When Mike Rashid undertook his first professional boxing match at age 40, there was more on the line than just prize money. The bout was the culmination of decades of serious training, but also of a lifetime spent battling for progress, self-control, and simply for survival.

Set aside some time, because once you start this 40-minute film, you won't have any interest in stopping. And then get prepared for the follow-up in your own life. Kingmaker: 4 Weeks to Fighting Shape, Mike Rashid's exclusive program to build a warrior's physique and mindset, is available only on Bodybuilding.com BodyFit Elite.

Rashid's life, like his training, has been all over the map. He's been a powerlifter. A bodybuilder. A boxer. An entrepreneur of health…and of things that were not so healthy. While he was earning fans worldwide for his hardcore lifting videos and philosophical "mental jewels," he was also hiding from the darkness in his past, fully knowing that it would catch up to him someday.

Maybe you first encountered him on YouTube, training (or "overtraining") chest over a skittering hip-hop beat. Maybe you watched him undertaking the Iron Marathon and seemingly barely making it out alive. But no matter where you met Mike Rashid, you know he's a man who doesn't waste words, says exactly what he means, and who brings unbelievable physical and mental intensity to everything he does.

In the exclusive Bodybuilding.com documentary "Kingmaker: The Mike Rashid Story," this iron icon opens up like he never has before, talking about every part of his story, from his first boxing match at age 8, to when he found himself behind bars nearly three decades later. It's the story of a single fight, and of the fight that is Mike Rashid's life.

Mike Rashid Documentary

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