Body Transformation: Nicolas Believes In Change!

Nicolas trained his mind to believe his body could change and the results were staggering. Check out this teen's 112-pound weight-loss crusade!

Why I decided to transform

I blocked out negative remarks and insults about my weight for a long time, but they always hurt. I only left my house to attend school and got fatter every day. My obesity got bad quickly and nobody knew how to help me.

At age 17, I decided to reverse the situation and change my body, which surprised me and everyone else. Being inactive and alone became too depressing and I had to change my life.

I dedicated myself to training and dieting throughout the day to prove to others that my weight problem was beatable.

People say that you must change for yourself, but I think you must change for others too. If people talk positively about you, you won't feel bad and can change easier. When the choice is made, it's only you against yourself.

How I accomplished my goals

I changed my diet first and started a gradual process into training, which was difficult, but I didn't lose hope. I ran a little at first, and progressively started to run more. My goal was to do better than yesterday.

Sometimes I didn't have the morale and needed support from my family, friends, and girlfriend. When I wanted to give up, I thought about my story and desire to change, which always ended with the same conclusion: never back down. My biggest inspiration is, and has been, to never go backward.

What aspect challenged me the most

I always tried to do what was the best for me and researched workouts and diets. It's difficult to understand how your body works. I advise that you keep a food and training log. You will constantly evolve and question yourself to make new changes. There's lots of information on the Internet,, and in books. The best challenge is to push your limits every day.

My future fitness plans

My goal is to change my body until I'm satisfied with the result. I won't compete, but I want to be a model for people who do. I often get messages from people who say that my story motivated them, and that makes me happy. I like to help people and advise others to do the same.

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

Nothing is impossible. You hold the cards and control your body. You will need help and advice, but people will support you. Everything else comes from you. Don't give up. You can always move forward and be proud. Every step forward is a victory.

How helped me reach my goals

I love Steve Cook's videos, his way of thinking, and his ideas. Without, I would never have discovered him. I looked at changes in adolescents who succeeded at their goals. I often order from the Store, which has product reviews and feedback from athletes; it helps.

Nicolas's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Maximal Crazy" by Tiësto
  2. "Flashback" by Uppermost
  3. "Push The Tempo" by Fatboy Slim
  4. "Fire" by Avicii
  5. "Rock 'N Roll Train" by AC/DC