Easy-To-Follow Whey Protein Price Chart - Which Whey Leads The Way?

Bodybuilding.com has laid out whey prices in a very easy to read chart, accommodating the old and the dim. We're going to look at prices from a couple of angles... The math reveals the truth right here!

Article Summary:
  • Whey protein contributes to a large portion of the supplement industry's sales.
  • Scivation Whey leads the pack in grams of protein per serving and fats and carbs.
  • In my book, SciVation wins in cost, taste, and quality, making it the best protein.

The dairy market is making times tough for the supplement industry. Whey protein contributes to a large portion of the supplement industry's sales, but with dairy prices rising, consumers are not confident in buying whey as much as they were yesteryear 1.

Farmers have been forced to pay higher prices for livestock feed, which contributes to roughly half the price of milk. Farmers get squeezed, which translates to consumers getting squeezed. I hate getting squeezed.

In some twisted sense of fairness, I envision hardcore bodybuilders stealing away to a cheese factory, breaking in at night and scraping the whey out of dryers. Whey certainly is a lot like coke for bodybuilders.

The truth is there will be no price breaks in the visible future. The only thing saving your @ss is finding a cheap supplier. Bodybuilding.com has laid out whey prices in a very easy to read chart, accommodating the old and the dim, which I am very thankful for. We're going to look at prices from a couple of angles, the first being price per serving.

Whey Protein Contributes To A Large Portion Of The Supplement Industry's Sales.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Whey Protein Contributes To A Large Portion
Of The Supplement Industry's Sales.

Price Per Serving

I simplified it to a list of the top big boys, because we get the idea.

Brand Price Servings Price Per Serving
Cytosport Complete Whey $38.99 103 .38
SciVation Whey $64.99 160 .41
Dymatize Elite Whey $29.99 73 .41
Bioplex 100% Whey $76.99 174 .44
MRM Metabolic Whey $69.89 149 .47
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey $79.99 155 .52
Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey $79.99 151 .53

At this point, you can see that Cytosport is the cheapest per serving. But what's a serving? How big is it? That's up to the company. Cytosport Complete Whey actually has a low 16g of protein per serving, compared to SciVation and Optimum Nutrition's whey at 24g of protein.

Complete Whey CytoSport Presents:
Complete Whey

There is little question as to why protein has once again come to the forefront with anyone who is looking to enhance their muscularity. Protein supplementation isn't just a good idea anymore; it has become an absolutely integral part of our basic nutritional patterns.
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Protein Per Serving

To get a more fair measurement of how much protein you're getting for your buck, divide the price per serving by the amount of protein in each serving.

Brand $/Serving Protein Per Serving $/Gram
SciVation Whey .41 22 .018636
Dymatize Elite Whey .42 24 .0175
Bioplex 100% Whey .44 23 .019130
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey .49 24 .020416
MRM Metabolic Whey .47 22 .021363
Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey .53 23 .023043
Cytosport Complete Whey .38 16 .024375

SciVation Whey came in first, with the lowest price per gram of protein, with Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey and Dymatize Elite Whey trailing behind. However, with close prices as such, consumers look at quality and taste to make their final decision.

Whey SciVation Presents:

SciVation Whey contains high quality whey protein. Whey protein is unsurpassed in its ability to provide fast acting protein that is readily absorbed and utilized by your muscles.
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Having tried all of the above, MRM Metabolic Whey, Dymatize Elite Whey, and SciVation Whey lead in taste, all delicious in their own right. The others, not so much (in fact, I'd rather swallow raw eggs than drink one of the above which I'll refrain from naming).

Fat & Carbs

A factor in quality is the amount of fat and carbs in the whey, because most of them have about the same amino acid profile. The fat and carbs left over are due to cutting costs in production.

Brand Fat Carbs
SciVation Whey 1 1
Bioplex 100% Whey 2 3
Cytosport Complete Whey 1.5 2
Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey (Chocolate) 1.5 2
Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey 1.5 3
Dymatize Elite Whey 2 2
MRM Metabolic Whey 2.5 3

SciVation Whey blows the rest of the products out of the water in limiting the usually unwanted fat and carbohydrates. Bodybuilders like to get their fix from pure stuff too!

Whey Protein Products Sorted By Top Sellers Whey Protein Products:
Sorted By Top Sellers!

Out of the many protein sources out there, whey protein is the ultimate. During the process of turning milk into cheese, whey protein is separated out.

[ Whey Protein Products Sorted By Top Sellers ]

Optimum Nutrition fell sorely behind with their chocolate flavor and other flavors not much better. MRM was just as bad. In my book, SciVation wins in cost, taste, and quality. Taste is debatable (well, I don't see how it could be after you've had the chocolate), but cost and quality are not, making SciVation Whey the hands down winner.

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It looks like Dynamatize was cheapest per gram of protein.

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What about Natural Factors Unsweetened whey?

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