Our apologies (well, not really) if you're one of the nearly seven million people who have already watched Meg Squats star in the video "Meet the Powerlifting Grandma" on the Bodybuilding.com YouTube Channel. But the way we see it, this strength spoof has become one of the most-watched videos in the history of our site—right up there with Arnold, Terry Crews, and Jay Cutler—for a very good reason: It matches up perfectly with Meg's special skillset of "strong as hell" and "funny as hell."

Not that it was all easy! As Meg shares in the video, she was subjected to hours of serious make-up work to become the 83-year-old granny who can pull 375 and squat several plates effortlessly. It's a kinder, gentler trolling than most of what goes on in YouTube land—and in many gyms, for that matter—but we're OK with it because it's all in the name of getting stronger.

Speaking of that, if you want to transform yourself for the better, there's a more straightforward way that doesn't involve any masks or wigs. All you have to do is work hard, eat up, and let Meg teach you the right way to lift! Her popular eight-week program Uplifted: Build Muscle and Strength with Meg Squats, is helping women (and men, too) around the world feel the unique joy of moving a heavier barbell than they could have ever imagined—and see it pay off in the mirror, too.

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You can laugh all you want, but when the day comes that you surprise yourself and everyone you know, toast your shaker to Grandma.

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