5 Delicious Paleo-Inspired Recipes

You don't have to be a CrossFitter or a caveman to enjoy the clean, nutritious benefits of these delicious paleo-inspired dishes!

Usually, I'm pretty skeptical of any fad diet, so you can trust me when I say I've done my fair share of head-shaking at some of the paleo-crazy nonsense that pops up on my Facebook feed. But, despite some of the peripheral silliness, I think there are some tenets of the paleo diet—such as eating only whole foods and cutting out processed junk—that are healthful and beneficial for anyone.

With the core axioms of paleo in mind, I set out to create a batch of clean, whole-food-based meals that would satisfy paleo devotees and dabblers alike. Whether you're a paleo believer or not, I think you'll really love these recipes. They're tasty, easy, nutritious, and fun to make!

1. Orange Pecan Chicken Salad

This fresh, delicious salad is so good you don't even need dressing! The bright taste of blackberries and oranges balances perfectly with the salty crunch of the sunflower seeds and the savory chicken. Eat up!

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2. Vanilla Butter Coffee

I know, I know, butter in a cup of joe might seem really strange. I was doubtful myself—until I tried it! The butter takes some of the bitter bite out of the coffee, and the vanilla adds a little warmth and sweetness. This coffee has a thicker, more robust mouthfeel, which may take a little getting used to.

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3. Crock Pot Paprika Pot Roast

I love crock pot recipes. They're just so convenient! This recipe is also super easy because it's made of ingredients you probably already have in your cabinets and fridge. If you're not a paprika fan, feel free to substitute other spices.

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4. Coconut Almond Cookies

I was really happy with the way these turned out! The texture is amazing and the flavor is even better. Have one or two with your evening cuppa and you'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

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5. Double Beef Chili

A good chili recipe should be a staple in everyone's kitchen. This one is particularly awesome because it's rich, flavorful, and has lots of muscle-building protein. Make a whole batch and you'll have healthy meals for an entire week!

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