What Is The Best Way To Meet The Opposite Sex?

Why is it that some guys seem to have no problem meeting girls? What do they do that is different than the guys who can't get a date no matter how hard they try? Let's see if this weeks winners can shed some light on the subject.

TOPIC: What Is The Best Way To Meet The Opposite Sex?

Okay, so this week's question isn't directly related to bodybuilding, but many people that are trying to improve their body are doing it to impress the opposite sex.

The Question: Why is it that some guys seem to have no problem meeting girls? What do they do that is different than the guys who can't get a date no matter how hard they try?

Is there a best way to dress? A best way to act? A best "line" to meet them? How can you make it so that the girls come and talk to you instead of having to go and talk to them? Do nice guys finish last? Is it really all about money and looks?

What types of things cause girls to avoid guys? What are the biggest things that guys do that make it so they have no hope of getting a girlfriend? What would you say to a guy who says that it is hopeless for him, no matter what he does?

Bonus Question: What is the best place to take a first date? What can you do on the first date to make the best impression?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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1st Place - Ironman88

What Is The Best Way To Meet The Opposite Sex?

    You may ask yourself... what is the best way to meet/attract the opposite sex? This is a question with a very complicated answer. There are many things one must do to attract and be ready to meet and interact with the opposite sex. This article will go over step by step what is needed and ultimately answer the question: "What is the best way to meet/attract the opposite sex?"

    Why is it that some guys seem to have no problem meeting girls? What do they do that is different than the guys who can't get a date no matter how hard they try?

    This could be answered with one word: confidence. A man with confidence and a good personality can get almost any woman he wants. Rule number one when meeting and talking to a woman is to always have confidence in yourself. Most women realize what kind of effect they have on men and will try to exploit this to there advantage.

Confidence Helped Louis Dorman Transform His Body.

    Most women will realize they have the ability to make men nervous, sometimes to the point where they will stutter or slur there words or worse. When they find a man that is not effected by there charms and influence they are impressed.

    So in the case of most women personality and confidence are more important then appearance. Not that appearance doesn't help, not true, having a great body is just another tool to be used in attracting and meeting the opposite sex.

    When meeting a member of the opposite sex always make sure to keep a conversation going. Be sure to use many compliments when talking with a member of the opposite sex, women love this. The worst thing that could possibly happen when meeting a member of the opposite sex is to let an awkward silence befall upon the two of you.

    Make sure the conversation never runs dry and if you sense that it is about to, and then say you have to go or, I'll talk to you later, something along those lines to keep your chances with the woman intact. If this happens you can kiss all hope of ever dating or going further with this woman.

    Now there is a point where trying to hard to impress a woman can backfire. Never replace confidence with cockiness, as most woman hate cockiness. Always be relaxed, laid back, and confident and women will flock to you.

    Overall Summary/Review

    • Always be confident, but not cocky.
    • Be relaxed and keep your cool when talking with members of the opposite sex.
    • Personality and confidence outweigh appearance.
    • Always use compliments when talking with a member of the opposite sex.
    • Never let a conversation run dry.

Is There A Best Way To Dress? A Best Way To Act?
     A Best "Line" To Meet Them?

    Yes. Never dress in dirty or old clothes. Now I'm not saying to drop your entire wardrobe and go invest in some Armani or Louy Vuitton, but make sure that your clothes are clean and somewhat new. Here are some of the most helpful comments I can offer.

    From what I have interpreted is most women hate when guys try and show off by wearing tight cloths to show off there body. Several things can go wrong when a guy decides to do this.

    One of them is the women being completely turned off by you appearing to be self-centered, which in most cases is completely untrue; remember they don't know you personally so they will make assumptions.

    From this perspective wear clothes that fit! I can not stress this enough. Make sure they are not to tight or loose / baggy.

    The best way to act can simply be described as being cool, calm relaxed, and confident. Never try to show off just stay confident and give the member of the opposite sex many compliments, and you'll be well on your way to dating success.

    In my experience and in the experience of many others I know those cheesy pick-up lines everyone talks about never work, and are viewed by many women to be immature.

    A simple hello, hi, or what's up, will do fine when approaching a member of the opposite sex.

    Overall Summary/Review

    • Dress in new clean clothes.
    • Always wear clothes that fit. Not to loose not to tight.
    • Be cool, calm, relaxed, and confident.
    • Don't use cheesy pick-up lines. A simple hello, hi, or what's up will do.

    Another major part of being attractive to the opposite sex is physical appearance.

    Having a great body is a great tool for attracting the opposite sex. Although one should always remember that a great body will only take you so far. Personality and confidence will win over a woman 9 times out of 10 so remember a great body isn't everything, but it is very useful.

    On the flipside though most women do not want to date a man that is severely overweight. So men should at least go to the gym several times a week if they want to be attractive to females.

    We must remember that we are all unique and therefore we all have some characteristics we can not alter or change so we must live with our beauties and defects/unattractive parts.

    There are some things that men can change to make themselves look more attractive to females. I will list them below as well as how to make them look more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

Areas To Take Care Of:

  1. Face
    Always make sure that your face is clean and acne free. Acne can be prevented through good diet and frequent cleansing to some degree, but sometimes that is not enough. There are many acne prevention/treatment products on the market. Experiment with them until you find the one that works best for you.

    Having a low bodyfat will bring out your jaw line and give your face an better overall look, which many women find attractive. So strive to keep your bodyfat low if you want to be attractive to the opposite sex.

    If you choose to have facial hair make sure that it is kept clean. If you chose not to have facial hair then make sure you have a clean shave on always. The 5 o'clock shadow look is becoming over-used and is losing its attraction to women.

  2. Hairstyle
    There are many trendy new hairstyles out there today. A hairstyle should be completely up to you as it expresses your personality. Just remember that it should be cut often for you to look your best. Make sure you take care of your hair buy using a good shampoo/conditioner combination.

  3. Oral Hygiene
    Always make sure that you brush your teeth with a good toothpaste, such as Colgate total plus whitening (a personal favorite of mine), at least twice per day.

    You should also be using floss and mouth wash daily to keep you mouth and teeth looking as healthy as possible. Remember to show off those white teeth, members of the opposite sex love that.

    What Is Your Favorite Type Of Cologne?
    Acqua Di Gio.
    Lucky Brand.
    Old Spice.

  4. Body Hygiene
    Make sure that you shower a minimum of once per day. Use a good soap and body moisturizer.

    Make sure that you keep your feet / hands moisturized, these can become major turn offs to member of the opposite sex if they are not kept clean and healthy.

    Clip your finger/toenails often. Make sure that you smell good.

    Invest in a good deodorant/anti-perspirent. Also buy good smelling cologne; this is very important in attracting the opposite sex.

  5. Sense Of Humour / Personality
    This all goes back to remembering to keep your confidence and expressing yourself when talking with members of the opposite sex. Always have a good sense of humor many women find that attractive. Always have a happy personality. If you're always down on yourself then most women will be turned off.

  6. How Can You Make It So That The Girls Come & Talk To You Instead Of Having To Go & Talk To Them?
    Having a great body is the easiest way to have members of the opposite sex approach/meet you. They will be naturally attracted to a great physique. Other ways that you could have members of the opposite sex approach you would be to go to a friendly atmosphere filled with many members of the opposite sex.

    These places would include: movie theaters, clubs, bars, etc.

    Always be sure to dress nice and express yourself and girls will flock to you.

  7. Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
    In my opinion this is not always true, but unfortunately it does happen often. Usually the shy/quiet/nice guy will finish last only because he is simply to shy to approach members of the opposite sex and interact with them. I used to be a shy/nice/quiet guy not to long ago.

    I did not speak with to many members of the opposite sex unless I knew them well. I learned from that mistake that I should be more outgoing and was successful at doing so.

    So to all the nice guys out there: be more outgoing and express yourself and your life will be full of members of the opposite sex.

  8. Is It Really All About Money & Looks?
    No it's not. Personality and confidence outweigh money and looks most of the time. Sure money and looks help, but they are not needed to be successful with the opposite sex.

  9. What Types Of Things Cause Girls To Avoid Guys?
    There are many things that can turn a woman off from a guy. A major one is BAD BREATH this has to be one of the biggest turn offs so make sure to keep your teeth and mouth healthy with frequent brushing/flossing/mouthwash. Cockiness can also be a major turn off.

    Knowing the difference between confidence and cockiness can go a long way with members of the opposite sex. Always show interest in members of the opposite sex otherwise they will lose interest in you.

    Bad overall hygiene can also be a turn off to members of the opposite sex. So make sure to shower/bathe frequently.

  10. What Are The Biggest Things That Guys Do That Make It So They Have No Hope Of Getting A Girlfriend?
    These were basically outlined above. Cockiness and poor hygiene are huge turnoffs to most women. Above all else is reputation. If a woman finds out you have a bad reputation for cheating/lying your chances with her are almost completely done. So never develop a bad reputation. Stay good-hearted and honest.

  11. What Would You Say To A Guy Who Says That It Is Hopeless For Him, No Matter What He Does?
    I would tell him that there is always hope for everyone. I would explain to him that he needs to express himself to women in a different way. That he needs to go out and meet new members of the opposite sex. That he needs to talk with them and that eventually he will find the right woman.

Bonus Question: The First Date?

What is the best place to take a first date? What can you do on the first date to make the best impression?

    In my opinion a force that has tremendous power and influence on women is music. Soft calming music can allow a woman to become much more open and understanding of you. So for a first date i would recommend a place filled with moving music such as a fancy restaurant or a good movie.

    If she doesn't seem like the type that would go for that then a date to a sporting game or casual movie or restaurant would be more appropriate.

    There are many things one can do on the first date to make a good impression. One is to give many compliments on how your date looks. Members of the opposite sex always enjoy compliments.

    Another is to surprise your date with flowers. Women always enjoy flowers. Never be late. Always be on time if you want to impress your date. And lastly to impress your date you should be open and understanding of her opinions throughout the evening, this is most important.

    Hopefully by reading my article you have come to the answer to the question: "What is the best way to meet/attract the opposite sex?". I thoroughly enjoyed writing my opinions and sharing my experiences with you. Hope this helps anyone who needs it.

2nd Place (tie) - TRICK D

How To Get Women

    When I was in Junior High is when my hormones started kicking in, I was getting all the ladies numbers, flirting with all the ladies, and doing everything I can to get with the ladies. Then I realized something.

    They just weren't in to me. I spent all of my junior high days being very popular, but with no women. When I was in ninth grade I found out that women didn't like guys that were smaller than them. So I started lifting. Bulked 20 pounds that year, had a nice 6 pack, and this is what I have learned since then.

How Did I Learn To Get Women:

    When I started High School, I was 15 years old. The summer before high school, I went to a carnival located in a city just outside of mine with the late, Jeremy (age 19), my role model and now deceased best friend. He had all the looks, he was 6'6 220, and had the perfect smile (at least the women said that), well he told me that we were going to go pick up some girls, well I had no experience and no luck, but he assured me that he would pull us through.

    All the sudden I see him go up to 6 girls he didn't know. It was just him and I and I thought it was suicide, and before I knew it, he had all 6 of them giggling and giving him their numbers. I couldn't believe it.

    After studying what he did, I decided to put it to the test. The week before high school started I went to a festival located in Charleston, West Virginia. This is about 20 miles from my house. I went there with some friends, and we decided to go "mack" on girls and act like Jeremy did to see if we could get some numbers. So by the end of the night I ended up getting 9 girls numbers.

    This was the first time I had ever gotten a number from a girl that I didn't already know from school or something. I started to get some self-esteem.

    This is the formula that I learned from the late great Jeremy (RIP) after observing his actions.

The 4 C's:

  1. Be A Little Cocky: When I say this, please don't take it to the extreme. You must give yourself an image that shows the opposite sex that you are better than the others they could get with, but don't just tell them that you are better. Act a little more cockier than you are normally are.

  2. Be Very Confident: There is a difference between cockiness and confidence. It is great to be confident around the opposite sex so that they know they have a person that is sure of himself.

  3. Be Charming: It is always great to be charming. If you ask a girl, they are always looking for prince charming to sweep them off their feet. I believe you should be charming as soon as you meet the person you want to get with. I normally put cocky and charming together when giving them a compliment to really mess with them. I like using: "Do you know why I look so good right now?" (She should have resentment on her face) "Because I am beside you." You will be shocked how well that works; they will say it is the sweetest thing they have ever heard.

  4. And A Comedian! Now don't take this to the extreme . Women love to laugh. But don't be overly funny, and don't be rude. Watch out for religious, racial, and other sensitive jokes. You don't know much about her yet, and if you want to find out a lot more

When you put the 3 C's together, you will make women feel comfortable with you and also it give them a reason to stop looking at other guys. Because women love confident guys that have a little swagger and are very charming.

    Side Notes:

    • Always smile, and be happy, even if you are not happy, pretend to be. Women want a man that is happy around them, so please act like your happy, and smile often.

    • Be a gentleman. Never be anything but one.

    • Don't be bashful, as for her number, and initiate conversation.

Dress For Success:

    Depending on the type of person you want to attract, the key is the way you dress. I do stress that if you are looking for a punk rocker, or a businesswoman, you need to dress accordingly.

    Rule #1. Dress For Success.
    Wear dress casual in places that will attract the type of people you are looking for. If you are going to school, wear a nice pair of American eagle jeans and a button up shirt. This is casual but also has a bit of dress to it since it is a button up shirt. Clothing like this gives confidence to your body.

    Rule #2. Make Sure They Match!
    Obey the rules; don't mix clothes that don't match, if you have a question, ask your friend, roommate, or mom. You will be surprised how much help you can get from your very own mother. They give excellent advice. (Unless they are stuck in the 70's.)

    Rule #3. Wear Clothes That Fit.
    This also means to wear clothes that show up things that are nice about you. If you have big arms, wear a shirt that clings to them, but not one that rips around it. Wear clothes that go just past your waist and jeans that fit snuggly on your waist, a belt is always liked in today's fashion.

    Rule #4. The old sneakers have to go.
    Although they may be comfortable, save them for a basketball game. Get yourself a nice pair of casual shoes or dress boots. I personally like low tops and boots/dress shoes made by Lugz and American eagle.

    Rule #5. Accessories are important.
    Go out and get a nice watch. I would suggest something fashionable like a Fossil or Citizen. Also belts are very popular. I am a big fan of belt buckles. A nice belt buckle will draw you a lot of attention. I get ladies all the time commenting me on some of my belt buckles. It is an easy way of getting attention!

Pick Up Lines Do Not Work!

    One mistake many make is relying on pickup lines. I remember back in junior high we would use them and get smacked silly by the girls. It isn't even worth trying a pickup line. Even if you are joking around with them, it could easily offend them.

    The best pick up line you could ever use is introducing yourself. Ask them how they are and simply tell them your name. Start with small talk and if they seem they are interested keep up the conversation. That is the only pickup line that works.

Things That Don't Attract Women:

    Girls avoid guys that instantly give them the sense of difference. Magnets attract instantly. I mean differences can workout over the long haul, but if you are trying to meet a girl now, go for a girl that have similar interests with you. Women hate guys with bad hygiene (take a shower and brush your teeth!), unruly hair (get a hair cut!), and insensitive guys. If you take the above measures, you shouldn't have any trouble getting to at least talk to women.

Guys With No Hope Don't Fear!

    Colonel Sanders went to over 1000 companies in order to get a company to invest in his chicken recipe. On number 1060 or so, he finally got a taker. Now KFC is one of the most famous restaurants in the entire world. The key is not to give up. Constantly try to meet people with similar interests and try to better yourself.

    You can do this by improving your knowledge or improving your body. Reading and weight lifting are two things I do to improve my image. The more I know, the more I can talk to someone about. The better I look, the more of a chance someone would approach me.

Lower Your Standards:

    I have always had high standards, but many people expect Aphrodite to come walking by screaming their name. This isn't going to happen. When you have little to no luck getting girls, go for girls with similar interests. I promise you that looks are not the only thing that matters. Get a girl that you can have fun with. Once you get some dates, your confidence will increase and you will start getting better and better girls!

So I Got A Girl, Where To Take Her?

    Well first, you need to mentally prepare for a date. You need to settle your nerves and be confident that you will have a good time. Most people say that the movies is the best place to take a woman for the first date, I argue that if you don't know a person that well, a girl may feel uncomfortable on the first date alone in the dark.

    I suggest going putt-putting, bowling, or to a club/bar. This way you can ask her if she wants to bring her friends (hopefully she will say no), and she can feel more comfortable. Also I feel that you need to have fun on the first date. Make her laugh, so that she will want to go on another one. Bring a rose. Going to the movies doesn't give the two of you enough time to get to know each other.

Is It All About Money & Looks?

    No, you will be surprised how much common interests can take you. Some girls/guys have a good head on their shoulder, and they are looking for someone that will show them a good time. If you are that person, I promise that it won't matter how much money you have or how good looking you are. If a woman is obsessed with money/looks then she isn't the one for you, because as soon as someone with more money comes, they will be gone.

A Quick Story:

    I went to a party; not looking for love at all, to be honest I was quite intoxicated, but still had a good head on my shoulders. I started off the night, with a bet with my good friend on seeing who could get the most phone numbers.

    While I was getting all these numbers (I ended up losing the bet) I met this beautiful girl named Amanda. I had a long conversation with her. I applied my creed with the 4 C's and made her laugh. I also found that we had similar opinions and morals. By the end of the night, she looked at me and said, "You know what Dustin, You are different."

    From the night, we have been together ever since. She is a beautiful beacon but the best thing about her is her personality and our shared interests. If I can find love when I wasn't even trying to find it, I am sure that everyone will find someone to be happy with the rest of their lives.

Good Luck Guys.

2nd Place (tie) - Kill yourself

What Is The Best Way To Meet The Opposite Sex?

Now why is it that some guys can get girls in a snap of a finger while others try extremely hard and yet get rejected so many times they probably wouldn't dare count? Well, pay attention.


The Basic Concept
     (Aka things that guys do that cause them to be hopeless)

This is what most of you would NATURALLY do when meeting girls. I am not saying it is your fault for acting this way, but sad to tell you, it is the wrong way to act.

  1. Be a "gentlemen" and compliment her as many times as you can.

      The Assumption:
      She would think you are a really sweet guy and would love to be your Girlfriend.

  2. Never say "NO" to her if ever possible. Do her favors and help her with stuff. Including spending money on them for drinks, dinner, movies etc.

      The Assumption:
      Guys think that they are by doing stuff for girls, they are "buying" their way into an attraction.

  3. Putting her ahead of everyone else and anything else. For e.g. canceling your plans to go to a concert and spend the night talking to her on the phone because she is bored.

      The Assumption:
      Guys think that the more time they spend with that girl, the higher their chances of getting them.

  4. Ignoring any other girls that show interest in you on the grounds that you are already interested in a particular girl.

      The Assumption:
      The girl will be touched by the amount of loyalty that this guy has and would love to be his girlfriend.

This list can go on and on, but instead of focusing of what shouldn't be done, lets move on to the things that you SHOULD do to create that attraction.


Girls are a very special type of species. They will analyze things right down to the final detail and make a pre- judgment of it. So the initial attraction is through your looks.

Body Shape

In order to attract the opposite sex, you would have to have a decent body. It doesn't have to look like Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler. Just have a well-built body that would show that you do workout.

As I mentioned earlier, girls tend to analyze everything. So besides the point that you look "hot" in a well built body, they will come to the conclusion that you are not a lazy person that sits around all day eating chips and watching TV the whole day.

    How To: Read some of the articles in Bodybuilding.com and start planning a workout routine and stick with it, sooner or later you will see some changes in your body and the way people look at you.

Hairstyle/ Hair

Choose a hairstyle that suits you facial looks and appearance. If possible, get it dyed into a nice color but do not over do it. And remember that you should cut your hair every 2.5 weeks on the dot to maintain the look that was working for you.

    How To: Go to one of those saloons that have some of those gay hairstylists with creative hairs. Do not be afraid to ask for their opinion on your hairstyle, as 95% of the time the style that they have chosen for you would look modern and cool on you. But do remember the final person that will be looking at that hair for the next couple of weeks will be you. So before the hairstylist cuts your hair be sure you fully understand what he is about to do and make sure it appeals to you also.

    * Remember to keep all the hairs on your body trim and not let it grow out of control. Facial hair(including eyebrows), for those with a goatee, should be trimmed daily and a good clean shave for the rest of you. Girls do notice if you didn't shave this morning.


Having clean and oily free skin can be a very attractive point, be it a male or a female. Every time you see a super hot chick, she usually has pearl smooth and pimple free skin. So a clean look would only do you good.

    How To: It is not necessary the you go to a beauty saloon and get a facial. But to prevent pimples from forming, drinking a lot of water daily will help suppress it. Remember to wash your face about -3 times daily to prevent any oil from forming. But do not over wash your face in an attempt to dry out the oil. It will not work, in fact it could worsen your skin condition due to the excessive washing. And if you do have pimples, please DO NOT TOUCH OR SQUEEZE IT. It does help at all, and it will have a high chance of leaving a scar behind. Just use one of Clearesil's products on facial care and it will clear off after a while. If you face extreme skin conditions, seeing a skin doctor would be a good investment in the long run.

    * Not forgetting that a clean diet involving greens will only do you good.


Girls would be able to tell if your pant matches your shirt etc. So buy something that matches and if you are very skinny do not wear a football jersey that you magnify the fact that you are skinny. Wear clothes that fit you well,

    How To: Since girls are very good in analyzing small details, get them to help you. Get a few of your female friends to take you shopping with them. Girls are more then willing to lend a helping hand on dressing you up in something they find attractive.


Adding a few accessories to yourself will only help you. But do not use too much of that "bling bling" As it will just make you look like a hippie freak. What you would want is to look modern with a dash of style imprinted on you.

    How To: Again, you could borrow the help of your female friends on this one too. They would definitely be good at this too. But basically a simple metallic watch, a ring or two and a simple sliver chain would be able to do the trick. DO NOT OVERDO!


It is very important that you smell good, because no one wants to hang out with a hot guy that has a stench that can be smelt from miles away. Have a few different ones, girls will notice the different smells and will know that you are someone that is not boring.

    How To:

    • Acqua Di Gio for men by Giorgio Armani
    • Dreamer for men by Versace
    • Platinum Egoiste For men by chanel

    This are the top few that drive women crazy. Do not apply them on your clothes as they will fade in a few hours time. Apply them on areas of the body that produce the most body heat.

    E.g. Wrists, neck, arm pits, and behind the ears (rub on your hands and apply behind the ears, DO NOT SPRAY THE DAMN THING BEHIND YOUR EARS!) You want to smell good, not portray an image of a person that baths in cologne.


Now that we have got the look all settled the only thing that would blow it for you is your personality.


    In order to get any chick you want, you got to first drill this into your head. Drill it in so deep you think you were born with it.

    • Every girl truly desires you (VERY Important, Drill this and the rest will fall into place.)
    • They need you, but you do not need any particular one of them because a queue is forming waiting for you. SO DO NOT TREAT HER LIKE A GOD!
    • When interacting with them, DO NOT imagine them naked or anything your sexual fantasies desires. Just remain in the situation and respond to her.


Confidence is just something that sweeps women off their feet. When you talk to them with full confidence, they ALWAYS get intimidated! That is because they are desperately trying to figure out why do you actually have so much confidence and the only conclusion is that, talking to girls is something you do on a regular basis and have become accustomed to doing it.

With that mindset in them, they will feel inferior to you because they feel that you are treating them as any other girl. This works especially well with hot chicks, due to the fact that they are used to having guys kiss their ass and treating them like queens. But since you are not like the "typical" bunch of chumps, then they will be highly attracted to you.

    How To Portray Confidence:

    • Maintaining eye contact at all times during conversations. DO NOT ever break eye contact with them. You may think it would be wield, but in fact hot chicks are used to maintaining eye contact until guys break first. So when you come along and force them to break first, You have just turn the whole situation on its head.
    • Relax! If you are having a standing conversation do not move your hands too much, just keep them at your side and avoid shifting your weight from feet to feet. Just basically relax. Talk to her as if she was one of your guy friends. Treating her like any other friend of yours is the most essential key to creating an image of confidence. If you truly treat here normal she will instantly be hooked onto to you because you are a challenge to her. And not just some other dude that will be more than willing to suck up to her in order to get into her pants.

    Also bearing in mind that if you have only confidence and a whole load of it only, you'll come off as an arrogant jerk. So over confidence can also work to your disadvantage. Try to keep a balance.


Saying something funny is very important in keeping things interesting and humorous. Imagine someone that is full of confidence, but it is a dull person that has no sense of humor what so ever. How would that come off to a girl. BORING!

    Ways To Be Funny In An Attractive Way:

    • Making fun of her silly hairdo. Caution: When creating humor about her looks or the things she does, your tone is the only thing that is stopping her from thinking that you are insulting her. No hot chick likes to be insulted on a regular basis by anyone. Also if you are to make fun of them, do not do it to ugly to average chicks. One person that it would work like a charm on are models. They are so hot that when you say something that sounds insulting, it makes you intriguing because you are different and you do not treat her like a god, which she is used to be treated as.
    • Make fun of the chump that was just talking to her in a very unconfident way. If you could imitate him on how he looked from your point of view.

Be A Man

Being a man does not just mean to have the ability to bang her. It is much more than that.

Traits Of A Man:

  • One that is firm on his decision and he is not influenced even if she asks for a different decision. E.g. You want your outing with her to be on Wednesday, but she says she would like to stay home to watch her favorite TV Show. Do not suggest going out on Thursday because of this. Tell her if she can't make it you will find other plans.

  • One that knows that he can get any girl he wants and does not get jealous when he sees the girl that he is interested in dancing with some other guy. E.g. if you see her dancing with this other dude, do not start sitting in a corner and sulk and be pissed at her later. Instead find some other chick to dance with and when it is all over and you get a chance to talk to her, ask her if she had fun and if she is a hot chick, make some comments about her 1980's dance moves. Just play cool like her little dirty dance with that guy did not affect. If you show her you are pissed, she will know your extreme interest in her and you will no longer be a challenge to her anymore.

  • Does not spend hours on the phone talking to her about practically nothing. A real man stays on the phone for a very short time because he is busy with stuff and does not have time to chit chat like a little girl on the phone. So when talking to her a good 5 - 10 mins max should be enough. This will create a mystery about you as to why you always have things to do. Even if you are free , it does not give you the "right" to chit chat". However every once in a blue moon a long chat will sent a girl jumping for joy.

  • Does not confess your feelings to her or to anyone and does not confess your interest in her until she does, so basically he is someone that does not show his feelings in front of her.

  • Does not call her daily to check on her and what did she do. For every 3 times that she calls you, call her once. This shows appreciation for her calls and that you took time out to call her. Again, the rule still applies. Duration 10 mins MAX!

  • You do not ask permission for anytime you would like to do. E.g. Can I hold your hand? Or Can I have your phone number? If you want to do sometime, just do it. Do not ask. But be sure the time is right though.

  • If you just got this hot chicks number don't call her for at least 3 days, and if she doesn't answer 2 time's the maximum times that you should attempt to call.

  • Someone that doesn't do favors for girls. Girls are very wield creatures that naturally like to give guys little test from time to time to observe how would they react. If you are always doing favors for her, she will know she got you within her grasp and you know what she'll do next? She will find you no longer a challenge and move on.

  • Do not agree on every time she says, have a opinion on things. A good friendly debate sometimes is good. If she doesn't agree and you can't stop the argument, do not say "Ok, ok, ok - you win. I give up". Instead say "everyone has a different opinion about things, you obviously have your own. So lets leave it as that."

The Art Of Conversation

Conversations are something that we do on a daily basis, Whether verbally or not, humans just have to communicate. So to achieve excellence with women, this is also an essential part that you would have to learn.


  1. Maintain eye contact every time you can. As I mentioned earlier, breaking of eye contact tells her that you lack confident and know that you feel inferior.

  2. Respond to her. When I mean respond to her, I mean talking to her as a person and do not treat talking to her as an interview.

    Example Of How To Respond:

      You: How was your weekend?

      Her: It was great! My family drove to the countryside and we spend the weekend at this cabin that my grandfather built a longtime ago.

      You: Wow sounds of exciting. The countryside can really take you away from the pressures your daily life. Sometimes a good wind down is all we need to get recharged.

      Her: Yeah, my work hours are long and boring ! Actually I have been planning this for weeks already.

      You: C'mon you would have to exaggerating! Weeks?! ( look her from head to toe and back to her eyes again) You don't look like the sort that you do such a thing.

    Example Of A Bad Conversation:

      You: How was your weekend?

      Her: It was great! My family drove to the countryside and we spend the weekend at this cabin that my grandfather built a longtime ago.

      You: You had fun?

      Her: Yes I did actually, My family and I are a very close batch. We always enjoy ourselves to the fullest every time we get a chance to go on an outing like this.

      You: Sounds cool enough. So do you have a job now?

    See the difference? The second example has someone is just not respond to the conversation. So Please respond to her and stop asking so many damn questions.

  3. As mentioned earlier, do not be distracted by any thing when talking to her. Give her a attention she desires.

      For Example:
      If she is sharing a childhood story with you about her grandmother, do not cut her halfway and say " So anyways, what do you feel like doing now?"

  4. Keep the conversation about things that are positive.

      Do not start complaining to her about how the waiter is talking so damn long to get your food, and you are hungry blah, blah, blah.

  5. First of all, pickup lines do not work. The best way to start a conversation is just to say hi and starting talking, or you could say " I noticed you just now and I wanted to meet you"

Now For The Closing:

    I mentioned earlier that you are supposed to be a man about things and not ask permission for that things that you want. So when asking for her number, do not go" So could I have your number" by saying that you have already given her the choice of rejecting you which means she is in control.

    Instead say, " You look like someone cool to hang out with, we should hang out sometime". If you had done the things I have mentioned earlier she will definitely give you her number. If she doesn't , say" I would give you the chance to give me your number" (shows confidence) by now she would give it to you. BUT if she still doesn't give it to you, do not say, why not or please - blah, blah, blah. Just say cool. Its fine. And now you can either walk off or continue the conversation. Be cool about it like it didn't matter anyway.

    Now here is a trick I know to raise their interest in knowing you even further, After she has given you her number, ask for a palm and study it. Then look into her eyes and say wow. And then tell you have something on and that you have to go. If will definitely be incredibly intrigued and would insist on you telling her what was that all about. But stay firm and tell her you will tell her some other time. Then Go.

Nice Guys (chumps)

    Girls do not let sweet girls or nice guys get the privilege to be their boyfriends. They want someone that is basically a "man" Not some wimp that does every thing for her and agrees with every thing she says and pays for everything. Because it a human nature to accept and try their best to conquer challenges presented to them.

    So the conclusion is that nice guys will always be pushed into a corner called the "lets just be friends" zone. I know this for a fact because I have personally been through that stage in my life.


    I once tried the things that I have stated above to this pure and innocent girl that is virgin and have never tried kissing before. You know she is not lying by the way she acts. So after trying the stuff on her, she doesn't seem to be repond well to it.

    In fact after about 1-2 months she gave up calling me daily and stop calling altogether. I was wondering why? So I got a mutual friend to help me do some snooping around( I broke the rule of never let other know about your feelings. I did this as an experiment) The friend found out that she felt that I was unattainable to her and she gave up.

The Moral Of The Story:

    The purer is the chick especially virgins, you are must tune the rules to fit them. Which means cutting some slack on the rules to still make you look attainable.

Final Note:

    If you someone that have always had poor luck with women, I hope this article has helped you realized what you have been doing wrong. If you think this material is complete and utterly bullshit, just give a try. If you think about it, you have nothing to loss anyway. You are at the bottom of the pit anyway.

Caution: one more thing, girls remember things very well right down to the finest detail. Once you have entered the "lets just be friends" zone would will never be able to get out no matter what you do. You condemn in their eyes for the rest of your life. So if you are thinking of trying this to this chick that you have been trying to get for the last 2 years forget about it. Because chances are you have already been labeled in their minds. REMEMBER CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY!

3rd Place - mivi320

What Is The Best Way To Meet The Opposite Sex?

Every guy out there wants to find a special someone that will impact their life entirely, but some guys need a little more help than others to truly find that special someone. Yes, you can attract the opposite sex efficiently because it is not all about money and looks; it's about you and your features that women find appealing.

Here's 3 simple tips that will provide you with some assistance and help you start attracting the opposite sex:

  1. Your Body Language
    You've heard it plenty times before, and it's true: your body language and your actions tell quite a bit about your personality. For men to attract the opposite sex through body language, give off the illusion that you truly are dominant and in control.

    Most importantly, you should obviously be yourself. Refrain from chewing gum or gnawing at your fingernails. This chewing or munching implies that you are worried or frustrated, and these emotions don't qualify as appealing or attractive.

    Tony Catanzaro Knows How To The Right Vibe Out For The Ladies.

    Sadly, there is no magic "line" to pick up girls, so abstain from using "pick-up lines" as they usually make one appear nonsensical and quite foolish. If you're composed and amiable, you'll have girls coming to talk to you, instead of you having to go talk to them. Stay calm and be yourself, and you'll be fine.

  2. Show Off Those Teeth
    Smiling obviously makes one more approachable and attractive, so show off that grill! Now, don't give off some big and cheesy smile, as this will just make you look like a fool.

    Simply, flash off a "relaxed" smile. This will give the impression to the opposite sex that you're a friendly, affable, benevolent guy who knows how to have a good time.

  3. Hygiene
    It's quite comprehensible that a dirty and smelly guy has little to no chance of ever coming off as an attractive guy. Scent is said to be the most remembered asset. Another good reason for you to improve your hygiene.

    Make sure you bathe, brush your teeth regularly, apply fresh smelling cologne (not too much), and sport an invigorating deodorant. Be sure to shave on a regular basis as well, and keep your beard trimmed if you happen to have one.

  4. What About Clothes & The Way To Dress?
    That's an easy one. Dress accordingly to your style; meaning dress in a manner that reveals your confidence and realization of yourself as an individual entity or personality to make the best of what you have, and contemplating on your qualities and good characteristics, whilst neglecting the bad.


Now that we've got the 3 simple guidelines on how to attract the opposite sex, let's tackle some other tips and things to avoid when meeting and attracting yourself to the other gender.

  • Don't Complain!
    Do you like being in the presence of someone who whines and complains? Neither do women. Don't be so negative when conversing with a member of the opposite sex. Be cheerful and positive, and you won't appear as some pessimistic and hopelessness man.

  • Don't Argue!
    When talking with the opposite sex, refrain from arguing at all costs. Think about it, if you disagree with her, you're going to disrespect her. You'll give the impression of a distasteful and insulting human being. To put it simple: Forbear from arguing!

  • Don't Be Forgetful!
    This one is pretty easy. If you tell a woman you're going to give her a call sometime, don't forget to do it! Stick to your word and do what you say.

    If you say you'll pick up your date at a particular time, don't show up 20 minutes late. Use a memo-pad or keep a planner if you have trouble remembering things.

The First Date

What is the best place to take a first date? What can you do on the first date to make the best impression?

    Now that we have the tips and avoidances down to a science, it's now time to discuss the best place for a first date with that special someone.

    When it comes to a first date, find something that you and your date have in common. If you both love action movies, then attend an action movie followed by a nice meal.

    Pay Attention - But Not TOO Close Of Attention.

    First dates are meant to be fun and exciting so you can get a feel for one another, so don't make it a stressful situation. When conversing with your date, listen actively to what she says. Do not interrupt her while she is speaking.

    Pay attention to your date, and focus on the person you're with. Use your manners, be yourself, stay positive and you'll make a great impression on your very first date! But most importantly, have fun!

    Best of luck!

3rd Place - bigcalves

What Is The Best Way To Meet The Opposite Sex?

In this article we will discuss the best way to meet members of the opposite sex. The points we're going to discuss are general and will work for both males, and females.

Not Being Able To Meet Anyone

Hmm... how could that be? Well, it's most likely because you don't talk to anyone. The first rule is always 'present yourself' and put yourself 'out there' to show that you're available and interested.

In the animal kingdom animals have specific dances and rituals that say ' I like you', and you have to relate to that, but not literally. Remember, first impression is VERY important.


    • Have confidence in yourself. If you don't, who will?
    • Have a cheerful smile on your face that will make you look more 'like-able'.
    • Go out and talk to members of the opposite sex.
    • Without showing interest, there's no chance to make a potential 'hook up'.
    • Look more relaxed, and don't force yourself on other people, if it looks like they don't seem interested, don't push it.

Areas Of Importance And What Can Be Done

Looking Good

    When approaching someone, physical appearance is very important. You can't just waltz in and expect everyone to understand you as a person. How you look, doesn't just talk about appearance, but how you manage your life. What is important to you, and your skills in life?

Factors for Physical Appearance

    Aside from looking good physically, which I will assume you do, from your bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle, there are some more factors that will decide how a potential mate looks at you.


    Hair is very important. It takes about 50% of your head, so when someone looks at you and forms a first impression hair is very important. For guys a short, neat haircut is very fashionable right now. For women a long, straight/silky kind of hair is fashionable and very sexy. Always remember that in our society hair is very, very important.

    Tips On Hair

    • Buy some good quality gel for a neat/short hair cut. Put the gel in your hair and mix things up (For Guys).
    • As for women, hair strengtheners, and specially designed gels for women to get you a soft, weightless look.
    • Go to the barber at least once every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair fresh and to keep a good fashionable hairstyle.


    The face makes up the other 50% toward your physical appearance. In our society, we spend a lot of time on our faces so it is very important to keep it as clean as possible.

    Tips On Face

    • Use a face washer to keep your face pimple and bacteria free.
    • If you have acne, treat it with medicine to get rid of those ugly blemishes.
    • For women - Use a good amount of make up, but don't overkill.
    • For guys - As guys, we have it easier, so washing your face and removing any stubble will be enough.


    Your teeth are very important so keep them clean, bacteria free and white. Also your breath will benefit from that and you will smell fresh and nice.

    When you smile your teeth 'pop' out and that's the first thing a person notices. Nice looking teeth will give the impression that you are clean, responsible and take care of yourself.

    Tips On Teeth/Breath

    • Always brush your teeth and use floss. These will help prevent bacteria and future problems.
    • Go out and buy a good working tooth whitener that will clean up your teeth and make them nice and white.
    • Always carry mints/mint strips to fight bad breath and keep your mouth bacteria free.


    Clothes make a good impression. It is very important to wear nice clothes that are fashionable, and not out of the ordinary. After all you may have your own style, but that may not appeal to the average person. So take up the average/casual fashion.

    Dress classy, yet not too 'preppy', but also don't dress too average or sporty. A balance between the casual and sporty will do the trick.

    Tips On Clothing

    • Dress casual, nothing too fancy.
    • Always iron your clothes, and make a clean/fresh look impression.
    • Have 2-4 pair of shoes to change with different outfits.
    • Try and match your clothes based on stlye and clothes.

Smelling Good

    Smelling good is very important. They say smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. So you want to be remembered by a nice, clean, fresh smell. Guys appreciate a girl that smells good, and likewise, girls go crazy for a guy with nice cologne.

    Tips On Smelling Great

    • Buy a good smelling cologne/perfume.
    • Buy a good smelling body spray, for after showers.
    • Always put on deodorant.
    • Take a shower at least once per day; it doesn't have to be a 40min. shower, just a brisk refreshing shower.


    People associate a tan with being healthy. A nice tan always looks good on anyone, male or female. Be careful not to go overboard and looking like you jumped out of a toaster. Just a nice tan that will make your skin softer, a little darker, and healthier.

    Tips On Tanning

    • Remember, don't go overboard. A nice, not too dark tan is sufficient.
    • Here's a simple tanning routine:
      • 2-3 times per week
      • 10-20 minutes per session
      • Apply sunscreen to avoid burns
      • Moisturize after tanning to keep tan


Physical appearance can give you so much. If you open your mouth and say something stupid, your 'hook' up will end. You have to be smooth, and confident. People always look for a personality in a person, because the body might fade away, but the person inside won't.

Style And Confidence

    You need to have your own style. The style will define you as a person and it will help you be an original person, and that will attract members of the opposite sex. Be original, and most importantly, be yourself. Because if someone likes you, and they like you for yourself, you got it made!

Being Confident Or Cocky

    Confidence is good and cockiness is good to an extent. After a while being cocky gets on people's nerves. Vanity is a part of bodybuilding/fitness and that will usually bring cockiness. People that workout and take care of themselves have a stereotype of being cocky, arrogant and self-centered.

    Those qualities will not get you a girl, and the sooner you stop the better. No one says a little cockiness will hurt you, some women like it, but I'm confident enough to say that no one likes a 24/7 cocky, self-centered person. Most girls will avoid guys, because they are too into themselves.

    There is Hope for everyone

    There is hope! Even if you're the last person that would ever find a date, it will workout. After reading all the info on here, follow these steps for success in the dating life:

    1. Read the article. Perform all the steps in getting in good physical shape. After fixing yourself up, take a nice shower, put on some cologne, dress nice and head out the door.

    2. Go into a local club. Find a good looking woman that you think is attractive. Talk to her, don't say anything too personal, but don't be too distant.

    3. Be confident. Don't brag about yourself, but don't be too humble.

    4. After talking, buy a drink and be a gentlemen. Girls find that attractive.

    5. After having a good time with her, get her phone number and excuse yourself.

    Why You Ask?

    Well you just completed the first step of getting to know someone. Your goal is completed, you can now call her after a few days, and make a date somewhere, and see if she's the right one for you.

Bonus Question: First Date, And What To Do

OK, so you already met someone. Now it's time for a first date. The point here is to be original, but also not to do anything out of the ordinary. Here are some places for a good first date.

First Date Places:

  • Taker her to the movies (DUH).
  • A local sports event that you'll both enjoy (baseball, basketball, soccer).
  • Museum/Art Center is a perfect place to show your cultural side.
  • A nice restaurant is the classic date for a perfect match.
  • Picnic, is a nice place to share food, good weather and good conversation.
  • Any other event that will you both enjoy will work.

Always carry good conversation. Don't have silent time. Have a good time, be relaxed and get to know each other, after all that is the point of the date.


Well, this is it. After reading and following my advice, you will be confident and able to walk up to someone, meet them and eventually start something. Good luck!