The History Of The Mr. Olympia Contest

I've put together a list of past Mr. Olympia results, Olympia history, and much more. Check it out!

In 1963, Joe Weider had a vision that he felt would take the sport of bodybuilding to a new level. Joe came up with the ultimate contest with the ultimate prize, the Mr. Olympia.

How To Qualify For The Olympia

    • Previous Mr. Olympia winners (if more than 5 years they must have IFBB approval).

    • Top 6 finalists from the previous year's Mr. Olympia.

    • Top 6 finalists from the same year's Arnold Classic.

    • Top 5 finalists from the same year's New York Men's Professional (previously called Night of the Champions).

    • Top 3 finalist from any other competition in the IFBB professional tour held during the subsequent year prior to the Mr. Olympia.

    • The winner of the Masters Professional World Championships.

    • The event organizer can nominate one competitor who has not qualified by other means, as a "special invitee."

The History Behind The Sandow Trophy

Eugene Sandow, The first famous bodybuilder, transformed his music-hall performance into a career as a professional strongman. Back in the day, Sandow had what is now termed "good genetics" for the sport of bodybuilding. Sandow invented equipment, such as spring-grip dumbbells. It was with Sandow that bodybuilding was actually born.

He began demonstrating his strength to audiences as well as posing as a Greek statue to attract attention to himself. In 1898, Sandow was considered the most famous man alive when he started publishing the magazine Physical Culture which later became Sandow's Magazine of Physical Culture.

Sandow showed off his physique on postcards only wearing a fig leaf to cover up. By the time of his death in 1925, Sandow had made bodybuilding a profitable enterprise.

Number of Sandows being held by previous winners of the O (as of 2006):

Wins Names Years
8 Lee Haney 1984-1990
8 Ronnie Coleman 1998-2005
7 Arnold Schwarzenegger 1970-1975, 1980
6 Dorian Yates 1992-1997
3 Sergio Oliva 1967-1969
3 Frank Zane 1977-1979
2 Larry Scott 1965-1966
2 Franco Columbu 1976, 1981
1 Chris Dickerson 1982
1 Samir Bannout 1983

Larry Scott ///

It all began on September 18, 1965, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This was the night of the first ever Mr. Olympia contest. Larry Scott was the man the crowd was waiting to see. Larry had already won the Mr. America, the Mr. World, and the Mr. Universe titles.

Joe Weider realized he needed Larry Scott to continue in the sport of bodybuilding in order for the sport to grow. Joe created the Mr. Olympia contest to try to keep all the Mr. Universe champions in the sport and to give them the opportunity to earn money from competing, similar to other professional athletes in other sports.

Larry Scott won the first Mr. Olympia contest in 1965 and repeated his title again in 1966. After the contest Larry announced his retirement from the sport.

Sergio Oliva & Arnold Schwarzenegger ///

In 1967, Sergio Oliva came into the contest big and ripped and ended up winning the third Mr. Olympia contest. He trained hard after his first Olympia title, and looked so much better than the year before that he won the 1968 Mr. Olympia easily.

The 1969 Mr. Olympia began the greatest rivalry in the history of bodybuilding. A young Austrian named Arnold Schwarzenegger came into the bodybuilding scene and challenged Oliva for the title. The two battled back and forth with Sergio coming out on top. Oliva had collected his third Mr. Olympia title in a row.

Both Arnold and Sergio hit the gym hard for the following year and in 1970, Arnold edged out Sergio to become the third bodybuilder to hold the Mr. Olympia title.

Arnold won The Olympia again in 1971. This was the first year the show was held outside of New York. The contest was held in Paris, which happened to be the same day the NABBA Universe was being held. Arnold competed in the Mr. Olympia while others decided to avoid Arnold and compete in the NABBA competition.

Arnold won The Olympia again in 1971.

In 1972, Arnold and Sergio went at it again when the Olympia moved to Essen, Germany. To this day people still argue over who should have won the contest. It ended on a 4-3 vote with the decision going to Arnold.

In 1973, the contest returned to New York, and the Big Apple saw Arnold take the title for the fourth consecutive year. This seemed to be an easy win for Arnold, but a huge challenger by the name of Lou Ferrigno was up and coming on the pro scene.

Lou was the largest bodybuilder that Arnold had ever seen, standing a giant 6-foot-5 and weighing in at 270 pounds. The show was held in New York at the Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden. Arnold once again in 1974 won the title for a fifth time, but there were rumors that Arnold was thinking about retirement. This was the first year that there was a two-tier weight class which lasted until 1979.

In 1975 the Mr. Olympia moved to South Africa (as seen in the movie Pumping Iron). Arnold won the Olympia for the sixth time and immediately announced his retirement.

Franco Columbu, Frank Zane & Arnold Again ///

In 1976, the contest moved to Columbus, Ohio where Franco Columbu finally won the Mr. Olympia title after competing in the contest for more than five years. After his victory, Columbu announced his retirement from bodybuilding.

1977 turned out to be a great year for Frank Zane. He came to Columbus ripped and ready to win his first Mr. Olympia title, which he did.

Again in 1978 Frank Zane took the title. Frank proved to the people that the Mr. Olympia winner did not necessarily have to be the biggest competitor on stage.

In 1979, Zane won the Olympia to make it three in a row. This win made people wonder if Arnold's record could be broken. The following year would burst that bubble.

In 1980, the Olympia was held in Australia. There were 16 bodybuilders competing in that year's Olympia, which would be the largest to date. Many people in the sport had seen Arnold training in the gym for weeks before the 1980 Olympia, but most believed it was for an upcoming movie that he would be appearing in.

The competitors were confused when Arnold boarded the plane for Australia. They all thought he was going to do the TV commentary for the event. All the way up to and even at the contestants' meeting, they thought he was as an IFBB promoter and official. The tone of the competitors changed when Arnold's name was announced to compete and he chose a competitor number.

Arnold won the Mr. Olympia title for a seventh time in 1980, but no one understood the true reason why he came back to compete in 1980.

In 1981, Franco Columbu staged a comeback similar to Arnold and won the title for his second time. This was an extremely close Olympia with five different judges choosing five different competitors for the number one spot.

Franco Columbu.

Chris Dickerson & Samir Bannout ///

In London in 1982, Chris Dickerson won the title after finishing second the two previous years. While onstage after his win, Dickerson announced his retirement from bodybuilding.

In 1983, the Olympia returned to Germany. This year Samir Bannout won the title.

Lee Haney ///

In 1984, the Olympia returned once again to New York City, where it had the highest attendance for the finals (5,000 people), the highest attendance for prejudging (4,000 people) and the largest amount of total prize money ($100,000) for any of the Olympia's up to that date. Lee Haney, the largest Mr. Olympia winner yet, won weighing in at 247 pounds. Not only was Haney big and massive, but he was also ripped to shreds.

In 1985, the contest made its way to Belgium where Haney came out on top again to take his second straight Olympia.

Lee took his third straight crown in 1986 in Columbus and began setting his sights on Arnold's record.

In 1987, the Olympia arrived in Sweden, where Haney dominated anything and everything that stepped on stage. Haney had now racked up four consecutive titles.

The 1988 Olympia was held at The Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Before prejudging, all of the bodybuilders wore the same boxing robes when they were officially being weighed. Haney again won, this time taking the highest paying title at $150,000 and making it five consecutive titles.

1989 was Italy's turn at hosting the Olympia. Haney won his sixth consecutive Olympia title and tied Arnold's record. This title didn't come easily though: Haney had to fight off an impressive Lee Labrada and Vince Taylor.

In 1990, everyone packed into Chicago's Arie Crown Theater where the prize money hit $200,000. After two rounds of the Olympia, Haney was behind by two points, but in the posing round and posedown he pushed ahead to best Lee Labrada and Shawn Ray. This victory gave Haney seven consecutive Mr. Olympia titles and tied Arnold's record.

The 1991 Mr. Olympia was held in Orlando, Florida. For the first time Haney was up against someone the same size as him. Dorian Yates came into the contest at 5-foot-11 and weighing in at 245 pounds. Only four points separated Yates and Haney after two rounds, but Haney pulled ahead in rounds three and four to take his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia championship. After his record-setting eighth victory, Haney decided to hang it up and retire.

Dorian Yates ///

In 1992, the Mr. Olympia contest moved overseas to Helsinki, Finland. Yates and Kevin Levrone battled the whole contest with Yates taking the crown in the end.

Yates came into the 1993 Atlanta Olympia weighing 257 pounds. No one could touch him as he blew the competition away with a physique that no one could even come close to. However, his luck would change in 1994.

Dorian Yates

In March of 1994, Yates severely injured his left rotator cuff, and then later on that month he tore his left quad. Things didn't get much better after that either. Yates then tore his left biceps less than nine weeks out from the contest. However, Yates was determined to compete and showed up in Atlanta to take his third trophy.

Then in 1995, Yates showed up in Atlanta in his best condition to take yet another trophy. At the end of the contest, all nine of the men who won the past Olympia's came onstage to pay tribute to Joe Weider.

In 1996, the Olympia moved to Chicago. Yates breezed through the contest (no pun intended with Chicago being the windy city) taking his fifth title. Shawn Ray and Kevin Levrone also looked good in the Olympia and people were starting to talk about their chances of taking out Yates in the upcoming years. Nasser El Sonbaty was disqualified during the event after failing a diuretics drug test (he would have placed third).

In 1997, the Mr. Olympia was held in Long Beach. Yates was pushing for his sixth consecutive Olympia title. The contest was a great show of incredible physiques with Nasser El Sonbaty coming in with his best condition to date. He pushed Yates hard but in the end Yates again took home the trophy and the $110,000 paycheck.

An interesting fact which most people did not know is that Dorian had suffered a torn triceps a few months before the contest, but said nothing about it to anyone and still competed. After the show and thinking about the upcoming year, Yates had surgery on his torn triceps and decided he was not going to compete in the '98 Olympia and that he was going to retire.

Ronnie Coleman ///

New York held the 1998 Olympia and with Yates out of the picture, the title was up for grabs. This year a new face showed up at the show, that face being Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie came out of nowhere with a huge back and freaky physique to beat Flex Wheeler for his first title.

The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas held the 1999 Mr. Olympia contest. The venue was completely sold out. Again this year Coleman and Wheeler battled in yet another close contest. Ronnie came in to the contest bigger than the previous year, again with great conditioning.

Ronnie took home the title for the second consecutive year. Once Flex heard the result, he turned his back on the judges and showed them his middle finger. Markus Ruhl was disqualified from the contest after testing positive for diuretics.

2000 came rolling along and Coleman once again came into the contest bigger than the year before, with freaky conditioning that no one could touch. Yet again Flex and Kevin Levrone had to stand there and watch Ronnie take home his third consecutive trophy.

2001 was a scary Olympia for King Ronnie. Out of nowhere came Jay Cutler who won the first two rounds of the Mr. Olympia. This was by far the most exciting Olympia to date. Ronnie for the first time wondered if his physique would hold up to fend off Jay. During the evening show, Coleman won both rounds, and beat Jay Cutler by six points to take home the title. The final result had some fans asking how Jay lost and swearing that Jay deserved to win.

2002 came and Ronnie Coleman won yet again, but not without some more controversy. Kevin Levrone and Gunter Schlierkamp came into the contest looking massive and in great condition, yet fell short.

In 2003, Ronnie (39 years old) won the title with ease. Neither Jay nor Gunter could touch him. His stage presence was untouchable and no one even came close to the conditioning that Ronnie came in with. Chris Cormier pulled out of the contest at the last minute due to sickness.

In 2004, there were some changes made to the original format of the Olympia. AMI took over the Olympia and a new "Challenge" round was introduced rather than having the normal fourth posedown round. Ronnie Coleman dominated again and took home the trophy with Jay taking second place. Jay swore things would change for 2005 and that he would be holding the trophy at the 2005 Olympia.

Orleans Hotel held the 2005 Olympia where once again Coleman won. At 41 years old, this gave Ronnie seven consecutive Mr. Olympia titles. Once again, second place went to a disappointed Jay Cutler.

Past Mr. Olympia Results

(not all pictures reflect that year or the actual Mr. Olympia contest)

1965 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Larry Scott
  2. Harold Poole
  3. Earl Maynard

1966 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Larry Scott
  2. Harold Poole
  3. Chuck Sipes
  4. Sergio Oliva

1967 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Sergio Oliva
  2. Chuck Sipes
  3. Harold Poole
  4. Dave Draper

1968 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Sergio Oliva

1969 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Sergio Oliva
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

1970 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Sergio Oliva
  3. Reg Lewis

1971 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Franco Columbu

1972 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Sergio Oliva
  3. Serge Nubret
  4. Frank Zane
  5. Franco Columbu

1973 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Franco Columbu
  3. Serge Nubret

1974 Mr. Olympia Results

Overall - Arnold Schwarzenegger
+200 pounds
  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Lou Ferrigno
  3. Serge Nubret
-200 pounds
  1. Franco Columbu
  2. Frank Zane

1975 Mr. Olympia Results

Overall - Arnold Schwarzenegger
+200 pounds
  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Serge Nubret
  3. Lou Ferrigno
-200 pounds
  1. Franco Columbu
  2. Ed Corney
  3. Albert Beckles
  4. Frank Zane

1976 Mr. Olympia Results

Overall - Franco Columbu
+200 pounds
  1. Ken Waller
  2. Mike Katz
-200 pounds
  1. Franco Columbu
  2. Frank Zane
  3. Ed Corney
  4. Bill Grant
  5. Boyer Coe

1977 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Frank Zane
  2. Robby Robinson
  3. Ed Corney
  4. Boyer Coe
  5. Ken Waller
  6. Dennis Tinerino
  7. Albert Beckles
  8. Bill Grant

1978 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Frank Zane
  2. Robby Robinson
  3. Roy Callender
  4. Boyer Coe
  5. Kalman Szkalak
  6. Danny Padilla
  7. Ed Corney
  8. Tony Emmott
  9. Dennis Tinerino

1979 Mr. Olympia Results

Overall - Frank Zane
+200 pounds
  1. Mike Mentzer
  2. Dennis Tinerino
  3. Roger Walker
  4. Roy Callender
  5. Bob Birdsong
-200 pounds
  1. Frank Zane
  2. Boyer Coe
  3. Robby Robinson
  4. Chris Dickerson
  5. Danny Padilla
  6. Carlos Rodriguez
  7. Albert Beckles
  8. Tom Platz
  9. Ed Corney
  10. Steve Davis

1980 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Chris Dickerson
  3. Frank Zane
  4. Boyer Coe
  5. Mike Mentzer
  6. Roger Walker
  7. Roy Callender
  8. Dennis Tinerino
  9. Tom Platz
  10. Danny Padilla
  11. Ed Corney
  12. Tony Emmott
  13. Roy Duval
  14. Casey Viator
  15. Samir Bannout
  16. Ken Waller

1981 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Franco Columbu
  2. Chris Dickerson
  3. Tom Platz
  4. Roy Callender
  5. Danny Padilla
  6. Jusup Wilkosz
  7. Dennis Tinerino
  8. Jonny Fuller
  9. Samir Bannout
  10. Roger Walker
  11. Hubert Metz
  12. Carlos Rodqigues
  13. Ed Corney
  14. Steve Davis
  15. Mike Katz
  16. Ken Waller
  17. Jorma Raty

1982 Mr. Olympia Results

    1. Chris Dickerson
    2. Frank Zane
    3. Casey Viator
    4. Samir Bannout
    5. Albert Beckles
    6. Tom Platz
    7. Mohamed Makkawy
    8. Bertil Fox
    9. Jonny Fuller
    10. Jusup Wilkosz
    11. Boyer Coe
    12. Danny Padilla
    13. Jacques Nueville
    14. Dennis Tinerino
    15. Lance Dreher
    16. Roger Walker

1983 Mr. Olympia Results

    1. Samir Bannout
    2. Mohamed El Makkaway
    3. Lee Haney
    4. Frank Zane
    5. Bertil Fox
    6. Jusup Wilkosz
    7. Albert Beckles
    8. Jonny Fuller
    9. Hubert Metz
    10. Jacques Neuville
    11. James Gaubert
    12. Dale Ruplinger
    13. Gerard Buinoud
    14. Ed Corney
    15. Lance Dreher

1984 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Mohamed Makkawy
  3. Jusup Wilkosz
  4. Albert Beckles
  5. Roy Callender
  6. Samir Bannout
  7. Bob Paris
  8. Sergio Oliva
  9. Tom Platz
  10. Bob Birdsong
  11. Chris Dickerson
  12. Tony Pearson
  13. Boyer Coe
  14. Chuck Williams
  15. Bill Grant
  16. Charles Glass
  17. Robby Robinson
  18. Hubert Metz
  19. James Gaubert
  20. Appie Steenbeek

1985 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Al Beckles
  3. Rich Gaspari
  4. Mohamed Makkawy
  5. Mike Christian
  6. Berry DeMey
  7. Tom Platz
  8. Sergio Oliva
  9. Bob Paris
  10. Richard Frank
  11. Bob Birdsong
  12. Tony Pearson
  13. Wilfried Sylvester
  14. John Brown
  15. Jacques Neuville
  16. Danny Padilla
  17. Ali Malla
  18. Jonny Fuller
  19. Gerard Buinoud
  20. Salvador Ruiz
  21. Appie Steenbeek
  22. Renato Bertagna
  23. Sean Jenkins
  24. Ben Herder

1986 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Rich Gaspari
  3. Mike Christian
  4. Albert Beckles
  5. Berry DeMey
  6. Peter Hensel
  7. Bertil Fox
  8. Ron Love
  9. John Terelli
  10. Josef Frolmus
  11. Tom Platz
  12. Jusup Wilkosz
  13. Eduardo Kawak
  14. Frank Richard
  15. Gary Leonard

1987 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Rich Gaspari
  3. Lee Labrada
  4. Mike Christian
  5. Robby Robinson
  6. Berry DeMey
  7. Albert Beckles
  8. Eduardo Kawak
  9. Ron Love
  10. Michael Ashley
  11. John Hnatyschak
  12. Bertil Fox
  13. Peter Hensel
  14. Paul Jean-Guillaume
  15. Josef Grolmus
  16. Ulf Larsson
  17. Herman Hoffend
  18. Steve Brosbois

1988 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Rich Gaspari
  3. Berry DeMey
  4. Lee Labrada
  5. Gary Strydom
  6. Mike Quinn
  7. Brian Buchanan
  8. Samir Bannout
  9. Ron Love
  10. Bob Paris
  11. Mohamed Benaziza
  12. Phil Hill
  13. Shawn Ray
  14. Mike Ashley
  15. Al Beckles
  16. Ed Kawak
  17. Robby Robinson
  18. Peter Hensel
  19. Luiz Freitas
  20. Ralf Moeller

1989 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Lee Labrada
  3. Vince Taylor
  4. Rich Gaspari
  5. Mohemmed Benaziza
  6. Mike Christian
  7. Mike Quinn
  8. Brian Buchanan
  9. Samir Bannout
  10. Ron Love
  11. Bertil Fox
  12. Francis Benfatto
  13. Andreas Munzer
  14. Bob Paris
  15. Albert Beckles
  16. Armando Defant
  17. Prem Chand Degra
  18. Pavel Jablonicki
  19. Juan Marquez
  20. Tom Terwilliger
  21. Dean Tornabene

1990 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Lee Labrada
  3. Shawn Ray
  4. Mike Christian
  5. Rich Gaspari
  6. Francis Benfatto
  7. Frank Hillebrand
  8. Samir Bannout
  9. Andreas Munzer
  10. Eddie Robinson
  11. Mike Quinn
  12. Ron Love
  13. Jean Luc Favre
  14. Bernard Sealy

1991 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Lee Haney
  2. Dorian Yates
  3. Vince Taylor
  4. Lee Labrada
  5. Shawn Ray
  6. Sonny Schmidt
  7. Francis Benfatto
  8. Thierry Pastel
  9. Achim Albrecht
  10. Rich Gaspari
  11. Ron Love
  12. Bob Paris
  13. Robby Robinson
  14. Renel Janvier
  15. Nimrod King
  16. Samir Bannout
  17. Albert Beckles
  18. Geir Borgen Paulsen
  19. Joseph Dawson
  20. Frank Hillebrand
  21. Pavel Jablonicki
  22. J.J. Marsh
  23. Mike Matarazzo
  24. Andreas Munzer
  25. Milos Sarcev
  26. Tom Terwilliger

1992 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Dorian Yates
  2. Kevin Levrone
  3. Lee Labrada
  4. Shawn Ray
  5. Mohammed Benaziza
  6. Vince Taylor
  7. Sonny Schmidt
  8. Porter Cottrell
  9. Ron Love
  10. Thierry Pastel
  11. Steve Brisbois
  12. Lou Ferrigno
  13. Alq' Gurley
  14. Henderson Thorne
  15. Francis Benfatto
  16. Samir Bannout
  17. Ronnie Coleman
  18. Miroslav Diskiewicz
  19. Jose Guzman
  20. Johani Herranen
  21. Patrick Nicholls
  22. Milos Sarcev

1993 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Dorian Yates
  2. Flex Wheeler
  3. Shawn Ray
  4. Lee Labrada
  5. Kevin Levrone
  6. Paul Dillett
  7. Charles Clairmonte
  8. Sonny Schmidt
  9. Andreas Munzer
  10. Lou Ferrigno
  11. Milos Sarcev
  12. J.J. Marsh
  13. Flavio Baccianini
  14. Ron Love
  15. Ray McNeil
  16. Mauro Sarni
  17. Hamdullah Aykutlu
  18. Arthur Buurman
  19. Pavel Grolmus
  20. Mike Matarazzo
  21. Johann Schatz
  22. John Sherman

1994 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Dorian Yates
  2. Shawn Ray
  3. Kevin Levrone
  4. Paul Dillett
  5. Porter Cottrell
  6. Chris Cormier
  7. Nassar El Sonbaty
  8. Charles Clairmonte
  9. Andreas Munzer
  10. Sonny Schmidt
  11. Alq Gurley
  12. Aaron Baker
  13. Milos Sarcev
  14. Thierry Pastel
  15. Ronnie Coleman
  16. John Sherman
  17. Achim Albrecht
  18. Roland Cziurlock
  19. Samir Bannout
  20. David Dearth
  21. Mike Quinn
  22. Gunter Schlierkamp
  23. Henderon Thorne

1995 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Dorian Yates
  2. Kevin Levrone
  3. Nassar El Sonbaty
  4. Shawn Ray
  5. Vince Taylor
  6. Chris Cormier
  7. Mike Francois
  8. Flex Wheeler
  9. Aaron Baker
  10. Charles Clairmonte
  11. Ronnie Coleman
  12. Paul DeMayo
  13. Sonny Schmidt
  14. Ian Harrison
  15. Darrem Charles
  16. Paul Jablonicky

1996 Mr. Olympia Results

    1. Dorian Yates
    2. Shawn Ray
    3. Kevin Levrone
    4. Flex Wheeler
    5. Paul Dillett
    6. Ronnie Coleman
    7. Chris Cormier
    8. Jean Pierre Fux
    9. Charles Clairmonte
    10. Mike Francois
    11. Aaron Baker
    12. Roland Cziurlok
    13. Mike Matarazzo

    Nasser El Sonbaty

1997 Mr. Olympia Results

    1. Dorian Yates
    2. Nasser El Sonbaty
    3. Shawn Ray
    4. Kevin Levrone
    5. Paul Dillett
    6. Lee Priest
    7. Jean-Pierre Fux
    8. Chris Cormier
    9. Ronnie Coleman
    10. Milos Sarcev
    11. Mike Francois
    12. Charles Clairmonte
    13. Mike Matarazzo

    Flex Wheeler

1998 Mr. Olympia Results

    1. Ronnie Coleman
    2. Flex Wheeler
    3. Nasser El Sonbaty
    4. Kevin Levrone
    5. Shawn Ray
    6. Chris Cormier
    7. Lee Priest
    8. Ernie Taylor
    9. Mike Matarazo
    10. Jean Pierre Fux
    11. Milos Sarcev
    12. Johnny Moya
    13. Darrem Charles
    14. Aaron Baker
    15. Gunter Schlierkamp
    16. Ahmed Haidar
    17. Claude Groulx

    Paul Dillett

1999 Mr. Olympia Results

      1. Ronnie Coleman
      2. Flex Wheeler
      3. Chris Cormier
      4. Kevin Levrone
      5. Shawn Ray
      6. Nasser El Sonbaty
      7. Paul Dillett
      8. Lee Priest
      9. Dexter Jackson
      10. Milos Sarcev
      11. Mike Matarazo
      12. Ernie Taylor
      13. Pavol Jablonicky
      14. Jay Cutler
      15. Jean Pierre Fux

        Markus Ruhl

      Porter Cottrell

2000 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Ronnie Coleman
  2. Kevin Levrone
  3. Flex Wheeler
  4. Shawn Ray
  5. Nasser El Sonbaty
  6. Lee Priest
  7. Markus Ruhl
  8. Jay Cutler
  9. Dexter Jackson
  10. Orville Burke
  11. Dennis James
  12. Gunter Schlierkamp
  13. Oleg Zhur

2001 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Ronnie Coleman
  2. Jay Cutler
  3. Kevin Levrone
  4. Shawn Ray
  5. Chris Cormier
  6. Orville Burke
  7. Dennis James
  8. Dexter Jackson
  9. Nasser El Sonbaty
  10. Shari 'King' Kamali
  11. Melvin Anthony
  12. Craig Titus
  13. Vince Taylor
  14. Markus Ruhl
  15. Gunter Schlierkamp
  16. Tom Prince
  17. J.D. Dawodu
  18. Darrem Charles
  19. Pavol Jablonicky
  20. Claude Groulx
  21. Mike Matarazzo

2002 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Ronnie Coleman
  2. Kevin Levrone
  3. Chris Cormier
  4. Dexter Jackson
  5. Gunter Schlierkamp
  6. Lee Priest
  7. Flex Wheeler
  8. Markus Ruhl
  9. Orville Burke
  10. Dennis James
  11. Craig Titus
  12. Art Atwood
  13. Ahmad Haider
  14. Ernie Taylor
  15. Nasser El Sonbaty
  16. Darrem Charles
  17. King Kamali
  18. Bob Cicherillo
  19. George Farah
  20. Francisco 'Paco' Bautista
  21. Claude Groulx
  22. Tommi Thorvildsen
  23. Jaroslav Horvath
  24. Gustavo Badell
  25. Don Youngblood

2003 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Ronnie Coleman
  2. Jay Cutler
  3. Dexter Jackson
  4. Dennis James
  5. Gunter Schlierkamp
  6. Kevin Levrone
  7. Darrem Charles
  8. Troy Alves
  9. Melvin Anthony
  10. Ernie Taylor
  11. Johnnie Jackson
  12. Rodney St. Cloud
  13. Art Atwood
  14. Claude Groulx
  15. Lee Priest
  16. Jonathan Davie

2004 Mr. Olympia Results

  1. Ronnie Coleman
  2. Jay Cutler
  3. Gustavo Badell
  4. Dexter Jackson
  5. Markus Ruhl
  6. Gunter Schlierkamp
  7. Chris Cormier
  8. Dennis James
  9. Victor Martinez
  10. Darrem Charles
  11. Pavol Jablonicky
  12. Kris Dim
  13. Ahmad Haidar
  14. Johnnie Jackson
  15. Troy Alves
  16. Craig Richardson
  17. Mustafa Mohammad
  18. Richard Jones
  19. Claude Groulx

2005 Mr. Olympia Results

    1. Ronnie Coleman
    2. Jay Cutler
    3. Gustavo Badell
    4. Gunter Schlierkamp
    5. Victor Martinez
    6. Dennis James
    7. Melvin Anthony
    8. Branch Warren
    9. Darrem Charles
    10. Mustafa Mohammad
    11. Johnnie Jackson
    12. George Farah
    13. Chris Cormier
    14. David Henry
    15. Markus Ruhl
    16. Kris Dim
    17. Craig Richardson
    18. Ronnie Rockel
    19. Quincy Taylor
    20. Alexander Federov
    21. Mike Sheridan

Challenge Round Winner:
      Gustavo Badell

Best Wheels Winner:
    Jay Cutler

All information on this year's Mr. Olympia can be found at their website: