecting person.

Remember... we are not laughing with you, we are laughing at you.

Lunge, Fall, Lay... Repeat.

I was doing freeweight barbell lunges at around 165 lbs., which was quite heavy for me at the time. Now my normal shoes were wet from running through rain and mud the day before, so I'm wearing these old, beat-up things with no grip or support. I'm on my fourth or fifth rep and I step down into the lunge, drive back with my front foot and I'm coming back upright when my rear foot begins to turn and slip. Frantically, I try to regain balance, but that bar across my back has other ideas.

For a split-second I think I almost have it, and then gravity kicks in and my foot is flying in the air and my legs buckle and I'm going down backwards. My fall was only stopped by the weight crashing into the ground. Somehow I wasn't hurt at all, and just sat there for a moment, my head still resting against the bar, pondering my stupidity. I didn't even turn to see who was looking, but you would've had to have been deaf not to hear it. Eventually, I collected myself, re-racked the bar and decided to try some dumbbell lunges...

- Anonymous

Big Dumbbell Mistake

The other day I was at the gym, I'm 13 years old and I currently max out on a benchpress at 165 and I was doing a dumbbell benchpress. The weight I ended my sets with 2 reps holding 2 65lb dumbbells. I wanted to set my max on a dumbbell benchpress with two 70's. I took a 70 in each hand and went to sit on the bench. Little did I know someone had shifted the bench about a foot to the left. I completely missed the bench and fell completly on my ass. Luckily the dumbbells rolled away and didn't hurt anyone. Everyone was laughing and I felt like a complete dumbass. But when I did get on the bench I lifted them with little trouble.

- Ian Daniel

Getting Ripped

Our high school weightlifting class was working out heavy on squats. I was wearing my 'lifting suit'. I squated down (with like 430 lbs) and when I got to the bottom my suit ripped right on the butt. To make it even more embarrassing, in order to leave the weight room, I had to first bend down to take the knee wraps off so here I was bending over basically bare assed taking off my knee wraps. Once I got them off I quickly left the weight room.

- Anonymous

See Through Workout Clothing

A couple years ago I went out and bought alot of new workout gear. So I'm in the gym, I started on the stairmaster, then down to free weights. Working hard & sweating to death. After about 40 minutes I catch a glance of myself in the mirrors... my new white nylon Nike track pants basically turned totally see thru/invisible when they became wet, so I just sort of looked like I was standing there in my wifebeater,a jockstrap and kicks! Would of been OK in Football practice, but not @ Golds Gym! Classy!

- Anonymous

Hardheaded Lifter

On back day my buddy and I usually start out with some seated cable rows. On one particular day we decided to go rather heavy. My partner decided to put the row machine at 280 LBS. He started doing his set. On the way back on the third rep the connector for the handle snapped. The momentum from the weight flung the handle back into my buddy's face. It ended up busting open his eye. When the paramedics showed up to take him to get his 7 stitches all he would say is "Let me finish my set. I'm not done yet!"

- Anonymous

Has This Happened To Everybody Once?

I was working out at the local gym, warming up with about six thousand pounds. I was on incline and was really trying to focus on the lift, when I finished I attempted to rack the weight but to my surprise I had only gotten one side racked. In my pathetic attempt to get the other side up I let it slip down a little to far and the weights slid off the side. Now we all now what happened next, the bar shot up in the air and the other sides weights flew off. Luckily there were only about 50 hot girls in there so my ego wasn't completely crushed.

Oh yeah, one day some dork was trying to be bad and run backwards on the treadmill, when he tried to turn around he busted his ass and made the most hilarious thud. Everyone in the gym busted out in laughter.

- Anonymous

What Is In That Cup Holder?

I was on the cross-trainer doing a little warmup cardio. Well this is a big fancy machine with a big computer screen and 3 cup holders on it. Well my buddy finishes leaving his membership card at the front desk and starts walking towards the cardio machines to join me. Just as I look up, noticing him walking my way, I see a piece of paper in one of the cup holders. So I lean forward to get a better view of the paper hiding in the bottom of the cup holder. Well I was doing a full sprint on the machine at the time, going about 90RPM, and I lean forward just a little bit too much. My knee goes crashing into the front of the machine with a loud bang and the back of the machine lifts off the ground. My partner was walking towards me at the time and saw the whole incident from 3 feet in front of me. He burst into tears of laughter as I stopped and jumped off the machine in pain. It took 15 minutes to work off the pain and yes my knee did bruise.

It's a small price to pay to get a closer look at a water bottle lable some person left behind.

- Anonymous

Ab-Solutely Wrong!

When I began working out I felt highly intimidated by just about everyone. To compensate I tried to act like I knew what I was doing. I sat down on the ab machine but couldn't seem to get it moving. I felt totally embarassed when one helpful guy came over and told me that I was on the machine backwards. It was to strengthen "backs" not abs.

- MamaZet@aol.com

Old Deadlifter Surprise!

I was at the gym quite some time ago and just going through the ol' workout phase. I was deadlifting around...295 pounds I believe (I was around 14 at the time and not heavy into lifting. Gimme a break). Two 45 plates and a 35 on each side. Remember that. This old guy, about 70 years old, was standing there watching me. Not a big looking guy, looked like he used to lift and had lost some mass. I just sorta smirked at him and, when I was finally done on it, decided to watch him. He walked over and slid off the 35s, and I chuckled without really thinking about it. He shot me a little look, and I felt a little bad. But then he slid on four more 45 plates. He did it 7 or 8 times without really struggling too much, then dropped it and headed out. I just stood there with my mouth open.

- Adam

Lat's are Dangerous!

I have this friend of mine who comes home from University just over the summer. So one day we were in our local gym doing our workouts, he was doing his back. His first exercise was lat pulldowns, so naturally on his 2nd set he put the weight up to 140lbs. He didn't notice though that he had not put the pin in correctly and when he was about half done with the pulldown the pin slipped out. He must have been doing it wrong because he brought the bar down exactly on the top center of his head. He didn't get knocked out cold, just cursed a lot, but needless to say that was the last set he did that day!

- Adam

The Chinese Man

So me and my buddy Ale (Yeah the same one as the Barbell vs. Face incident) were working on our legs and we were going kind of heavy. We were pressing about 500-700 pounds on the leg press machine. I started to tell him that he was a pussy since he was struggling. You know, just kidding around. Then he says "Then I'll do it with one leg". Now, if you already read the barbell vs. face incident that was posted up here, you would realize that he's a bit of a dumb shit.

So he actually tries to press this weight with one leg. The weight comes crashing down and every head in the gym turned at the same moment as I collapsed with laughter. His face was beat red and he looked like a complete idiot. So then this Chinese dude walks over as we were trying to push the weight back up. He says, "I can do it boys. Just step aside and let a real pro at it." I was like, yeah alright go for it man. So he got all ready, inhaled heavily, stared down the weight and started to press....nothing moved at all! Mr. All Pro bodybuilder could not press it back up. For the rest of the workout session, his face was red as the rest of the gym had smirks on their faces. It was the funniest shit that I had ever seen.

- Adam

Flying Olympic Barbell

Here is a good story to tell, I workout in a state of the art YMCA facility. I train with my cousin, and we both are gaining muscle at incredible speed, but one day we were training our legs, and 2 big guys walked in the gym. Now I don't know if it was because I had 400 pounds on the bar getting ready to do a set of squats, or if they just had big ego's. I want to believe it was the egos, but here is what happened: while I was squatting, they were getting ready to bench press, now in the meantime I heard one of the guys tell the other to put 6 plates on, and the other went to the bathroom, while the other loaded up the Olympic bar, I could see what was coming next, the one big guy, continued to load up the Olympic bar with plate after plate, now this bar was just ready to fly like a rocket through the air, I told my cousin to get the hell out of the way, by then the weight on the right side of the Olympic bar, was already tipped and it shot that Olympic bar clear across the gym the 45 pound plates crashed to the floor, and made one hell of a loud noise, the whole damn gym shook, well thank god there weren't a whole lot of people in the gym, because if there had been someone would have been seriously injured.

Well after seeing this happen, those 2 guys left the gym faster than a thief in the night, talk about big ego's lol. No ego builder's there, just a shattered one to say the least, but it was quite funny because the one guy didn't even realize that the bar was ready to tip at any time. Me and my cousin laughed so hard after they left, that we had tears in our eyes. The look on their faces was quite a sight. Point is, always be aware of what other people are doing. You just might find an Olympic bar flying at you!

- Bryan Lasko

Mr. Mishap

I happen to cause a lot of mishaps or accidents at my gym, and this Monday I left my mark once again. I had just done leg presses with 660 lbs for 8, and considering my height (5'7") and weight (150lbs) I was quite proud of myself. Our gym isn't too large, but I really didn't feel like dragging all of those 50 lbs plates to the rack next to the bench press, so I rolled the plate. Too bad it went past the rack, and crashed into the wall behind it. Two women were sitting behind the glass on the other side at the time, and you couldn't hear anything, except a silent rolling noise of the plate. WHAM! The two women jumped like hell from their seats! The gyproc wall behind the bench carries now a 15" hole, and I'm considering putting my name next to it, because I doubt this will be the last one. (A couple of weeks earlier I messed up the bills and insurance papers of my gym, when I pushed a bottle of coke over them.)

- Bert Brams

Never Work On My Abs

Since high school I have always been in shape. I usually hit the gym hard on the bench and arms. But my abs have always been average. During a work out my buddy asked me, we should do some cruches..., but I always seem to get out of it. I was too embarrassed to tell him why. Everytime I think about my abs it reminds me of high school. During gym class in high school we had a physical evauation; one of the catagories was sit ups. I just knew I was going to fly, and I was ready. So they sent someone to hold my feet. As soon as they said Go I was knocking them out (less than 1 a second).

Just then I let some gas go, oops. I tried to ignore it but then it came again, and again, and again, and again. I was like that helocoptor machine gun Arnold Schwarzenegger had in the movie Predator. It just wouldn't stop, it must have been at least a twenty second stretch until I stopped and acted like I had a cramp (everyone knew there was no cramp). I ended up failing instead of ace'ing because of my nuclear behind. You wouldn't believe how fast I snuck out of the gym before the gas hit the fan. Since then I wouln't even do a sit up at home alone...it's just too horrifying!

- Ramon

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

After about 30 minutes of chest presses, preacher curls and a load more free weight work on my biceps, I decided that I needed a bit of a break. So I though why not go on the rowing machine for some cardio.

My friend joined me and once I had got my feet strapped in and tightened I leant forward to grab the handle and start rowing. However, I felt a sudden urge to pull the handle as if it were a heavy weight on the seated rower, I did and instead of pulling it back with me, my seat was the only thing that moved. I gave the handle a big tug and the seat went flying back and my ass fell on the thick metal bar in the middle.

This was to say the least an unpleasant experience, and I now never use the rower as I am sure it hates me.

- M Lewis

Leaving My Mark

Back in the day, 1991 to be exact, I had been bodybuilding for two years on and off. My friends always asked me to take them to the gym and give them tips on how fast my body had responded. We were training legs and the gym had a machine that was similar to a hack squat but was pretty much a straight up and down movement. Goofing around I told them if they were to get stuck use the wall that was one foot from the wall which had mirrors all around. On my set I showed them how to achieve this by putting my feet which had brand new black tennis shoes on and started climbing the wall while moving upward low and behold my feet went right through the wall, with two perfect footprints and a lot of plaster, I jumped up and trampled plaster prints into the bathroom. The gym had a good idea as I gathered up my things leaving with white shoes!

- Daniel Balogh

Concentrating on the View

I'd Like to tell the most funniest thing that had happened to me recently. I have been working out for almost 2 years now. I have 17" arms and a 46" chest, etc. One day I was on the decline bench, pressing 250 lbs for the first time. I was quite proud. I lifted the weight off the rack and the rep was successful, I was so happy I decided to go for another one, I couldn't go completely up so my partner (female) assisted in the lift and bent all the way down to do so. Her shirt was so loose she could fit me inside it.

Instead of concentrating on the lift, I was concentrating on the view I was getting. I was so excited, I let the weight drop down at my chest and even then I was still not concentrating on the lift. Boy was she mad at me. Now whenever I need to spot her I place my hand on all the right places. Too bad she doesn't realize.

- Adi Abdurab

Weightlifting "Attempt"

My first "attempt" at weightlifting took place about a year ago at a friend's house. There were some hot girls there I had known for quite a while and we had a little gathering there and I thought I would show my masculine side by lying on the bench and lifting a little bit (In an attempt to win them over :) )

Well, being the novice that I am, I pushed up the weight without first seeing how much was on it, and noticed I had no control over it, and it came crashing down on my chest, causing me to yell for assistance. As a result, my legs went up in the air and I didn't win the girls over...

The girls were however, amazed at each others' reenactment of the incident. I just sat down, drank a beer, and took a nap.... Not good times.

- Tom Jones

The Bare Blind Man

I always wear lenses, and occasionally when I take a shower at the gym, one gets stuck behind an eyelid. The first time it happened I just came out of the shower and all of a sudden I couldn't see a damn thing through one eye. I began touching my face and towel, since it could stick to them. After that I began crawling over the floor in the dressing room, trying to find them with one hand on the eye I couldn't see with. What I forgot, however, that i just came out of the shower and there I was, totally bare-assed crawling over the floor, and the local tae-bo team just entered, about 25 men with balls. I don't know who was the most surprised, me, or the guy whose legs I bumped into.

- Bert Brams

Treadmill Flyer

When I was with my soccer team in the gym it was probably my second time in the gym. We all started lifting heavily and when we had finished our lifting program we had to run for like 40min on a treadmill. This was probably my first time on a treadmill so I didn't know all about the buttons on that thing so I just started running without asking anyone about how it works so when I had run for 40min I had to stop off-course so I saw that big red button that sad STOP. So I tough that it would stop instantly but it did not I pressed the stop button and flew right off the treadmill into the next one. Everyone looked at my like I was the biggest idiot in the world that was my most embarrassing moment yet.

- Sigurður Ingvarsson

Ass Spotting

One day my friend Wil and I were in the gym doing squats with spandex shorts. After his last set, two guys who were squatting beside us ask Wil for a spot. The guy was very particular about how he wanted to be spotted and insisted that Wil spot him by the ass. No kidding! The guy got stuck at the bottom and my friend had to help the guy get up. After the third rep like this Wil had enough and pitched the guy into the mirror, by the ass. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

- M Deroy

Machine Makeup

I took weightlifting as a freshman in high school just to get in the same class as my best friends. Also, I knew there would be some hot, hot guys in there. I was pleased to know that we had a delicious, not to mention, totally ripped junior in the class. He was cute, too, and quick to smile. One day, I was just walking around to the various stations, doing different things, and I noticed this hot guy was staring at me the whole class and smiling. I was a complete dork, so I couldn't believe ANYONE, let alone a total hottie, would be smiling at me. After class, we went to the showers and I went to the mirror to check my makeup. I was horrified to see that my nose and cheeks were covered with black greasy stuff from one of the workout machines!! I frantically cleaned my face, then I made sure to thank my "friends" for letting me walk around like that.

- LovelyMommy76@aol.com

Can I help you?

It was a leg day and I was going pretty big. After my third set I was really starting to feel it. I sat down on a bench to rest but when I got up I started to feel real nauseous so I ran to the locker room. It was early in the morning so no one (I thought) saw me as I threw myself into a stall and proceeded to mess up the fresh clean porcelain. I eventually got myself together and opened the stall door only to find a women sitting on a near by bench tying her shoes. Shocked to see her there I asked "Can I help you?". She gave me this terrified look and replied, "Buddy, this is the ladies' locker room". I can't remember if I said anything to her after that, but my last memory of the incident was me running out of the gym being watched by a full room of people half in disbelief and the other half laughing.

- John Alesse

Skull Crushers Alright!

It was one afternoon, me and my workout partner were in the gym. It was my triceps and chest day and as usual I started my routine off with French press, after a heavy session on the bench. After completing 3 sets of French press, I picked up a 50lb dumbbell for 3 sets of skull crushers. This day at the gym had been particularly busy, there were woman on the bikes and the treadmills. Anyway I pick up the dumbbell, my partners beside me, raise the weight above my head and next minute the collar slipped off the dumbbell sending 2 ten pound plates and a 5 lb plate crashing on my forehead. Everybody just looked at me and laughed, I yelled in pain and clenched my head...that was my most embarrassing time in the gym.

- Hempel

Don't Forget the Collars!

Well, one day at the gym I was all excited that I finally broke my bench record. Anyway, this kid I know, who shall remain nameless, said, "Yeah, I could do that for 2 reps." So I'm like okay. He pops on the weight and I say here put these collars on. He then says, "Collars are for wimps." I'm like whatever, so he lowers the weight with me spotting him and all of a sudden he struggles. As I'm about to help it's too late. One of the of the plates slips off and with the momentum it's impossible to stop. The one side slips slowly but surely off and right when that plate hits the ground bang the other side shifts about 100 mph and smashes to the floor. He goes flying off on his ass as the bar slips and then quickly shifts back. He is hit in the head with the bar and lands on the floor. People come running and I'm standing there.... all shit scared because I'm gonna get the blame since I was supposedly suppose to be spotting him...Hey, I am warned him didn't I?...I still hear the slow motion of the plates hitting the ground then: Smash!...lol

Thanks for listening to my story!!

- Udstfb8234qwy5fw@aol.com

Always Wear Clean Boxers

One day a couple of my friends (who shall remain nameless) and I were at our gym working out. We like to workout when all the cute girls go to run and do cardio work, for a little motivation. Well, it was my turn to do dips. The way I do dips is by taking a dumbbell between my feet to add resistance. Also, right under the dip/pullup machine is a metal bar that leads to the step. Well, one of my friends thought it would be funny to pull down my shorts because I like to wear oversized basketball shorts. Well, he pulled my shorts to my ankles pretty easily. In all the excitement, I dropped the dumbbell and it hit the metal bar to make a LOUD noise. And then, my 'friends' started laughing hysterically. So naturally, everyone (pretty girls included) looked over to see what the commotion was about. But, I have forgotten to mention that right by the dip/pulldown machine is the mirror. When everyone looked to see what was going on, with the help of the mirror, EVERYONE (again, pretty girls included) could see me in my boxer shorts doing dips. I am just glad that I was wearing clean boxers...

- Neil Kumar

Dangerous Moment

One day this big dude I know from the gym was doing squats with three plates on each side. Anyways, after he was done I guess he was too lazy to remove the plates from the bar as he just went straight to the leg press. This skinny kid went over to the squat rack after, and started removing the plates off one side, dumb enough though, that he took all three off one side first! The bar just flew right up in front off him and smashed into the mirror. I had my headphones on full blast and I still heard the crash loud and clear. He is SO lucky that bar didnt smash his face in. I didnt even laugh, it was too close of a call.

- Robert

Squat Folly!

I was at my school gym. It was like my 4th time coming there. Since I usually work out at home. Anyway I went to the squat machine and I did about a rep first to see if I needed more or less. It was about alright I was thinking on my way down. But when I got back up I was going to put it back on the rack. But I had only gotten halfway on. I didnt know it at the time because I wasnt paying attention. So I just sort or released. Luckily it was on a machine that keeps the bar in the same exact place. I managed to slip out of it and when it fell it made a BANG! Than all the weights fell off. That has got to be the most embarrasing thing I've done.

- Ironman2847@aol.com

I am an Idiot!

I had been lifting for about six months and my lifting partner took a second job and no longer worked out. So, I decided to stick with the routine anyway and had success for about a month. Until one day I was using the incline bench without a spotter, like always using enough weight to do six reps. I had used the same weight the workout before but I didn't really pay attention this time and just kinda threw the weight up but it became off balance and went behind my head. I tried to regain control but my elbow felt as if it was going to snap. Meanwhile another guy saw what was happening and ran over behind me to grab it. Just as he got close I threw the weight back so it didn't land on my head and I almost took his knees out. I felt so bad I just apologized like ten times.

- Amobalarie@aol.com

Back Day Horror!

My gym had just changed ownership and the place really picked up a lot of new members. It was back day and my partner, who hardly ever walks away during a set, decides to get a drink. I was doing behind the neck pulldowns and didn't notice that the hook had caught the collar to my top and UP IT ALL WENT! My shirt went with the hook and there I was w/out my shirt! My MALE workout partner saw this and hurried over to help, but he was too late, I had been exposed.

- Martha Rumble

Falling Over Myself

On my chest day about a month ago I was doing incline dumbbell presses. The dumbbells at my gym have a small gap and the weight's have a little bit of play to them. Anyway I was there with my best friend's girlfriend (I was training her) and of course I had to out do him, so I grabbed up some more weight then normal. I sat there with the weight on my knee's talking to her and telling her how to get the weight to your chest. Well as I leaned back with the dumbbells, that little gap caught on my shorts. The momentum I had leaning back and the left dumbbell not going anywhere caused me to roll off the bench. When I and the couple-hundred-pounds of dumbbells hit the ground all movement in the gym stopped. Not only did I embarrass myself in front of her, but all the people I workout with.

- Dale Lance


I was in the gym a couple of months ago spotting my mate who just so happens to be much larger and lifts much heavier weights than me. It took me a while, but managed to load my friend up on the dumbbell shoulder press with 50kg's. After punching out 7 reps my mate cried out as he attempted his full set of eight, but couldn't manage it. Realising this, I grabbed for one of the dumbbells, without positioning my body first. You can imagine the rest. As soon as all the weight was in my hands, the dumbbell pulled to the floor, sending me shooting out in front and straight into the mirror in front of us. Luckily, the mirror stayed in one piece, but I managed to get myself floored and a nasty bump on the forehead by my own stupidity. And a good friend as he was, my mate placed the other dumbbell down safely, before erupting in violent laughter which had everyone looking at the bag of spanners on the floor that was me.

- G Walker


One day at the gym, me and my friend Cory went to use the ab board I guess you could call it (where you lay down and put your feet in the slot to do crunches. Anyways, I was sitting down on it and there is a slot where you push it down so you can do decline crunches. So, I'm on it and I'm sitting there and the gym was really packed that day as it was about 7:00pm. So, what do I do? I lean over while I'm sitting on the ab board and push the lever down. Oh course my bodyweight pushes the board straight down and I go flying off of the board and hit my head on a bench... The music in my gym stopped and everyone in the entire gym was staring at me. To make myself look better I look at my friend and say real loud" Cory why'd you do that?" It must of been the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me...

- Puffyup

Going Balls Out

Here's one I have yet to see. None of this "I farted doing situps" stuff. Oh no. Just when I thought it couldn't happen to me...

So there I was stretching out before my leg workout. I've got my grey sweatpants that have recently been modified (cut off) into shorts because I'm poor and too cheap to buy "real" gym shorts. I've got my tidy-whiteys on underneath because hey, who really wears sexy underwear when they're going to the gym?

Seated on the floor, I've got my feet together and pulled in towards my crotch doing that butterfly stretch thing when a girl I know walks up and tells me "you know, you probably shouldn't wear those shorts to the gym again."

I'm thinking she's just giving me $h!t cause I've got the skinniest legs in the gym, but low and behold I look down to see a nice, round, HOLE IN MY CROTCH and the lump of my sack poking out in my tidy-whiteys for everybody to see!!! Quite the nice contrast against a grey pair of gym shorts, let me tell you!

Since I hadn't even started my workout, I wasn't about to drive all the way home so let's just say I was "careful." But think about all the leg exercises that have the potential of making your sack stick out...the bottom of your wide-stanced squats...the bottom of your leg press....roman chair leg lifts...hip abductor...etc etc.

I finished my workout, but stayed far away from the roman chair and the hip abductor. Now that's what I call "going balls out!"

- Jason

When I first started training, groups of young local highschool students use to come to the gym and didn't receive any supervision. One day I noticed this kid trying to operate a treadmill without much success. All of a sudden, he'd increased the speed to max and it must have taken him by surprise. He couldn't stop it or keep up, but for some reason he kept holding on to the front grips. So here he was, at full stretch, still desperately trying to hang on while getting dragged painfully by the speed of the treadmill. I could tell he didn't want to let go and embarrass himself further but in the end he didn't have a choice. Everyone was watching at this stage when he came flying off the end and landed in a heap at the bottom. He couldn't leave the gym fast enough and who could blame him. I was laughing for days aferwards.

- Brad

Watch Your Head!

Hi, I was in the gym one day and I was reaching down to pick up my sports drink. When I was watching the other people, I hit my head on the butterfly machine. I was so embarressed, because it hurt so bad. Everyone saw me too. I just laughed at myself, and finished my set. I am always careful about the machines. Watch out--they, hurt.

- Betsy Riker

"Dumb"bell Spotter

Junior year in high school I was lifting weights with my football team. I was doing dumbell bench press but there happened to be a bar sitting on the rack of the bench. As my spotter leaned forward to spot me, he knocked the bar off the rack and it came crashing down on my forehead, bounced and hit me again on the head. I was mostly shocked at what happened and just set the dumbells down and sat up. As I did this I realized my head was bleeding very badly, so I cupped my hands to catch the blood. I think I must have been in shock because it didnt' hurt at all and I actually started laughing. After that my coaches would always make fun of my spotter and I for being so dumb.

- Andrew Allison

Another One of Those Moments...

My friends and I were at this new gym downtown a few years ago. We were doing decline presses. I had been trying to find my one rep max so we had a few different sets of dumbbells lying around us. This really pretty girl that isn't that big but is ripped pretty well walks over after we're done and asks if we're done with the weights. We say, yeah sure. She reaches down and very easily picks up the heaviest ones we were using, walks three steps away to be in front of the mirror and starts front raising them. Needless to say, we haven't been back to that particular gym.

- Hal McGinnis

"It Wasn't Me!"

I was at the gym doing leg presses, and the gym instructor walks up to me calling me a wimp because I was only pushing about 70Kgs, so she pulls out the pin and inserts it in at 100Kgs. So I take a deep breath and push as hard as I can. The weights didn't move but something else did--some wind--and when you tense your whole body to do the leg press, well the wind is going to come out with some force...and it did! Not knowing what to do, and ever one staring at me I look at the instructor and pull a face of surprise. She looks at me and said "It wasn't me!", and every one just laughs at her. She then stormed off.

- Gavinnorthants

Snack On The Go

I had recently bought a bag of pretzels as a midworkout snack after weights. Being too cool to put the pretzels in my LOCKER I tucked them into my elastic shorts. The mesh ones with no pockets.

I then hopped on the treadmill. So while running during a sprint at 9 MPH the pretzels(open) fall, hit the treadmill and open up and send pretzel grafitti all over the cardio room. All that delicious salt as well. Of course I chose to come and do cardio at 6:00 PM on a Monday. I then proceeded to pick up the pretzels and then some one asked me if I was going to eat those. He was hungry.

- Scott

Shoulder Tumble

One day I was doing legs and was squatting hardcore. About midway through my workout I was really starting to feel it. I went to the water fountain to grab a drink and a friend was doing shoulder presses and needed a quick spot so I took a second to go give him a hand. After his set I began to step down from the shoulder press squat step thingymabob and my legs couldn't bend and take the step so I just buckled and fell flat on my ass.

- Jon

Moon Over the YMCA

I wear a jock strap underneath my gym shorts, and my gym shorts had a split in the back end of them. You would have thought I would have noticed when I put them on, considering the split was from an inch below the waist down to the crotch; or that I would have felt the breeze, but I didn't. My friends noticed, but decided to keep their mouths shut. Needless to say, I gave everyone quite a show for an hour and a half. 30 minutes of that was on the treadmill, and they back up to the workout room, so everyone got a view. I'm sure the squats were attractive. . . When I left the gym, two ladies (older than God) commented that I had a nice butt. Just what every 35 year old man wants to hear from Grandma . . . .

- Jeffrey

Put That Tongue Back In Your Mouth Pal!

This fella at the gym has been giving me the creeps for some time now, but yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back... I have noticed over the last two months that this fella at the gym has been quite weird to say the least. He does things like read the newspaper in the change room naked while sitting on one of the leather sofas, he waxed his chest in the shower one day, and he tried to show one of my buddies his newly pierced nipple in the shower.

Yesterday I was under about 450 pounds on the squat rack when I notice this guy sitting on a bench off to my left, after I finished my set I was glancing around and he darted his tongue at me. I finished up my next set and same thing, except this time he circled his whole mouth with that tongue and smiled, I just about died. I have reported him to the manager and they may ask him to leave, he has been harrassing others from what I can gather. I would kick his ass but the mofo is about 6'7" and well over 300 pounds. I hope he doesn't ever touch me because I am sure he would make me his gym BIIIOOOTH!

- Dante Mills

Dumbbell - "Dumbbell"

I was in the gym doing chest on a Monday. I usually started out with incline dumbbell presses. Some dude walks up and asks how many sets I had left. I replied, "One left."

Well I grab twin 75's and start my set of 8. He decides to get his weights ready for whatever he is going to start with. He laid down two dumbbells at both sides of my feet. I don't throw my dumbbells down I put them down. When I did my right dumbbell glances off the one he laid down crushing my fingers. I yelled real loud and jerked my hand real hard to pull it from between them fast, when I did (with everyone's eyes now on me) pulled back to the left tipping me and the incline bench over on to the floor. I didn't break any fingers but lost two nails. The bad part was the gym's resident trainer/employee comes over and starts yelling at me to pick up my extra dumbbells while the freak that was the cause slips out.

- Gimp

Showing Off

One time, my friend and I who were crazy about this hot girl in the gym, decided to impress her by bench pressing with heavy weights (about twice we usually use to bench). In our gym there are two flats next to each other. The girl was sitting at one of them with the empty pipe, so my friend sat next to her. So we started. Of course I was helping him a LOT. At about the 8th rep, my face got red because it was hard for me to lift that much, and my friend started laughing when he saw my red face. Of course I started laughing too. The girl started laughing from the begining of the exercice because she saw how much I was struggling to help him. We later told her what we were really trying to do, but she just said: -Oh, that was it; and then she left.

- Raptor

Tipsy Leg Press!

One time I was doing leg press with about 1000 lbs on the thing, and I finish with my set. Meanwhile, I was trying to show off a little, because this girl that I liked was there, I wanted to get her attention with how much weight I could do. Everything was fine and dandy, I did my set, and I rack the weight, all was fine until I started to take the weight off. The leg press was supposed to be stable and bolted to the floor, but this particular machine wasn't.

So I just get done taking the last 2 plates off of the thing when it started to tip over. Man I was so embarassed. All I could think about was that she and her mom must have been thinking boy what an idiot. From that point on I always make sure that I leave enough plates on to ensure that it doesn't repeat.

- Tyler Goulet

Stiff Legged Deadlifts... Er, Right.

A few years back I was at the gym midway through my chest workout. I was on the pec dec and low and behold a young lady comes in and starts to do stiff legged deadlifts just a few feet in front of me. Being a typical red blooded american male, I lost all concentration on my pec work out as I watched her bend over. I guess I groaned a little too loudly, for as I stood up and moved forward she looked back aand saw that I was er, quite stiff and no towel to hide it. I turned quite red and quickly headed to the locker room to shower.

- Justin credible

Maybe I Work My Legs Too Hard...

It was a leg day so I had worked my quads and hamstrings. Then I went to work on my calves. I did standing calf-raises with two, three, and then four 45's on each side with little struggle. I go over to the seated calf-raises with the machine that has the leg hold over your kness to lift the weights. Well I started with one 45 on each side and did that effortlessly so I started to add more weight. I put two 45's on and did that easily so I went ahead and put three 45's on. I did it about 8 times and went to put the guard under the weight. The only thing was that I could not lift it the last half-inch, not even an inch but a half-inch.

I'm 6'4 so I already had the seat as low as it would go and the leg hold as high as it would go. I try to set the weight down, but I can't because my legs are too long and the weight can't touch the ground. I'm sitting here for a few minutes trying with everything I have to get the weight back on the guard, but I could not do it. So I saw some dude and I asked him if he could help me. He comes over and lifts it with one hand. Don't worry I was still lifting the weight but I could not get it up that high. It would not have been so bad if I could have used the two hand grips but I couldn't because I had to use one hand to put the guard under the weight. Needless to say I'm going to be a little bit more careful next time on calves. But it sure did give me one hell of a workout!

- John

Dazed And Abused!

One day I was finishing out my chest on the "pec deck" and I was squeezing out my last repetition, and unfortunately the pin slipped out due to my carelessness. To my lifting partners delight, my head happened to be sticking forward a bit too far and as the weight suddenly and dramatically lightened, I smashed my head between the arm rests. After laughing it off, we finished off our workout with abs, laying upside down on the Roman Chair and doing crunches. A bit dazed upon situating myself in the chair, my feet slipped out and I fell about three feet to the ground. Once I got up, I called it a day and got my clothes and changed.

- Anonymous

Shady Legs

When my partner and I do quads, we follow the rule, "Squat till you puke." Often, we do end up puking, although usually we make it to the locker room.

On this particular day, we had cranked out squats, leg presses, and were doing isolated squats. Needless to say, we could barely walk to the water fountain to get a drink, but I had managed to make it there. I was catching my breath when my left leg buckled. I grabbed the fountain (note: this is the type the protrudes out of the wall, not sitting on the floor) to help break my fall. Needless to say, I ripped it right out of the wall and broke the piping too. There was water everywhere.

Everyone just stared and laughed as I was stuck on the floor getting soaked with water.

The trainer laughed too and the next day they got one of the fountains that actually sits on the floor.

- Saint


One day I found myself at the squat rack doing my routine. Another individual began to begin his squat routine on the Smith Machine next to me. Well, during one of my sets, as I was trying to concentrate and push myself, (awww those leg workouts can be grueling) the dude next to me begins his set and lets out the loudest flippin' fart I had ever heard. Needless to say I almost dropped the bar on myself from laughter. The dude quit the exercise and starting laughing as he walked away.

This is why I ALWAYS take a crap before the gym (especially on leg day), get all the "ass-cries" out in the car if necessary and avoid certain types of protein pre-workout.

- Melina

Grandpa Can Squat!

I was squatting at the gym with my training partner on a day when we did not have track practice (I was a college track athlete). We felt like going heavy so we did. Well we started to squat, and I had noticed this man in his late 60's watching us over and over. We thought he was impressed with our lifts. Well I had finished off 3 hard reps with 550 pounds (parallel mind you) when this man walks up to me and asks, "May I use your belt?" I just look at him and say sure and give it to him. This ol' man smiles at us and gets under the bar and squats 550 for 2 deep ass reps! We are stunned! He then gives me my belt and says, "That's how you squat son." Our egos are shattered by now, well he leaves and returns with pictures of himself from the late 50's and 60's, he was an Olympic lifter and Master's powerlifter. Wow, talk about being shown up old school. It was an experience.

- Greg

We've All Seen These Guys Before!

I am sure every gym across the nation has these guys...big benchers and big squatters...and very knowledgable (so they think.) One day at the gym while training chest, this guy gets on the bench next to me and loads up the bar to 225 off the bat. Well, I finish off my set and look over to this guy, he lifts the bar off and down it comes onto his chest, this guy is struggling to get the weight up. I go over and lift it off of him. He replies, "Man, that has never happened before, my shoulder is really hurting as well as my triceps." Anyways, I go and tell him if you need a spot holler at me. So I return to get my last set in and see this guy load up the bar to 275! Well I finish my set and unload the bar and then see this guy unrack the weight and you guessed it, WHAM!, the bar crashes on him again. This time the gym manager walks up to him and takes him to the side and talks with him, I can hear the "bencher" say the same exact thing to him as he told me before. Geez, how many have seen this before?

On another day this really juiced up guy was squatting with his partner watching. Well, this juicer goes on and on explaining his training philosophy to his partner, some of the stuff I heard was crap!, but who am I to judge (I've only been a trainer for over 10 years, have a degree in exercise physiology and competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting). I finish up my squats, and I hear him answer some questions from his partner while he is unloading his bar as I am too. Well he has 315 and is unloading 3 plates from one side and we know what happens next! He walks over and picks up the weights and tells his partner that a real olympic bar would level off the weight and not fall over. Would it not be nice if we had that kind of bar? Some guys are amazing huh?

- Greg

Bustin A!@

I was lifting with my buddy during our arm routine. We were doing some new routine that he found on www.bodybuilding.com so I was game. He was doing seated concentated curls with the ez curl bar. You only contract 1/3 of the motion. It was anything but ez let me tell you. He had 165 on the bar and it looked awesome. So I'm trying to help him if he needs a spot which he didn't. I had to put that in there because what I'm about to tell you is going to make you laugh out loud. Sorry buddy! So he's all charged up and starts to curl and I here this noise which I paid no attention to at first. Ya know being the friend that I am. The noise keeps up and he starts to crack up laughing. For every curl he did he busted ass. Like someone was blowing a horn. Freakin pig! Keep eating that protein. It was a classic moment. I'm sure I'll have mine someday! Sorry dude! LOL

- Hulk

Mr. Procrastinator

My embarassing moment happened over a long period of time. As a matter of fact, It's still happening. I used to be in decent shape and I let it all get away from me. Now I'm 37 years old with a bit of a belly. That's embarassing.

- Gary

All Thrown Up And No Place To Go

I was doing the second workout of my 2 day routine which consisted of back, legs, shoulders and abs. Well suffice it to say I was doing well when all of a sudden I got nauseous. I proceeded to tell my instructor who insisted I sit down and drink more water. All was well when I began to belch. Thinking it wasn't anything I continued to sit there until I felt like I was going to puke. By that time I got up and started walking toward the bathroom. But only two steps later the water I had drank plus that day's breakfast came spewing out of my mouth all over the floor. As if that wasn't enough the trainer told me to go to the bathroom. Just before I reached the toilet it came flying out again all over the floor. That was most embarrassing to say the least.

- Joe

Little Help

I keep a fastidious and highly detailed workout log for every single weight I lift. I write down all the machines, the weights, how many reps, everything. I even write down what grip I use, I draw little pictures of the arc I make with my elbows, you name it. I am very interested in "what works" and "what don't", so I write everything down. It also gives me something to do inbetween sets besides listen to crappy gym music.

Anyway, one day I was doing decline bench presses and checked what I did last week, it said 150, so I figured I'd try a little heavier to push myself. So I loaded up 170 to try and beat it and went to do my reps and it crashed down on my chest and I couldn't budge it. I couldn't even move it 1 inch. Luckily there was a guy nearby and I yelled, "Little help!" and he came over to save my life, literally. I looked back on my log and it really said "1RM 150" for the previous week! I was trying to do 20lb above my one-rep max. Duh!

- Rob

A Little Too High

At my gym we have a rock climbing wall, so one day I decided to make an attempt at it. It has this little lever so you can pick if you want the wall to move fast or slow...so I put it on the fastest at first but quickly learned that it was too hard for me, so I put it lower, but it still was too fast for me so I decided to put it as slow as it could go. Everything was going good until I reached the top...I felt like a loser sitting there while the wall went down. Now I wasn't just being impatient this thing was going REALLY slow! As I look down at the people running on the treadmills and others that are sitting on the steps watching me. At first I tried applying a little more pressure on the "rocks" trying to make it go down faster but all that did was make my foot slip and make me fall!

So, as I regained myself at the top of this machine I decide to wait no more and so I jump backwards off the thing, TRYING to be cool because I knew people were watching. I did land on my feet but, the impact threw me back and I fell flat on my ass! I layed there for a few minutes thinking of all the people that were looking at me and how dumb I must have looked. As I was walking away this one old lady was walking toward it with a friend and she smiled at me and asked "Was it too hard for you?" Then she jumped on it like a pro. Man oh man that was embarassing! Let's just say I've never been on that machine again after that!

- Stephanie

England 1, Italy 0

I was holidaying in Italy and managed to find a gym near to the hotel. I headed down there on the first day hoping to get a decent leg workout done before returning to the resort to work on my tan. I was hoping to impress the locals lifting their puny weights by maxing out on some squats - I can max out on about 600 lbs for 2-3 reps.

Anyway after a quick, light, warmup I rack up the bar, using pretty much every plate in the pathetic joint and get ready. On the way in to the place I noticed the toilet was disgusting and so the fact I was desperate for a shit was going to be something I would have to put up with because I wasn't about to sit on a seat covered in piss. Anyway I sat into a deep squat noticing how heavy the weight felt. I started to think if my conversion from pounds to kilos had been right.

Maybe I was trying to squat more weight than I ever had before without even a proper warmup or spotter. I tried to get back up to the top but it wasn't happening. The situation was getting bad, I realised I was on the point of soiling my pants! I'm talking literally touching cloth. Some locals saw me and despite their smug looks they knew they had to help me and started to walk over. I couldnt stand their smug looks and gave it one last push to get back to standing. It was working! I was getting up. Once I got up I realized I had done an almighty poo in my pants. Wearing loose boxer shorts at the time meant it was straight out and down my leg and onto the floor! I stood there with ultimate embarrassment as the locals had just reached me as I had pushed up and now were staring down at the slimy horrible turd that had just slipped out.

I ran out of that gym as quick as I could, leaving it on the floor for them all to enjoy.

- Chris (The Hulk) Roberts


I was at the local powerhouse gym doing my usual routine of squats with some pretty decent weight. I normally wear a jock-strap with a pair of loose fitting shorts on leg days. Well, this day, the shorts where not as loose as I thought. I don't know when it happened, but my shorts split right in the ass on one of the decents. I must not have heard it because I was breathing pretty heavy and grunting a little. I didn't realize what happened until I was already doing some stiff leg deadlifts with barbells and a gym employee came up to me and told me. The worst part is that my brown eye was winking at everyone as I was doing the deadlifts and on top of that, I had just taken a crap before coming to the gym and there were small white pieces of toilet paper all over my bunghole! My membership has been cancelled ever since that day.

- Keith


I was in my basement doing leg raises and thought I'd do some arm curls (I had a bar that allowed me to do that). So I unscrewed the wing nut and moved the handle up some. Well I didn't tighten the nut back down and about the 3rd curl the thing came apart and slammed into my mouth. Cracked my 2 front teeth and made a hell of a lot of noise. I had near 70lbs on there so it hurt like a mofo.

- Matt

Here's Lookin At You Kid!

I was at the gym at my university enjoying chest and triceps. The gym is packed, hot girls overflowing the cardio area as usual. I'm popping a couple 45's back on the rack, enjoying the view from behind the treadmills, when I stand up, I smash my head on a barbell resting on the incline bench. It was such solid contact that it lifted up enough to fall off and crash to the floor. I grimaced in pain as the girls turned around to see the idiot. Like a pro I winked picked up the barbell and walked back to the free weights tail between my legs. I was able to hide my pain from the girls, however the guys knew what a schmuck I was.

- Griff

Three Strikes and we were out!

Three friends and myself were going to do some Tricep pull downs on a cable machine. I had replaced the rope with a steel bar and without a second thought pulled the pin to change the weight. I saw the cable move and reacted by lifting my arm. Luckily I caught the bar on my forearm and shoulder and avoided a headache.

They all laughed real hard at me and after I calmed down I finished my set and stepped back still feeling silly at myself.

My brother in law was up next so he bent over and pulled out the pin and BAM!! Right in the back of the head!! He popped up grabbing his head with us laughing hysterically.

The other gym patrons were giggling and pointing at us now. We could not believe he did that after watching me get nailed first! He composed himself and knocked out a very good set with perfect form and control. Cool under pressure!

My other friend was talking to my bro in law about form being so important when he pulled the pin too! It came down and missed his nose by less than an inch!

The two guys next to us mumbled something about us being dangerous and moved to another open bench far away. Everyone else just shook their heads at us.

We cut the workout short and left the gym quietly then burst out laughing in the parking lot.

The laugh it gave us was more intense than the workout!

- Bill

Fall Of Shame

I was doing incline sit-ups on this thing that hooks on to a ladder on the wall. I usually put it to the third rung so as it isn't too steep. I had it up almost as high as it could go this time and I finished my set and was pulling my feet out when my foot caught and the bench fell off the ladder and hit the floor with a bang along with me. Everyone was staring and laughing. I felt like a dick. I'm scared to use that thing anymore.

- Mark Knowles

Water Splash

There is this one guy at my gym who is completely useless: 5ft 5, and probably about 300lbs with the biggest gut I have ever seen. He flat benches with an unholy arch in his spine.

Well anyway, one day I was cranking out an absolutely exhausting set of bicep curls. As soon as I finish the set, panting and red in the face, I drop the weights and grab my water bottle and take a massive glug. Unfortunately, heavy panting and swallowing aren't very compatible. Just when I thought the mouthful of water was going down, my whole chest convulses and I heave it all out. The water shoots a good meter across to hit the dude straight in the face.

Between choking on the remaining water and trying to hold in the fits of laughter I almost passed out!

- Ollie

I Have No Legs, I Have No Legs.

My first day ever in a gym, I decided to take it slow. So I headed up the stairs to the cardio deck to do a little recumbent biking. After 25 minutes or so, I figured I was done and I stopped the machine. I had no idea what effect biking on a hard resistance level would do to someone new to working out. So, I hopped off the bike and headed over toward the stairs. By the time my foot hit the first stair my whole leg locked up. Down I went. Head over heels, down the whole flight of stairs. EVERYONE came over to see if I was ok. I was fine but my ego was pretty banged up.

- J

You Can't Imagine......

One day I'm at the gym with a couple of my buddies, and were doing some heavy squats. Well, I got four or five plates on the bar and I'm going really deep. Then when I make my way up on the second rep, one of my buddies pulls my shorts down. I'll admit it, I'm not equipped, so when this happened I'm like about to cry. Not to mention the squat rack sits parallel in front of the 100 cardio machines, so there were about 30-40 people who got to see my small package. I'm still mad about it.

- Chad Harmon

Get a room

I was in the gym, and it was fall, which meant that all the college kids were back in town. There were these two particular guys who were on the cable machine which is right behind the ellipticals. The ellipticals were full of college girls, and these two guys were really checking them out. Well, the guy who was doing the flyes on the machine kinda forgot what he was doing I guess, and the weights came crashing down. Since his hands were in the handles, he fell down. In fact, he fell down right on top of the guy who was turned looking at the girls, and it made it look like the 2 guys were getting it on.

- Amanda

what we do for the ladies...

I was working out at a gym on a trial membership, doing chest. There was this really cute personal trainer there, whom I wanted to get to know, but didn't know how to approach. So I'm doing decline bb, and I see that she is doing something on the cables pretty close to me. It was midday so the gym was pretty empty. I formulate a plan to fail on the weight, and have her rush over to help me. I do the extra rep, I know I can't handle, and drop the weight. After a few seconds of struggling, my plan works and she runs over to help. What I didn't count on, was that she was going to try to make me do the rep myself, with minimal assistance. After getting it half way up, and receiving almost no aid, my arms collapsed. She began struggling with the weight, but couldn't get it up either. So here is me pinned under a weight, and her pulling for all she's worth. Luckily, another trainer walked by and saw my predicament, and got the weight off me.

But my plan did work. That incident broke the ice between us. I ended up dating her for a while, and now I work as a trainer in that gym myself.

- Mike

Workout Of Mass Destruction!

When I was younger, I had decided to give being a vegetarian a kick, mostly because I was dating a girl who was herself a herbivore; I'm now smarter than this. I had been lifing for a few years, and knew the importance of having protein, so I was doing everything in the world to keep my protein intake up, which isn't easy when you aren't eating any meat.

So, one day, I cooked up a big batch of vegetarian chili; this stuff was awesome, and I probably ate three bowls filled with beans, onions, tomatoes, and spicy peppers, because it's not chili unless it burns you on both ends. A few hours later, I felt a slight rumbling in my gut, but decided that it wasn't that big a deal, and after letting out a fart or two, figured that I'd be fine. I had released the pressure, and the world was again at harmony.

You can probably see where this is going.

So, I go to the gym, stretch out, warm up, and start in on my first set of sit-ups. Every single sit-up, I fart. I leave the sit-up machine, and continue farting; at least all of this gaseous emission was silent. I do pull-ups, dips, curls, and throughout all, I can't stop farting, and of course, I stupidly decide that since I'm at the gym, I'm not leaving.

Of course, all of this farting was starting to stink up the place badly; I don't think I can describe the acidic eye-watering smell emitting from my neither reigons, but I'm pretty sure that the Pentagon desperately wants a sample of it for their chemical weapons program.

The place was packed by the time I got there, and by the time I left, I was pretty much the only person in the entire gym.

Needless to say, I stopped with the veggie kick, and haven't eaten chili on a workout day since.

- Don

Suicidal Butterfly

I was working out in my weight lifting class and this cocky idiot steps up to the butterfly machine or pec-deck. Without a warm up or anything the guy sets the pin on the bottom plate. He goes to lift the stack and suprisingly he does it. He gets a set of 8 with terrible form, throwing his body into the movement and swinging his head forward. After his last rep he let the plates slam down making a huge CLANG!

He went to brag to his buddies and they doubted he could do it. When he went to do it again he didn't notice that when he let the plates drop so fast the pin slipped out. So he pumps himself up and throws himself into the movement, swinging his head forward. Sure enough, both armrests/bars sandwiched both sides of his face. He fell to the floor out cold and got up after a few minutes. Mild concussion, but honestly what an idiot.

- Michael

Next Time You Train Legs...

Don't hit them too hard!!

One day, I decided to increase the intensity of my leg workout ten-fold to bring up my lagging quads, hams and calves. After 4 sets of 15 reps of Squats, Leg Presses, Leg Curls, and Calf Raises, I then *crawled* out of the gym.

The next day, I took out a girl whom I had my eye on for ages. I walked her through the park (that old chestnut), desperately trying to ignore the shooting pains up and down my lactic acid-laced legs.

She walked away, after 10 minutes of agonised strolling for me, saying "I don't wanna be with a guy who walks like he crapped himself!"

- Jon

Keep Your Cell Phone In Your Pocket!

I was doing preacher curls in the corner of the gym where the Smith machine is located. This cool guy is on the Smith machine and leaves his cell phone on the floor in plain view. Unfortunately for him, a gentleman in a motorized wheelchair was coming to that section of the gym.

All of a sudden, I hear CRACK! Turn around and the guy in the wheelchair RAN STRAIGHT OVER the cool guy's cell phone. But wait, it gets better. Cool guy decides to deride the guy in the wheelchair and demands he pay for the phone. This moron leaves his phone on the floor and now is arguing with a guy in a wheelchair about paying for it.

By some miracle, there's a lawyer lifting nearby. He walks over and tells the cool guy he's negligent and has no claim to ask for the money for the phone. We're all laughing at this moron, but he got what he deserved. Needless to say, everyone immediately put their phones in their pockets.

- Jooj

No Sole-lu-tion To This Problem..

I was on the last routine in the gym which was sit ups.

After finishing 4 sets with a 10kg plate, I proceeded to the stretching area (with mats).

What's an embarressing moment if it didn't have any girls around? Yup, there were plenty, next to the mats, there were numerous stationary bikes, rowing machines and treadmills.

I started my cool down stretches and while doing calf stretches, BOTH my soles tore off my shoes! Till now I've go absolutely no idea how it happened.

Just my luck, the stretching area was furthest away from the entrance to the gym.

I must've looked like a dork while "skiing" my way, dragging my soles along to the exit passing by all the girls on the machines. The old gym attendent was stifiling a laugh when I signed out.

Outside the gym, I tore off the soles and cycled home without them.

Thankfully I didn't have to walk the 3km or so back home.

- Lewis Loh


I was working out at gym in a hotel in Calgary AB, and the Dallas Stars were in town. So here I was running on the treadmill and All of a sudden I look over and Mike Mondano is running next to me. My girlfriend walked in and she's a major hottie and Modo looked over and saw her in her little workout suit and tripped on the treadmill and then tried to blame it on faulty wiring, oh that was great. GO Oilers GO!

- Fredrick

The Moment I Wasn't Waiting For...

I was in the gym with some new guys. I was trying to be a big shot. Well I was doing reverse bench press, I did a few sets and then I had to go to regular bench press. So I thought I would show off and throw the bar up in the air and turn my hand around in time to catch it regularly. Well I didn't think that lots of weights goes down fast, and as you may have figured I missed catching the bar and it landed on my nose. It was embarrising. I didn't break anything but man was I lucky.

- Travis Harrell

Good Spotters Are Hard To Find...

There's an idiot in our gym straight out of the Simpsons, He's always offering to spot guys when they bench press and when he does he always starts yelling crap at them like "Feel the burn" "Impossible is nothing" during their last reps. I was flat pressing on a bench beside one he was spotting on, With a friend spotting me. All of a sudden the idiot starts trying to encourage the guy on the bench at the top of his lungs. Without a pause my spotter looks down at me and starts screaming "Six grams or less! I'm lovin it! Coke adds life! Finger lickin good!" I laughed so hard I almost dropped the bar onto my throat!

- Hamo

O Crap....

I usually do Chest and Tri's on Monday so it was no different when I went downstairs to do my workout. I felt a bit tired though and I didn't stretch well enough or warm up as usual. I started benching and got my first set out, so I slapped more weight on because I was pumped and ready to lift more. Well the next set got tough around the 8th rep and my triceps started to stiffen up. I waited about 2 minutes after that set and then put some more weight on.

I lifted the bar off and about the 5th rep my arms completly gave out and the bar shot down onto my chest. No one was there and I couldn't push the bar off so I pushed it down my stomach and it rolled right across my groin and I shot right up and threw the bar off me. When I did this I grabbed it while it was airborn and it took me right off the bench and into this concrete pole I have in my basement. I just racked the weight then and did work on the cables for the rest of the workout.

- Matt

Good 'ol Wally!

I was a freshman in high school and loved to lift. The seniors were pretty nice to me and taught me how to lift. They were the kind of guys who loved to have fun. They were playing catch with a bench roll.(the black rolls that weak people use to towel bench). The head football coach/weight lifting coach, Wally, was on the treadmill. The roll flew across the gym and made him fall off of the treadmil.

He got up to throw it back at us. He was all pissed off, but managed to throw it about 4 feet strait at the floor. There was silence for a second, then all of the lifters busted out laughing and he tried to kick us out of the weight room with very little luck.

- Austin

Danger Flying Barbell!

Me and my partner workout in his garage. One day we're doing squats and he's messing with the radio. I do my set but the bar had slid down my back and since he wasn't looking I decided to try to rack it myself. I heaved the bar forwards only to have it miss by an inch. So the bar falls on my middle finger breaking it then rolls down the squat rack and flies off at about 50 mph. My partner just turned with a confused look on his face.

- Unknown

Watch The Hands...

I’ve been lifting for about a year now, always with a guy buddy of mine. Well, one night I was introducing a lady friend of mine to the awesome world of lifting. She seemed really interested and wanted to put up some weight, so I set 100 lbs on the bar and showed her the proper bench press technique and then let her have a go at it. She wasn’t a built girl, small and skinny so I knew I would have to spot her. Without thinking of hand placement, being used to spotting a guy, I put my hands near the middle of the bar.

She pick up the weight and it began to go down towards her chest. Needless to say my hands where in the wrong spot, :) so I tried to move them out of the general chest area, but as soon as my hands came off the bar the weight crashed to her chest knocking the wind out of her. She’s not too interested in lifting now.

- Scott

Naked Benchpress...

I am 18 and a Sr. in High School. In addition to our normal weight room, we have a weight bench in our boys locker room. I had come in early to lift by myself on a Friday afternoon (no school) before our baseball game. I decided to take a shower and as I got out of the shower I dried off and decided to bench a few reps before getting dressed for practice. I benched 10 reps of 190 and on the 9th rep my shoulder gave out. There I lay on the bench, stark naked and pinned under the bar.

I yelled for help, but to my dismay the only one in the school to hear me yell was the female gym teacher. She came running into the locker room to find me stark naked with an enormous hard-on laying under the bar for all the world to see. She helped lift the bar off, checked out my shoulder to make sure I was fine, and apologized for her interruption, and left the locker room laughing all the way. I not only was laying there for her to see under the bar...but also had to sit there while she checked me out. How embarrassing!

- Anonymous

Incline Denied.

I was getting set for some incline dumb-bell presses. I'm fairly new to this so my technique is just starting to get there. In the past I usually get on the bench with the weights on either side, lay down and pick the weights up one by one. Well this day I was going for a record press, I had 2 65's. So I lay down on the bench and grab the first weight, as I bring it to my chest the damn bench tips over and there I am rolling on the floor with the 65 flying away from me into a poor fella's legs bringing him to his knees. Needless to say I quickly regained control of myself and the weight, apologized and got the hell outta dodge.

Oh yeah from then on every time I hit the gym I check to see if this guy's in there and if so I usually pick him up a powerbar at the front desk and give it to him as kind of a pay-off.

- Jay

Blonde Moment...

One day at the gym I was very focused on my workout. This was a small gym with the equipment kind of smushed in close quarters but adequate enough to pass. The Smith machine was set with the bar up high just above my eye level. I was resting for my next set and went over by the window to see if a friend had arrived at the gym yet. The Smith machine was right by the window and as I turned to go back to bench I walked right into the part of the smith machine bar sticking out the side. BAM! I hit the bar right in the middle of my forehead.

You could hear the sound echo through the gym. I saw little swirly stars in front of my eyes. Later, I checked in the mirror and there was this big ugly knot forming right in the middle of my forehead and someone asked me what happened. I didn`t want to say...."Uhhm, I ran into the Smith machine bar...yeah!"

- Karen

Too Much Fly...

I was doing 70 lb dumbbells for flat dumbbell presses when I thought to myself, "humm... better get a spotter, just in case." I was 17 years old at the time so I thought better not hurt myself now or it will haunt me for the rest of my life. "Hey man can you give me a spot for 6 reps." "Sure man, no problem." I asked him if he knew how to spot someone for this and he replyed "ya". Here goes nothing and here comes everything.

As I go up for my 5th rep I ask for his spot. Instead of pushing on my elbows, he grabs onto the top inner plates of the dumbbells! That turned the movement into a fly. Owch guy! I could swear I heard the sound of velcro ripping apart. I dropped the weights and sat up examining my shoulders. That little stand of muscle that goes in between the anterior and medial head of the deltoid is now gone on my left arm.

Moral is: Know the experience of the spotter before you ask him for your help.

- Ian Neelis

I seriously thought about it

So this one time me and my buddy were lifting in the school weight room. The cockiest kid in the world (big douche bag walks around flexing his muscles all day.)He puts 185 on the bench barely gets it up. Then he puts on about 215 gets it stuck on his chest and the nice person i am i helped him out. But i was seriously thinking about turning the music up real loud and turning the lights off and acting like nuthing every happened

- Anonymous




diving off the bench while doing lunges

I have always wanted huge thick legs like treetrunks, so anytime I get to try an exercise that might cause some stimulation I try it. I usually start with squats, then move to lunges and so on but this time when it came to lunges I wanted to try a variation. The variation was bench lunges. So I loaded the barbell with the weights and rested it on my traps, took one step up onto the bench and fell all the way from the bench to the floor right on my ass with the weights still on my shoulders. Im one lucky little freak though cause it could have broken my back falling from that height with all that weight on my shoulders. Instead it just flexed my spine and bounced the weight off my shoulders. There wasnt very many people in the gym that day but I felt more lucky than embarrassed. I just stick with the basics now. Theyre easier and more effective anyways.

- SkiMonster

Spotter/ Executioner

So this is a story about the worst spotter I have ever seen. Takes place during my chest workout, I start off with a 135 lb warmup, then 175 for 12 reps 185 for 10 an 205 for 6. Today I decide to max out with 225 for one final set.

I ask this idol looking guy for a spot as he's clearly doing nothing else. On my 3rd rep I get stuck. Now normally a 'good' spotter would notice my struggle and give me a little nudge. Instead this guy - the Forest Gump of the YMCA - decides to check out the girls on the treadmill. So I wait, holding the bar above my ever so tender throat, and finally after 15 seconds this *sshole notices me dying. Does he help me out yet? Oh no, he decides to tell me to push - what does this douche bag think I've been doing the whole time?

I start yelping "Help!Help!" as loud as I can, which is nothing much above a whisper by now. This bastard continues telling me to push, because apparently I'm still not pushing the bar correctly. After about 30 seconds of struggling, tne bar is now pressing down against my adam's apple - I have now come to accept that I am going to die.

FINALLY... after about a minute of this...Forest Gump gives me a little nudge, I throw the bar into place and breathe oxygen again. I'm pretty sure this guy was a hired assassin trying to kill me, and he would've done it had these 3 guys not shown up (eye witnesses).

When Forest Gump walks over to get a sip of water they all laugh at me, tell me they saw everything, and one guy offers to spot me next time. "Oh no thanks, " I reply," there'll never be a next time. Ever." Even now, a month later, Im still scared to bench anything above 150.

- Jim Nasium

Dangerous mistakes.

I was alone at home and was getting ready for some heavy squats. I had used 385 the day before for reps and had done one warm up set with 300. this was a dumb*ss move because I wasn't properly warmed up. I then put 365 on the bar and thought it would be no problem. keep in mind that I wasn't using a squat rack, I was using a bench in my basement.

I picked the weight up and started repping. at first it seemed pretty easy. Then on the 3rd or 4th rep I couldn't get the weight up for some reason and was stuck sitting on the bench with 365 on my back. I made one last attempt to get up and leaned forward a bit. I ended up leaning too far forward and the weight sent me crashing down pinning my neck down on the bench.

I struggled to lift the weight up but couldn't move. I couldn't yell for help because my face was being pressed down hard into the bench by 365 pounds of wieght. So I spent 2 to 3 mintues edging over to the edge of the bench seat. I got to the side and slid my head under the wieght.

I felt excrutiating pain in my neck and back.

the next morning my neck had swollen up huge and I had to go see the doctor because the pain had become so unbearable. It took a week to loosen up my neck. It's better now but every now and then I will get a sharp pain in my neck right were the bar fell on.

I should have used a squat rack or had a spotter.

- anonymous

A bird in the gym

Every bodybuilder/weightlifter has at some point mashed a finger nail between dumbells or weight plates...

One day I did so, between a 65 lbs DB and the sharp edge of a DB rack as I forcefully set the DB down. The embarassing part was that I had just begun my workout and couldn't find any exercice fitting to the day in question, where I didn't have to grasp a barbell or DB. So I kept lifting with my middle finger sticking out.

- Antoine Dube


I am a sophomore in high school and made the varsity basketball team a couple of months ago. I was very proud of myself since I am 5'7, 140 lbs. and can't touch the rim and this is a 5a returning state champs high school.

Because of this when I go to the gym I've been playing about an hour basketball before I hit the weights. Basketball is also great cardio. So one day when I was playing full court on a fast break I see a teammate wide open on the other side of the court and sling the ball as hard as I can. I ended up over throwing him and the ball hit the edge of the wall past where the net to guard the bball court ended right into where a little guy was with his dad probably for the first time on the treadmill.

The ball hits the kid's treadmill tripping him up and sending him off the machine. I felt so bad. Luckily the kid was only a little banged up and was tough. He could have seriously gotten hurt if he wasnt at the end of the treadmill line where no other cardio machine was behind him. I still apologise to him.

- anonymous

Poo Pants

During a squat training session I had that feeling I needed to go to the toilet for a number 2. However, I had to finish my set before doing this and as this was my last rep I needed to go heavy 305 kilos.

Settling in for the lift and squat I was supported by my two training partners. As I squated four reps I could hear the fits of laughter. Unknown to me I had had my number two in my training pants. As they were grey the scorch mark had come through.

I went to the loo and had to clean myself before resuming the session.

My nik name is now Robby Robby Sh*t Pants.

- Big Rob

A Squat Too Much

My legs are skinny and weak, let’s put it that way. But none-the-less I went to the smith-machine to find my 1RM for the squat. So I loaded the bar up with 75kg, and being at the gym during a school sport, there were some girls there, and one girl I liked watching me load up the bar. I took it of the rack pretty easy, and everyone was like "you can't squat that".

I squatted down and I was about to power back up when I realized I put too much on and couldn't get back up. Trying to get it back up, I slipped over and fell on my knees with a 75kg barbell on my back. Everyone laughed as they watched me struggle to my feet in the down-squat and I managed to place it back in the lowest rack. However, I racked it back up and tried again. Only this time I succeeded and everyone clapped and congratulated me. That made me happy.

- Anthony

smith pants

In attempts to impress this girl at the gym, a friend and myself were doing heavy squats on the smith machine. Though she was seemingly impressed, my friend had another idea. As I prepped to go down with the 365 on the first rep, all ready to go, he ran over to pants me! I immediately let go of the bar to stop him, sadly, the bar came crashing down and scraping the crap out of my triceps and forearms. Needless to say, she laughed, and he got the date, some friend.

- michael

I have gas!!!

On a Tuesday in gym class we had to sit on the bleachers for directions and when I sat down I passed gas very loud and it echoed too luckily my gym teacher wasn't there, but all the other students were. It was soooo embarrassing!! At the end of gym my friend and I were laughing about something and my gas HAD STRUCK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ECHOED AGAIN!

- Gassy girl Kelly


I was working out at Bali's being the tough guy that I am, I wanted to rep 135lbs 8-12 times without a spotter. Well anyways, I was on the 7th rep, and I was pretty darn tired. So I went for one more rep to push the pace. Coming down was easy, but pushing back up was not an option. So I lay there with a 135lb bar on my chest, until someone saw my pathetic situation. I was so embarrassed that I ran out of the gym. Thanks!

- Brady Earls

First week of college

It was my first weekend in college, and our school's rec center had just opened up for the fall semester. Naturally, I went there as soon as I got up. I marched over to the bench press and started lifting, without a spotter. I don't know if it was because the bench was set up differently than what I was used to, but after my third rep, I found myself slowly lowering about 270lbs onto my face. It wasn't long before there was a bar balancing across my face, in-line with my eyes. With all my might, I pushed the bar and a sizable portion of my forehead off. The guy at the adjacent bench helped me put the bar back on the rack. Knuckles bleeding, I was about to get ready to do another set (yeah), when everything started to turn red in one of my eyes. I looked in the mirror on the wall, and saw the souvenir I had just created. So there I was, blood is dripping down my face and I haven't a clue where I should go. I finally wander my way to a front desk. People are staring. They send me into this room, clean me up, and I have to fill out an accident report. For my entire first month of college, I had a gigantic scar on my forehead, spanning from between my eyes to the middle of my forehead.

- Bob Kinner

Dead Arm

I was in my school gym (which is very old) doing some heavy cable crossovers. I noticed that the cables did not look very strong but I continued. On my last rep I pulled with all that I had and sure enough, the right cable broke and I punched myself HARD in the other arm. I got a huge bruise and a dead arm. For now on I'm sticking to flyes.

- Willy

Don't throw the weights!

So I was doing a set of dumbbell presses the other night with 70 lb dumbbells. After the last rep I threw the weight down on the ground (Out of pure laziness) while I was still laying on the bench. To my luck, there was this really hot babe, which coincidentally was standing right behind my head. Let's just say the dumbbell landed somewhere on her foot. Oops.

- Sascha

Watch your grip

So it was my last set of close grip tricep bench presses with 20lbs on each side and I was in a rush so I guess I put too much force in lifting it off the rack that the bar went out of my grip and came and bounced of my chest knocking the wind out of me since it bounced I managed to grab it before it landed on me again and so I rolled the bar off me and sat up and tried to breath and the sad thing is NO ONE helped me and it was packed that night and no one even asked if I was ok they just looked and were like "whatever". I learned my lesson.

- Arturo

Rippin' Squat

Okay, my buddy Austin and I are in the weight room working out. Today is leg day so we were working' squat. His particular workout called for more sets than mine so I was spotting him while he finished up. Well I guess he was fatigued because when he went down for the last rep of the set and started slowly dropping I get under him to help, when he just drops. Now keep in mind he is a year older than me and squats about 445lb on his max, while I being much smaller only can get up 255lb on my max. Luckily we always have safety bars on the side of the squat rack just for this scenario. However, the safety bars didn't stop his body from flying out from underneath the bar colliding with me and knocking me to the ground, landing in my lap. So we are lying on the floor (he in my lap) looking like we are spooning when all regulars decide to walk in the door before we can get off the floor. Needless to say we hang our heads and finish our workout without words.

- Austin & Brandon

Hit in the face

I wasn't even working out when this happened. I went into my workout room to get something. Not looking where I was going I ran into my weight bench. My barbell had about 30 or 40 pounds on it and one side fell off of the rack while the other side went to the floor. The side I hit then hit me square in the chin. It felt like a 400 pound fist hit me, I went to the ground. Now I lay the barbell on the floor when it's not in use.

- Mattawesome

Peed During Squat Demonstration

I'm a 22 year old female instructor at my local gym. The other day I was demonstrating a squat to a guy I sort of had a crush on and thought he was really cute. Well as I'm showing him how it’s done, I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to go pee before doing any squats and as I was squatting down I just lost control and he watched me go pee all over the floor. I totally flooded my panties and shorts. I had to go clean myself up. It was so horribly embarrassing.

- Angela

There Goes My Shorts

I was lifting last week at my high school weight room and had just gotten back from a run. By that time my boxers were sticking to my skin from all of the sweat. Anyway I was squatting with about 140 lbs on and my lifting partner was spotting me and we both heard a big RRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! I started cracking up and dropped the weight. There was a HUGE hole in my shorts and my butt was hanging out and everything. Luckily there were no women there and the only people there to see it knew me. I couldn't stop laughing. It was very embarrassing though.

- Brendon

All Eyes On Me

Last year, I attended an all-county high school bench press competition. When it was my turn to lift, I happened to be the only person lifting at that time. So everyone in attendance, a packed 400 people (lifters and spectators) were watching me. I was really pumped up and sat on the bench swinging my arms and grunting to get psyched. Then I threw myself back to lie down and my head banged into the bar! Everyone saw and gasped as I held my hurt head. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even do the bench press!

- John Doe

Crash landing

It was a leg day at the gym and i was semi-bored, so i decided to sit down on the seated calf raiser machine. For some weird reason, I thought the seated calf raiser machine resembled a fighter spaceship so I am making spaceship noises to amuse my workout buddy. I then proceed to lift on the machine without any weights. Well... Needless to say I crashlanded my spaceship and fell flat on my back. Luckly the gym was empty that day, but to this day if i have to do a calve workout I will use the stanidng calf raiser machine!

- Smitty

Too many cartwheels

My older sister was showing me the weightroom, freshman year, just to give me a glimpse of how to use the machines and weights and what not. I had never stepped into a weightroom before because my gymnastics coach told me it was unnecessary. Well, when we got to the squatting rack, she showed me first how to squat. So then she gives me a turn. Now remember I'm a gymnast, so form is everything, and even keeping your heels together when you land a trick. So, I squat down and then as I quickly try to push the bar back up, for some gymnastic reflex reason, I do a total ballet, "plie�, and then I racked. I didn't know I did it, it was just a reaction but my sister was seriously on the floor of the weightroom laughing, and everyone else was giggling as well. 3 guys then came over to show me to actually how to squat the right way, I just felt like an idiot, and I! 'm still not sure if they really wanted to help me, or just wanted me to sit in my pool of shame for longest time possible.

- Tom Shattner

Sprinting Face plant

My wife and two children were taking the dog for a walk after I had just finished a leg workout. Well my son wonted to know if I could run with the dog, so the animal could exercise to. My legs were wiggly still at this time. But hay the family was there right. Well when running I decided to show off a little and sprint. I was in a full dead sprint, with the dog on a leash, and when I turned my head to see the dog, well my legs buckled and I did a major face plant in the grass. When I seen I was falling I turned my head and my shoulder hit the ground and I rolled violently. Needless to say, I had to pull the grass and dirt from my ears mouth and clothing, and don’t forget my pride. I believe it’s still buried in the ground there somewhere, my wife was scared, and then she began to laugh uncontrollably. As I tuned around I had noticed in one of the yards to the par! K there were several onlookers to say the least. My wife still laughs when she sees the shirt. Still with grass stains. My neck and shoulder hurt for nearly two weeks. Talk about stupid. My son also learned I’m not superman after all. Cause he can fly!

- Shaun

The Big Bang

I was just starting a weight training program in High School so I was a big Newb at it. After doing my squats, I started re-racking the weights from only one side of the barbell. Now, we all have common sense, and whenever a barbell's weight is distributed unevenly it has the inevitable nature of whipping to the floor in a ground shaking clash of metal against rubber mats. I must've been absent-minded and fatigued from the day's workouts or something. At least I made people laugh at my mistake. Oh yeah, & when I went to re-rack the individual weights, I dropped the 45 pounder on my toe! What a day!

- Andrew Lentfer

Horrible Revelation

The time was around 7:30 p.m. and I was working out at my university's weight room. Today was chest day and I had just finished doing flat bench presses so I moved on to incline bench presses. I'm a little guy so I had to straddle the bench with my legs spread wide to keep my feet on the ground while I lifted. I was nearly on the last rep of my first set when I heard a rip. I racked the bar and began checking that the rip wasn't a muscle. This is when I noticed two guys across the gym stop, look at me, and continue on to the leg press station. I didn't think anything of it and finished my workout. After I was done I went to the washroom and I realized why I got the odd looks, I had not only managed to rip my shorts but also the boxer-briefs I was wearing underneath.

- Anonymous

I looked like such a wuss!

At the time my dad was a trainer at one of the local gyms. We were doing strip sets on the bench press. So I started really heavy and with each set took weight off! At the end of my workout for the bench the local news crew comes in with cameras wanting to advertise the gym on television! I had the bar and maybe 10 pounds on each side, and they decided they wanted to film me at that point! So that night on one of the main news stations there I was, a big guy, struggling to bench about 65 pounds! I looked like such a wuss!

- Drew Williams

trapped on treadmill

I was running on the treadmill for a good 20 minutes or so next to this really hot chick. We kept making eye contact every so often and I was getting butterflies in my stomach. I was thinking about approaching her after we were both done, but the unexpected happened. My shoe lace got caught in the side of the treadmill and pinned my leg to the front of it. I was stuck there for at least 2 minutes because my shoe tightened up. She offered to help, but was about to die! How embarrassing! Let’s just say I switched gyms after that like a wuss... I just can’t handle that degree of embarrassment

- anonymous

Bless You

I was working out one day and had decided to go for some heavy squats, just as I was raising back up after the 3 or 4th squat, I felt the tingle of a sneeze coming, then without warning ACHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO sending a foot long strand of snot hanging of my nose, I was still controlling the bar and so was helpless to wipe my nose until I’d returned the bar to the rack, the looks of disgust were enough to send me packing for the day.


Guess what I worked out

I took class at Copper Institute in Dallas and at noon we had an hour break. I worked out during it. When I came back, class had started up again. I walked in and after 5 steps I just fell over. Guess what I worked out?

- jon

Beware of the Medicine Ball

One day, this guy asks me to stand on his feet and relay him an 8kg medicine ball as he did sit-ups while throwing it up to me.

After a couple of reps, he mumbled something and held out both hands, palms facing me, as if waiting for me to throw the ball down to him. Turns out that there was a 20kilo plate on the floor, uncomfortably close to his head, and he was saying to me to stop, and he wanted to move the plate. Of course with the loud music in the gym I didn't hear, and threw the ball down with force. It whacked him right on the nose, thudding his head off both the floor and the plate.

Luckily he was only concussed, not KO'd

- Art Lewis

brained on the squat rack

I had recently moved to a small town with a new gym. I hadn't really made any friends at the new gym yet and I lifted much heavier than the other women there did so I pretty much stuck to myself. I was doing legs on the smith machine and loading up a couple plates to warm up. I walked behind the rack to enter it from behind and was fiddling with my cd player- I forgot I was on a new machine and at 6 feet tall I have to watch where I am walking. Well needless to say I slammed straight into the support bar at the rear of the machine and about knocked myself out. I had a huge black lump and bruise above my left eye- but the good thing is that so many people saw it happen I got some friends outta the deal... After they stopped laughing that is.

- Maria Roelle

Tied Down And Seperated

Well, I'm a girl, and I have a brother, two years older than me. One day, he and I went swimming with some friends.

He had a guy named David with him; I had two girls with me named Lauren and Sasha.

When we were in the pool David tried to take my top off, while Jake (my brother) egged him on.

Well, I wasn't very happy with this attempt, even though it had failed.

So Lauren and I tried pulling their shorts down, but they were on too tight.

So we cornered them, and then I held Jake's hands behind his back while Sasha held David. Lauren tried pulling their shorts down then, but they were still too tight, and she couldn't undo the strings, and they kicked at her to get her away.

So, what she did, which was really funny

She got both the strings and tied them together really tightly so they were stuck together.

They tried to untie it, but they couldn't, and they wanted to get out the water ... but they didn’t know how, since the ladder was too narrow for both of them to use together.

So David pulled his trunks off O_O and told Jake to get out, and then toss his trunks back to him.

Jake did this, but then they realized they didn’t have a plan on how to give David's trunks back.

By this time, Sasha and I had swum up behind David and we were checking him out. Most of the people in the pool were watching, as we lifted him out of the water in front of everyone.

He was SOOO embarrassed and he ran straight out of there into the changing rooms.

- Danielle

Popping a wheelie

This probably has happened to many people. But it was still embarrassing. I had just started going to the gym and it was leg day. Walked over to the seated calf raise -machine. For some reason - probably stupidity - I couldn't figure out how to un-lock it. So I tried to force it up anyway.

Well, the whole machine popped a wheelie, I fell on my ass, and the machine slams back down. Face red, feeling the smiles of the regulars on my back, I went to the leg press for my calf training and still avoid the seated machine.

- Claymohre


It was my senior year and I was completing in the 181lb class, and I was at a powerlifting meet. It was a few weeks before the state meet. On my second squat I had put up 470lbs with a little bit of struggle at my sticking point. And since I knew I easily had this meet in the bag, I decided to try for 500lbs. I got the weight off the bar and set it up, it felt heavy, but I was confident. I went down with the weight under control, but when I tried to go up with it I leaned forward only slightly. The momentum brought the weight forward and there was nothing I could do. 500lbs went rolling over my neck and smashed onto the floor, the spotters didn't even touch the bar. I wasn't hurt except for a decent scratch on my neck. I was just pissed I missed the lift.

- Robert Trettin