Body Transformation: Strength To Carry On

A serious back injury sidelined Joseph as a freshman while his football team got stronger in the weight room. See how this teen closed the gap and surpassed expectations!

Name: Joseph Owens
BodySpace: jpapi26

Joseph Owens Joseph Owens
AGE 16
207 lbs
AGE 17
179 lbs

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Why I Decided to Transform

Going into high school, I was bigger than most guys, but I wasn't stronger than many. I suffered a serious back injury during the winter of freshman year which didn't help any. The rest of the football team lifted weights during the off-season and surpassed me in strength and size.

When my back recovered and another football season came and went, I started lifting with the team during the off-season. I made slight size and strength gains, but nothing noticeable. At the end of spring during my sophomore year, I decided to do something about my strength.

Six months later, my friends and family took notice of my transformation success. Now they ask me for advice on lifting and compliment my physique. I'm more confident, happy, and healthy now that I am 20 pounds leaner and more muscular.

How I Accomplished My Goals

I went to for supplements to support my efforts. I made a BodySpace account to track my progress and read articles about the most effective ways to build lean muscle and strength. I found many exercises online and began pounding the weights in the gym.

After several weeks, I had noticeable size and strength gains. With the help of creatine powder that I ordered from, my bench press went up 25 pounds and my arms looked bigger than ever. I continued lifting throughout the summer, but eventually hit a roadblock—the muscle I built was hidden under layers of fat. I was overweight at 207 pounds with 21 percent body fat.

I started a vigorous fat loss plan at the start of school in September 2012, and after many fasted 6 a.m. runs and meal replacements, I steadily lost fat.

I controlled my eating habits throughout the day and didn't eat as much. I only ate healthy, lean foods and did several hours of cardio per week to torch my fat stores. By November, I weighed 179.2, with 12 percent body fat. I had lost more than 25 pounds.

I lost five pounds of muscle after an extreme cutting phase and started a bulking phase that I'm currently on. The hardest part of my transformation was the cutting phase. I desperately wanted to lose fat quick, so I put my body through extreme cardio workouts and controlled my eating. My inspiration came from the mirror. When I saw results, I couldn't keep myself out of the weight room.

What Aspect Challenged Me the Most

Dieting to lose fat was the hardest because I was often hungry. The thought of looking better with my shirt off motivated me to push through it. Drinking lots of water helped to keep me full.

My Future Fitness Plans

I plan to continue lifting weights for the rest of my life. It became a great hobby that keeps me healthy and fit. Working out is often the highlight of my day.

Suggestions for Aspiring Transformers

Set a goal, research how to work out effectively, and learn to eat right. Don't quit when you don't see gains. Progress doesn't come overnight. Train hard. Some guys go to the gym and do arm curls with a few other exercises, but they barely break a sweat. You should leave the gym sore and sweaty.

Have a spotter push you with forced reps and sleep a lot so you don't injure yourself by overtraining. Last, be consistent. Make a workout plan that's easy to track.

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