Body Transformation: Armed To The Teeth

Andre gave up many things on his quest toward fitness, including some friendships he lost the time for. See how he packed on 40 pounds and a new identity.

Name: Andre Wallis

Andre Wallis Andre Wallis
AGE 16
145 lbs
AGE 18
182 lbs

Why I Got Started

I got started because I generally wanted more respect in life. At school I was probably the skinniest kid in my year and no one wants to be "him". I had watched many films with Arnold and seeing a guy with massive arms just beat the crap out of people was pretty damn awesome and had a big influence on me when I was younger.

Although, as I've gotten older I find his bodybuilding side more interesting and he remains one of the biggest inspirations in my life.

No longer the insecure skinny kid, Andre is armed with confidence.

How I Did It

After joining the gym in January of 2010, progress was pretty slow at first as I was only training arms. At first I had no idea that nutrition played such an important role and even though my diet was pretty much chocolate and other junk food I always remained pretty skinny just because I had fast metabolism.

The articles I was reading on were great and so informative that over time I began to trade my junk food for quality meats and low GI carbs. My diet has gradually improved over the 2 years I've trained as I slowly acquire more knowledge.

I think with every pound of muscle you gain, the next pound is always going to be harder so your diet and training has to constantly improve to get that insane body you want.


Morning & Before Bed:
Morning, Pre Workout, & Post Workout:
Pre Workout:
Pre Workout & Post Workout:
Before Bed:


My meal plan below is basically my current bulking plan. It's around 3000 calories a day and I've been using it the last 3 months and am making some steady gains.

Meal 1:

Meal 2: Pre Workout

Meal 3: Post Workout

Meal 5:

Meal 6: Before Bed

Throughout the day I snack on about 50g of Almonds and often have a fruit salad. Also, I drink 1 gallon of water daily.


My current training program is pretty basic. I've always stuck to a rep range of 6-12 and at odd time low reps on my final sets of that exercise. At the moment I'm using supersets for chest and FST-7 for arms as they're body parts I really want to bring up at the moment.

To anyone wondering why I start my week of with legs, it's because my arms still haven't recovered from Saturday so I like to give them a long rest. The current program I'm doing is ideal for me as it gives every body part the perfect amount of time to recover for me personally.

I like to hit my weaker areas first, for example with chest I start with incline and when training my arms I'll always do triceps before biceps.

Day 1: Legs
  • Barbell Squat Barbell Squat

    Barbell Squat

    2 warm up sets of 15 reps,
    3 sets of 8 reps, 1 heavy set of 6 reps
  • Leg Extensions Leg Extensions

    Leg Extensions

    4 sets of 12 reps (contracting 1 sec at top), 1 heavy set of 6 reps, 1 set of assisted reps to failure
  • Seated Leg Curl Seated Leg Curl

    Seated Leg Curl

    1 warm up set of 15 reps,
    4 sets of 8 reps, 2 heavy sets of 6 assisted reps or failure
  • Smith Machine Reverse Calf Raises Smith Machine Reverse Calf Raises

    Smith Machine Reverse Calf Raises

    1 warm up set of 15 reps,
    5 heavy sets of 6 reps
Day 2: Rear Delts/Chest


Resume normale sets; reps:

Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Back/Shoulders (No rear delts)
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: Biceps/Triceps
Day 7: Rest

Suggestions For Others

Before I hit the gym I will always listen to music especially metal, and look forward to training even if it's a muscle group that is my least favorite. I think it's very important to train any muscle as hard as you would train your favorite, give everything even attention as your body will grow the most if it's in proportion.

One major thing though is to balance it with your life. It can easily take over - needing to eat every so often and having to cook vegetables and meat constantly.

So, just step back and ask yourself if what you're doing is truly want you want. Will getting an incredible body make you truly happy? I can say I'm easily in the best shape of my life, but in all honesty I was happier when I had more people in my life.

I still trained but I didn't take it as seriously as I do today, so whatever you're doing make sure you're enjoying yourself along the way.

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