Tim Ferriss' Superhuman: The Kettlebell Experiment—Bring One To Life For $10

Build your own kettlebell with only $10 worth of supplies you can get from any hardware store!

Building Your Own Kettlebell
Watch The Video - 03:43

Constructing Your Own T-Handle

Head to any hardware store like Home Depot, go to the plumbing aisle and find the following items.

Parts List:

  • One 3/4" diameter X 12" long pipe nipple for the vertical shaft. A "pipe nipple" is a short pipe threaded on both ends with male pipe thread.
  • Two 3/4" diameter X 4" long pipe nipples for handles
  • One 3/4" diameter pipe "T" fitting
  • One 3/4" floor flange

  • Optional, But Suggested: One spring clamp (suggestion - Irwin Quick-Grip 1") to keep plates from drifting up at the top of the swing.

Assembly Instructions:

  • Connect the two 4" pipe nipples into the handles of the T pipe. You are basically extending these handles so you can hold them.
  • Connect the 12" long pipe nipple into the single shaft of the T pipe. You are basically extending the vertical shaft of the T pipe to make a holding pipe for the weights.
  • Slide weighted plates onto the body of the T-handle.
  • Attach the floor flange to keep the plates from falling off as you swing.

  • Optional: Attach the clamp to the pipe just above where the weight sits to keep the weights in place.