Ask The Fighter Diet Girl: Nordin's Abs, Traps, And Cheat Meal Secrets

Pauline Nordin, founder of the Fighter Diet, answers your burning questions about six-pack abs, building big traps, and cheat meals. Watch her new video column!

Immediate results are gratifying because you see change quickly, but transforming your body doesn't work that way. There is no free, easy pass to improve your appearance. In order to build muscle, get lean, and look great, you have to do the work. That's the Fighter Diet way! To earn a six-pack or ridiculous traps, you need to lift more, lift heavy, and lift smart. I can help.

Ask The Fighter Diet Girl Episode 4
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How Long Did It Take to Get Your Insane Six-Pack?

My abs are actually my worst muscle group. They like to hold water and bloat, but I've put a lot of work into them. It took about five years of heavy-duty, old-school training to develop the thickness in my abs.

It's the thickness of the abs combined with a lean body that makes my six-pack visible. I pose, too, so that helps. You don't see many pictures of me straight on. Most important, of course, is time, hard work, and dedication. You won't build a killer six-pack in six minutes.

How Do I Get Bigger Traps?

A lot of guys want bigger traps that make their neck look huge. Some women, though, are a different story. They don't want bulging traps that go up to their ears.

My favorite way to train my traps is to add a little shrug to the end of a deadlift. Many compound exercises work your traps, so unless you need to train that muscle to add definition and mass for a show, you don't need anything extra. Do variations of your favorite lifts with a shrug added in.

How Often Can I Eat a Cheat Meal?

To stay lean you can't cheat on your diet everyday—you'll just get fat. Obviously it is different for different people, but you can't cheat every day. If it were that easy, you wouldn't diet at all.

Set aside one or two days per week one which you have an extra calorie budget—say, 500 calories. This approach allows you to enjoy something extra without feeling guilty. On that note, I don't call these meals cheat meals. I use the phrase treat meals instead. Cheat implies that you should feel guilty. If you feel guilty after you've had a treat, it's not worth it.

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