How Bodybuilding Can Help You Find A Job!

Are you out of work? There are plenty of ways you can spend your time that may pay off more than scouring the job boards. That's right; bodybuilding can help you find a job. Here's how:

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  • Confidence from exercising will be apparent in your self presentation.
  • Knowing someone is one of the most common ways of landing a job.
  • Volunteer or intern work is a great way to get yout foot in the door.

It goes without saying that plenty of people are looking for a job right now. But, there are also many places looking for good people to hire. If you don't believe that then that's the first hurdle you must overcome. Your second step is landing that job of your dreams. Bodybuilding will help take you there.

What Does It Take To Land The Job Of Your Dreams?

If you are looking for a job, chances are you've examined and more than you care to admit. But, there are plenty of other ways you can spend your time that may pay off more than scouring the job boards. And there are many outlets that have nothing to do with the internet. So, put your job hunt in full gear by reading the tips below.

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How Bodybuilding Can Help You Find A Job

If you are out of work and spending all day in front of the computer or on the phone, get in the gym. That's right, bodybuilding can help you find a job. Here's how:


      To land a job you better be able to sell yourself. Every single job out there has a sales component to it. First you need to sell yourself on the interview. Then once you land the job you better keep on selling what you are doing to:

      1. Keep your job.
      2. Move up the ladder.

Bodybuilding will give you that confidence you need to tell others why they should hire you. It will help you stand taller (core strength) which makes you appear more confident. And, getting stronger will bolster your self-esteem in ways you never thought were possible.

Want Self-Confidence?
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Want Self-Confidence?
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Lisa Sutton


      If you are pounding the internet and your networks to find a job, you need a break. A diversion to clear your mind and help you relax. Let bodybuilding be that diversion.

Getting in the gym and pounding the weights (or doing isometric exercises) will take your mind off of not having a job as well as the stress of looking for one. And, when you are done with a workout there is a certain feeling of relaxation and contentment that you just can't replicate by doing anything else.


      The art of networking is deeply imbedded in communication. And, to communicate with someone you better find a topic that you can talk to them about or something you have in common with them. Look around your gym and start talking to people (simple icebreaker: can you spot me or does that exercise really work our x, y or z?).

People Out Of Work, Are You Guys Networking?
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People Out Of Work, Are You Guys Networking?
I know I haven't like I should have. Luckily I've been talking with this Career Counselor and he has helped revitalize my job search.
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      Once you get to know them, ask them what they do and tell them what you do and that you are looking for a job. You already have something in common with the people you see in your gym everyday.


      It goes without saying that bodybuilding builds


      . It takes discipline to get in the gym daily, tackle a workout when you are tired or not feeling well and plan your meals, supplements and snacks to compliment your workouts. That discipline will carry over to other areas of your life, including your hunt for a job.

As a bodybuilder, you'll be better able to withstand the wait and stick to your plan for landing the job of your dreams.

Additional Tips To Help You Find A Job

Find Your Passion

      If you don't love what you are doing, look for what you do love. The easy, enjoyable book Don't Waste Your Talent can help you on the road to discovery.

Don't Love What You're Doing?
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Don't Love What You're Doing?

Revamp Your Resume

      You should revamp your resume for every single position you apply for. If your previous positions don't exactly match the jobs you are applying, consider writing a functional resume. (there are many internet sites to help you get started)

Perfect Your Interviewing Skills

      Go on informational interviews where you simply call or visit people in your field and ask them questions.

Do You Do Well In Job Interviews?

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I'm Pretty Good, But I Could Be Better.
I Could Use More Practice.
No. I'm Always So Nervous I Can Barely Speak.

      Research the company and people you will be interviewing with. When that question comes up (and it will) asking you "why do you want to work here," you better have a quick answer that rolls off your tongue.

Contact Recruiters

      There are a plethora of recruiters out there whose job depends on finding people jobs. Contact recruiters in your field (local or not local as most recruiters recruit for positions throughout different areas of the U.S.).

Volunteer Or Intern

      If you found the place you really want to work, see if you can volunteer or intern. Sure you might not get paid but you'll gain invaluable experience and if they like you and have a fit for you, they may keep you. In addition, you'll get the chance to interact with the very people you want to work with.

What Are Some Ways To Get Volunteer Hours?
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What Are Some Ways To Get Volunteer Hours?
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      Even if the particular company you are at doesn't have a position, chances are they know their competitors well and can help connect you with people that do have positions available.


Every job expert will tell you that the majority of jobs aren't found on the internet or through help wanted ads but instead through networking. So get out there and get to know people.

Get on the bodybuilding forums, get on Facebook and LinkedIn and meet people in your area. Develop that 2-3 minute elevator speech about yourself and what you do (and why you are so passionate about it) and give that speech to everyone that crosses your path.

Develop Your 2-3 Minute Elevator Speech.
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Develop Your 2-3 Minute Elevator Speech.

And, believe. Believe that you are valuable, you do have skills and you will find the job of your dreams. And keep bodybuilding. As my dad always said to me when I was a kid, "Shoulders back, chin up." Holding your head high shows others that you are confident. And if you want to do that, you better have good core strength, well-developed delts and traps and a hefty dose of confidence. Bodybuilding will help you develop both your muscles and your mindset.

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