Stay Motivated With These Inspirational Quotes!

The following is a collection of quotations that has inspired me over the years. I am sharing these quotes with you in hopes that you will be able to identify with one or two enough to help each and everyone of you to reach out and touch your dreams.

When I was 13-years old I had a dream that I was being handed the Mr. USA trophy. Upon awakening I had a clear vision in my mind of that dream. From that day on I lived each day with the goal of becoming Mr. USA. I never gave up and I always believed that I would one day accomplish my goal.

When I was 20-years old I took home the third place trophy at the USA Championships. Through persistence, discipline, and most of all faith, I was finally able to reach my goal some 10 years later by winning the Mr. USA title at 30-years old. I stayed motivated for 17 years by witnessing what incredible accomplishments other individuals in the world had achieved.

My Philosophy

I knew that if you believed enough in what you were doing that you would be successful. I use the same philosophy with my persistence in my work with the Burn Fat Build Muscle Pack and helping people lose weight and get in shape to live a healthier life. It's all about faith and believing in what you are doing. I truly believe in my work.

A great motivator once said that ...

"A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance."

The Collection

The following is a collection of quotations that has inspired me over the years. I am sharing these quotes with you in hopes that you will be able to identify with one or two enough to help each and everyone of you to reach out and touch your specific goals and dreams.

"One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but it is the man who has it for 30 years who makes a success of his life."
- Edward B. Butler

"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
- Walter Gagehot

"Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination."
- Anonymous

"Success rests not only on ability, but upon commitment, loyalty, and pride."
- Vince Lombardi

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."
- Anonymous

"Great minds must be ready not only to take opportunities, but to make them."
- Anonymous

"Todays preparation determines tomorrow's achievement."
- Anonymous

"The man who cannot believe in himself cannot believe in anything else."
- Anonymous

"Always act as though it were impossible to fail."
- Anonymous

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
- Anonymous

"People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy after."
- Anonymous

"Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."
- Anonymous

"If you don't invest very much, then defeat doesn't hurt much and winning is not very exciting."
- Anonymous

"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence."
- Anonymous

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek."
- Anonymous


These quotes have been instrumental in keeping my motivation levels peaked as I pursue all my goals and dreams. I have found them to be extremely inspiring. I hope that in some way they will also inspire you. Always believe in yourself and your dreams and you will be able to achieve incredible things in life.

If I can assist you in any of your weight loss and fitness endeavors, feel free to call me at (561) 968-6578.

About The Author

John DeFendis is a contributing writer for the forum newspaper. He is a former Mr. U.S.A. and has been featured on "ABC T.V.'s 20/20," "good morning america," and "the Joan Rivers Show." He has been a trainer for more than 20 years and is the director of exercise with the IFPA.


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It is always good to remember positive quotes and great success stories! It's what keeps some of us going and trying to be the best we can be. Hopefully one day we will be an inspiration to others as well.

Mar 14, 2012 9:27pm | report
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motivative quotes like these build up much passion and motivation,

Apr 30, 2012 5:23pm | report
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really likin this article! could always use some more motivational quotes.

"Always act as though it were impossible to fail."

Tryin to get in better shape, figured this would be the best place to do it! could use some more muscle, so if anyone readin this can help out, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Dec 20, 2012 10:05pm | report
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yeaaaaaaaaaaaa no pain no gain

Article Rated:
Dec 30, 2012 9:27am | report
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These quotes get me up and ready to train in the morning !!!!!

Mar 17, 2013 2:54pm | report
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