Jay Cutler's Ultimate Chest And Biceps Training For Explosive Growth!

Add thickness to your chest and to your arms by using Jay Cutler's one-day split for a wider chest and massive biceps!

Add Thickness To Your Chest & Inches To Your Arms

There are many effective ways to train for a thick, striated chest and sleeve-splitting arm development. But there's only one program that Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler uses to build his dominating chest and biceps. Outlined here for you is 2-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler's very own one-day split training program to build freaky muscle for a full, striated chest and skin-stretching arms as fast as possible!

Olympia 2013 Jay Cutler Posing Routine
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One-Day Split Program For A Wider Chest & Massive Bi's

This program will get you on the road to a massive chest and bigger, stronger arms that people will notice in the gym - or anywhere you go for that matter. If you want a wide, skin-stretching chest like Jay Cutler, you need to train like him. You'll split your workout so that you'll be training chest earlier in the day and then return in the evening to train your arms, just as Jay does.

4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler

With this program your chest and arms are going to grow like crazy. Each champion-caliber training session will exhaust your chest and arms completely, pumping them so full of blood that your muscles have no choice but to grow like a pro!

Your muscles will get annihilated from all possible angles and recruit all the muscle fibers you need to force more strength and inches onto your chest and arms in as little time as possible!

Follow Jay Cutler's Sandow-winning training program and you'll be guaranteed to blast your way to armor-plated pecs and freaky arms fast - just like Mr "O"!

Workout 1: Chest (AM Split)
Notes: This is the movement that makes Jay's chest seem to explode out of his skin. It hits the biggest portion of the chest - the upper region. It also hits the middle and inside to outside portions of the pecs. Few muscles are more impressive than a full, armor-plated chest that extends all the way up to the shoulders.
Technique: Lie back on the incline bench with dumbbells in each hand and palms facing forward. With your arms locked out and up overhead begin your movement by lowering the dumbbells in between the upper and middle of the chest. Control the weight on the way down, taking approximately two seconds to get to the bottom of the movement and then explode up in a controlled fashion. This will force your muscles to failure which leads to new growth!
Notes: No single exercise gives Jay Cutler's upper body more overall development than flat bench-pressing movements. The result is thick mass, bone-crushing strength and hard, dense muscles.
Technique: Lie on a flat bench with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Just like the incline dumbbell press, you'll be holding dumbbells in each hand and palms facing forward. With your arms locked out and up overhead begin your movement by lowering the dumbbells in between the upper and middle of the chest. Control the weight on the way down taking approximately two seconds to get to the bottom of the movement and then explode up in a controlled fashion.
Notes: The decline press gives Mr. Olympia's chest that sharp cut look toward the bottom and is what completes the chest separation from the abs - it rounds out the chest and helps to make it look fuller and gives the chest more thickness than the flat or incline movements can do.
Technique: With the bench at about a 30-degree angle, start with the dumbbells just outside of your upper chest and press them up toward the midline until they almost touch in the center. Then lower the dumbbells back down in a slow and controlled manner.

Workout 2: Biceps (PM Split)
Notes: Explosive as biceps may be, they also tire quickly. Jay uses just a few, high-intensity sets where he can really exhaust the muscles from different angles. This is enough to trigger the growth response you need for freaky guns.
Technique: With your hands shoulder-width apart, grip a barbell with an underhand grip. Stand straight up with your shoulders squared and with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Without swinging the weight, curl the bar up toward your chest in an arc. Keep your elbows in the same place and close to your sides. Bring the weight up as high as you can and squeeze the biceps at the top to pull as much blood into the area as possible for a great pump. Lower the weight slowly, resisting all the way down until your arms are nearly straight.
Notes: For overall mass, dumbbell curls are a must for Jay Cutler. It allows him to achieve a full range of motion while getting a maximal stretch at the bottom of the movement. Keep the form strict and you'll get a crazy sleeve-splitting pump.
Technique: Hold two dumbbells with arms extended down. Curl the dumbbells up and out with both hands and turn your wrists as the weights are raised. This will help you squeeze your biceps to fuller contraction and will force a bigger peak to your guns. Then, slowly return to start position, resisting all the way down.
Notes: Jay considers this exercise an isolating movement as it really focuses stress on the peak, which is found on the short head of the bicep and adds to fullness at the lower portion of this muscle. It is also one the best movements for enhancing overall size.
Technique: Using a regular preacher bench, hold the dumbbell with an underhand grip while locking your elbow firmly in place in an extended position on the bench. Slowly curl the dumbbell up, trying to touch the shoulder of the arm being worked. Make sure to squeeze your bicep at the peak of the contraction. This will force maximum blood into the area, exposing snake-like vascularity!


It takes hard work to build an attention-grabbing chest and massive arms like the pros, but if you follow this program exactly, you'll be able to blast your way to an armor-plated chest and a pair of freaky arms that are inches thicker - just like Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler!

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