Body Transformation: He Lost 27% Body Fat!

Gilbert was fed up with stress-triggered smoking. He wanted a new outlook on life and set the bar high. He smashed his goals and inspired coworkers and family members to follow!

Name: Gilbert Esper
BodySpace: spergilbert

Gilbert Esper Gilbert Esper
AGE 43
185 lbs
AGE 44
147 lbs

Why I Decided To Transform

I lived a healthy lifestyle as a teenager. However, the increase in stress, work pressure, bad eating habits, heavy smoking, and age played a negative role on my metabolism. I always wanted to go back to the healthy lifestyle and quit smoking, but it didn't work.

The glaring reason that triggered my motives was my increase in weight. The increase had a negative impact that caused severe back pain. The doctor told me to lose weight. However, he advised no heavy lifting and said to walk only. I also had increased pressure from work and responsibilities. To relieve the pressure I smoked heavily.

These culminated in my unconscious until one day I looked at the mirror and saw an overweight person suffering from a back pain who smokes heavily. That was the moment that triggered my motives.

I decided to go to the gym and discovered it's the healthiest way to relieve pressure, lose fat, build muscle, gain confidence, enhance mood, be more active, look younger, and build a better physique. The best part: I had no more back pain. Bodybuilding helped me to get rid of the back pain, quit smoking, and live a healthy life.

I started at around 35 percent body fat and aimed to lose fat and build muscle. The main goal was to achieve a six pack at the age of 43.

I performed cardio two times a day; HIIT early morning (5 a.m.), followed by weightlifting and cardio in the evening (circuit training, classes, and treadmill). Evening cardio combined with changed eating habits (6-7 meals a day) yielded encouraging results. In November 2011, I started to see my first signs of a six pack. However, the muscles were small as the diet focused on losing fat more than building muscle.

With hard work, consistency, dedication, and trial and error, it took me around seven and a half months (January 2012) to see my six pack.

In January 2012, I reached the lowest body fat percentage (three percent), which was a great achievement. My goal changed to build more muscle without much increase in body fat. My diet changed, and my knowledge increased. I increased my body weight and reached eight percent body fat.

The impact was beyond my expectations. My colleagues at work started to adopt my new lifestyle. Most of them joined the gym, aiming to have a healthier life. I had more confidence, productivity at work increased, and I inspired many people at the gym. Sometimes people stop me at the mall or supermarket to compliment my physique. My life is totally different than it used to be, thanks to bodybuilding.

How I Accomplished My Goals

My learning curve increased ever day. I tested things and adopted trial and error methods first. I did lots of research; it was not easy to filter the information. The nutrition and workouts came from The accurate information available for free on changed my methods and the results were very positive.

I never thought about quitting even when I reached a plateau. Thanks to, I had articles that showed how to overcome difficulties and adopt a proper diet.

The support of my family was the main source of inspiration. They helped me overcome any difficulties I faced.

What Aspect Challenged Me The Most

The diet was the most challenging aspect, especially battling sugar cravings at night. I overcame it by rewarding myself with a full day on Sunday of eating whatever I wanted, especially sweets and ice cream.

My Future Fitness Plans

Continue my journey. Even though I work in management, I aim to work as a personal trainer and compete at the national level. It's nice to work in something that I enjoy.

Suggestions For Aspiring Transformers

Don't let anything demotivate you. Anyone can achieve what they want if they believe in it. You need to convince yourself that nothing can stop you. Consistency and dedication will get you there.

Believe in yourself and educate yourself with the right knowledge and you can reach your goals.

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