Amanda Ennett Military Fitness 360: Supplements

A self-described supplement junkie, Amanda Ennett supps for success. Learn from the best!

The best thing you can do for your body is exercise it. To recover from that exercise, you need healthful nutrients from whole foods. To stretch the limits and take your body to the next level, you might want some dietary assistance in the form of quality supplements.

Military Winner Amanda Ennett Fitness 360

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"It would be great if we could get everything we needed from food," Amanda notes, "but most people don't eat the right kinds of foods to maximize their full potential, so I think supplementation is awesome, especially when it comes to protein.

It's so easy to drink a protein shake, as opposed to carrying around a cold chicken breast."

For supplementation, Amanda has an open cabinet. Protein is a daily morning teammate in her fit quest. She considers it a must.

Her "workout water" contains creatine and glutamine (no flavor). Post workout, she's drinking another protein shake with more glutamine.

She uses fish oil every day and takes twice the regular amount of calcium, because she's worried about bone loss.

"For females starting out, they definitely should have a multivitamin to make sure they are getting their iron and folate and all the b vitamins," Ennett says.

"They should also take a protein, because most girls don't have enough protein (or at least good, quality protein) in their diet.

"The fish oils or omegas are essential to helping with fat loss. Calcium!"

Before a show, Amanda cuts out creatine. She cycles on and off her supplements to keep things fresh.

Amanda's Supplement Philosophy

I use a host of products! I'm a supplement junkie, but in good taste. I feel the need to supplement because I'm not always sure I am quickly giving my body exactly what it needs from the food I eat. I feel supplements help me, along with my sweat and hard work. I am not sponsored by anyone, so I don't get endorsement points here, but I have tried many things and have fallen in love with some, and out of love with others as time has passed.

Amanda's Supplement Regimen
I especially love this protein because it tastes amazing. I mix the chocolate with coffee to make mochas, the vanilla into goodies that I bake, and the banana into pancakes and smoothies. I use at least one scoop of protein every day.
One of the best amino acids.
It makes me sleep like a baby, and I feel my body can repair itself better with it.
I take these before bed since there is no added caffeine and since amino acids are the building blocks of life.
Pre-workout mixed with plain water. It's fuel for my muscles and replenishes ATP.
It tastes fantastic and doesn't make me nauseated like other pre-workouts do, because it is formulated with just green tea and amino acids. Plus, Steve Cook recommended it to me personally.
I just recently started taking this because I had a sample pack and it made me want to clean the house, mow the lawn, and run 10 miles. So much energy, so little time.
I am an active woman with concerns about my bone health.
Any brand, because they provide a host of overall health benefits.
My multivitamin!

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