Clean Cook: 5 Pre-Contest Meals From Nicole Moneer

IFBB Bikini pro Nicole Moneer eats clean all year so she never has to diet hard before a show. Try these easy, delicious, and nutritious meals!

Even though I stay lean all year, I still go through a small pre-contest phase before most of my shows. This year, I needed to lose roughly six pounds for the IFBB Bikini stage at the 2013 EVLS Prague Pro this weekend. I created these five delicious meals to help me reach that goal. Try them yourself to support your own fat-loss efforts!

I started my pre-contest diet at 121 pounds and gave myself six weeks to lose six pounds. My goal would put me at 115 pounds, my weight at the 2012 Bikini Olympia. I usually base my physique off how I look in the mirror, not the scale, but for this contest, I had a defined six-pound target.

I stuck with my normal weight training 4-5 days each week. Each week I also did an hour of hot yoga, an hour of Pilates, and taught an hour-long cardio kickboxing class. Too much cardio eats muscle, so I limit it. I need all the muscle I can get!

I am still fit at 40! These meals and my workouts help me stay there, so that when I step on the stage in Prague, I'll look and feel my best. I mix up my foods daily. Eating the same foods daily may help you achieve a certain look, but it will have long-term detrimental effects on the gut and overall health. Do you do the same workout daily? I hope not. If so, you eventually get bored and plateau. Don't let that happen to your diet!

Note: I do not measure portion sizes. I eyeball most things. This approach works well for me, my clients, and thousands of others. Give it a shot!

Meal 1 Tomato Basil Omelet

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Meal 2 Pork, Pear, and Greens

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Meal 3 Field of Greens

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Meal 4 Hot Cod

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Meal 5 Venison chili with organic parsnips

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