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Jake Wilson's Project Mass: Training Techniques Overview

These advanced training techniques will put your muscle-building power into overdrive! Here's how to do them, and how to implement them into your workouts.

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While you're going through the Project Mass trainer, you'll have the opportunity to implement some effective training techniques that you may not have seen or done before. These techniques have been built into the program to help ensure that you never stop growing.

We've tested each one of these methods in the lab, and have found that they turn on key muscle-growth mechanisms. Improving the anabolic environment for your muscles means greater gains in size and strength in the long run!

Here are the five advanced training techniques you'll encounter during Project Mass. Each video will explain how to perform each method so that, when you encounter these advanced techniques on the daily Project Mass training pages, you'll know exactly what to do. Many of the training pages include links back to these techniques as well, so you can refer to them at any time.


Blood-flow restriction training (BFR) is one of the latest and greatest muscle-building techniques. Learn how to do it properly right here!


Eccentric training is an advanced technique that will increase the difficulty of the lift and the amount of muscle fibers the lift recruits. It's easy to implement. Here's how it's done!


Intraset stretching is a unique training technique that takes advantage of two important muscle-growth mechanisms to help you build more size. Here's how to do it!


Strip sets, also known as dropsets, are an effective technique you can add to your hypertrophy workouts for extra muscle stimulus and growth! Here's how to do them properly.


Supersets are a very simple but incredibly effective training technique. You'll use them frequently in Project Mass, so check out this primer before putting the technique into practice!

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Main | Training | Nutrition | Supplements | Advanced Techniques | Get Started

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