10 Laws Of Muscle-Building: Law 10, Write Your Own Laws

When it comes to transformation programs, one size doesn't fit all. Learn how to rewrite these laws to better serve you and your goals as you become more advanced!

10 Laws Of Muscle-Building: Law 10, Write Your Own Laws
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Here it is, the 10th and final law of building muscle. We've got nine laws down, each of which is an important piece of the body-transformation puzzle. However, in order to be successful with your program, you have to customize your workouts and diet to fit your schedule.

Every day is a learning opportunity to fine-tune the mechanics of your program. Perfecting a process shouldn't be your goal; progress, practicality, and sustainability should be your focus.

Learn to rewrite these laws to serve you!

Law 10: Write Your Own Laws 10 Laws Of Muscle-Building
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Increase the Intensity

Doing the same routine month after month isn't just boring, it can actually cause your progress to stall. Proper manipulation of training variables is essential for maximizing muscular strength and hypertrophy. Try adding in intensity-boosters like negatives, dropsets, and supersets to increase overall training volume and boost your anabolic hormone response.

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Switch Up the Order

After a couple months of training, you may realize that certain muscles groups are weaker than others. Rotate the order of your exercises so you can focus on specific muscle groups that need a little more attention. Consider doing different types of exercises for the same muscle group, as well.

For instance, while trying different chest exercises, you may find that using dumbbells helps you challenge your chest better and more consistently. Moreover, targeting specific muscle groups three times a week instead of twice can help you increase your workload and take your workouts to the next level.

Be Your Own Scientist

Consider yourself your own research project. How you respond to the different laws is really going to be unique to you. Track everything you're doing, learn what works best for you, adjust your workouts and diet accordingly, and move forward.

When in doubt, don't be afraid to try, track, share, learn, and grow!

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