Before you begin a fitness regimen, you need to know the basics of building muscle. Robert Wildman's 10 laws are exactly what you need to build quality size!

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At the beginning of your muscle-building journey, you may think getting bigger sounds easy: "All I need to do is push and pull some weights to look like my favorite athletes on!" In reality, however, many people struggle to build muscle and carve a leaner, fitter body. This isn't because they're not trying, but more likely because they don't have a solid plan or understanding of the process.

Although there's nothing easy about building muscle and losing fat, it doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, I can help you do it! As a sports nutritionist I have worked with collegiate, elite, and professional athletes, as well as bodybuilders, figure, bikini and physique competitors.

More importantly, I've also worked with people like you who were just getting started or struggling to make meaningful progress. I often diagnose those struggling to meet their fitness goals with what I call "MMS," or Muscle Mismatch Syndrome. MMS is common to those whose endgame aspirations are out of balance with clear, practical know-how. Symptoms of MMS include general confusion, frustration, and early goal abandonment.

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Although MMS is common, all my experience has pushed me toward a simple prescription: good information! Yep, the best way to combat MMS is a little education. To make that education readily available, I've put together a list of muscle-building laws. These 10 laws are clear and usable, so you can easily implement them into your fitness plans.

Get started today!

Law 1: Build Your Blueprint

Before you can begin your fitness journey, you need a plan. Law 1 describes the best ways to build that plan!

Law 2: Train to Gain

Before you hit the weights, make sure you know these basic training principles for muscle growth!

Law 3: Train to Lose

If you're in the gym for fat loss, this is the cardio you need to be doing!

Law 4: Think 24/7

Fitness doesn't just happen when you're working out. Losing fat and building muscle is a 24-hour process.

Law 5: Protein Up and Often

If you want to build muscle and lose fat, you need to prioritize your protein. Learn how much to eat and the best time to eat it!

Law 6: Optimize With a Pre-Workout

How do you ensure a great workout? Choose the right pre-workout supplements!

Law 7: Load Up With Amino Ammo

When it comes to building muscle, the right amino acids can make all the difference. Learn which aminos can help boost strength and size!

Law 8: Fat Is Back

Find out which fats will lead you to greater gains!

Law 9: Hydrate!

Don't forget about this essential component of your fitness. Optimize your workouts by staying hydrated!

Law 10: Write Your Own Laws

When it comes to transformation programs, one size doesn't fit all. Learn how to rewrite the laws to better serve you and your goals.

Main | Law 1 | Law 2 | Law 3 | Law 4 | Law 5 | Law 6 | Law 7 | Law 8 | Law 9 | Law 10

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