Be Footstrong: Your Guide To Strength Training And Minimalist Footwear

Unlace your beefy kicks and slip into something simpler, or slip out of shoes altogether for some of your training. Your reward could be greater strength, agility, and athletic performance.

If you've ever seen someone training barefoot or in the latest generation of so-called "minimalist" shoes and wondered if it could have any benefit for you, this feature is for you. We run down the science behind training either barefoot or in minimalist shoes, review the latest models from the major companies, and provide a warm-up that can help any athlete receive the benefits of barefoot training.

The All-Purpose Barefoot Warm-up

You don't have to throw away your shoes to see the benefits of barefoot training. Just try this warm-up before you hit the field or the gym for better balance and muscular control!

Reviews Of Minimalist Training Shoes

Even among the young category of minimalist shoes, the options can be overwhelming. We reviewed the newest crop of training-focused models so that you don't have to feel like Cinderella in the shoe store!

Minimalist Shoes And Strength Training

Toe shoes were just the beginning. Shoe manufacturers are creating a wide range of new minimalist models with strength training and athletics in mind. But do they have anything to offer you in the gym?