5 Transformed Thanksgiving Recipes For A Low-Calorie Meal!

Take a look at these recipes and shave off the fat - your waistline will thank you. Here are 5 low calorie recipes for a healthy Thanksgiving meal. Try them out!

5 Transformed Thanksgiving Recipes For A Low-Calorie Meal! banner

As you go about the planning process for your Thanksgiving meal, it's a wise move to take a look at some of the various recipes that area available and consider making some light adjustments to your meal that will shave off both fat and calories.

Usually the process of doing so is pretty painless and you won't notice that big of a taste difference, but will notice a big difference on your waistline. Here are some recipes that will help you lighten up your Thanksgiving meal this year.


Getting Lighter With Your Gravy

One of the biggest calorie culprits of your Thanksgiving plan is gravy. When you dish this up by the spoonful over your turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and whatever other foods you enjoy it on you can easily add an additional three hundred or more calories to the meal.

To lighten the calorie load, the key changes you'll want to make is using the stock from the roasting pan that has been skimmed of the fat as well as avoiding adding additional butter to the gravy, which significantly boosts the total calorie content.

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Choose Sweet Potatoes Over Mashed

The next way to lighten your Thanksgiving meal this year is to opt away from making traditional potatoes which do tend to be quite high in calories and fat when made traditionally and instead choose sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are going to be a lower calorie choice when made properly and will still offer up a healthy dose of beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin A.

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Turn To Green Beans For A Side

Most people always will include stuffing in their Thanksgiving meal as a side, but this year to really cut back on the calories you may want to consider an alternative side of green beans.

These are a very light side dish that contain hardly any calories and will allow you more calories to put towards other areas of the meal such as the turkey itself or a dessert you have your eye on.

There are many ways you can dress up green beans to make them taste better - the following is a suggestion to get you started and combines the sweet taste of red pepper with garlic.

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Swap Stuffing For 'Rice Stuffing'

Stuffing is one of the higher fat culprits sitting on your Thanksgiving dinner table because of all the oil that drips into it from inside the turkey. In addition to this you must remember that stuffing is essentially a very heavy hit of white bread, which as you likely already know can do a number on your fat loss diet plan.

To help keep this under control, consider swapping out your traditional stuffing and preparing a rice stuffing instead outside of the turkey. The following recipe is much lower in fat and offers a nice blend of flavors.

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Pumpkin-Nut Cream Cheese Icing Cake

Pumpkin pie is the traditional dessert served at Thanksgiving but unfortunately, unless you are willing to complete forgo the crust, it's a difficult one to make lighter. Fortunately this is a quick fix if you opt for a more nutritionally sound pumpkin-nut loaf.

This serves as an excellent wind down to a Thanksgiving meal served along with a cup of flavored coffee or tea.

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So this Thanksgiving, give some thought to detouring from the traditional. There are a number of recipes out there that will dramatically cut down on the total calories you take in and help make this holiday meal a healthy addition to your week rather than a diet disaster.