Body Transformation: Getting Fit For Forty

Teri was a long-distance athlete, using cycling and marathons to shape her body. Injury forced her to shorten her training and bodybuilding filled her niche!

Name: Teri Kay Woody
BodySpace: tkw71

Teri Kay Woody Teri Kay Woody
AGE 39
129 lbs
AGE 40
115 lbs

Why I Got Started

I had run marathons and distance cycled in my 20's-30's. Due to stress fractures I decided my marathon days were over. I didn't know what to replace my cardio with so the weight started adding on.

Around my 39th birthday in 2010 we had planned a beach vacation for my 40th. I knew I wouldn't be comfortable on the beach in a bathing suit. I started researching weight gain and age. Everything led to weightlifting.

I joined the local gym and hired a trainer. I lost weight and started seeing changes that distance running had never done. I was hooked!

Not only did I reach my goal for my 40th birthday. I also found a new sport to compete in. I entered my first NPC bikini competition in May 2011 and placed 3rd in Masters.

How I Did It

Weight training was new to me, so I hired a trainer. My first assessment he told me my core strength was weak and we needed to strengthen and work on flexibility before lifting heavy.

It took a few months and I was ready to begin. I also worked with a nutritionist. The diet was the biggest change for me. I was used to carbs for fuel and my diet changed to higher protein.

I listened, learned and got results.

Suggestions For Others

Do not let age be your excuse. It's never to late to start. Everything is hard in the beginning because it's new and different but once you see results you'll find your motivation to continue.